Adobe 9A0-803 – Flydumps Certification Free Download Of Latest Adobe 9A0-803 VCE And PDF

latest 9a0-803 Certification,Adobe – Flydumps Certification Free Download Of Latest Adobe 9A0-803 VCE And PDF

Exam A
How are case-sensitive links checked in Dreamweaver?
A. when viewing the site definition for the site, go to the Advanced Tab and check Case-Sensitive Links in the Local Info category
B. Dreamweaver automatically detects case-sensitive links
C. from the Link Checker tab within the Results panel, choose Settings > Case-Sensitive Links
D. when viewing the site definition for the site, go to the Advanced Tab and choose UNIX from the Server Type drop down menu in the Remote Info category
Correct Answer: A
What CANNOT be controlled in the Site Map Layout?
A. change number of rows
B. display hidden files
C. display dependent files
D. change number of columns
Correct Answer: A
What actions can be performed when multiple, NON-consecutive, cells are selected? (Choose TWO)
A. Split cells
B. Merge cells
C. Adjust font face
D. Delete row
E. Adjust background color
Correct Answer: CE
What is the default address for a local web server?
Correct Answer: C

What area, in the Insert bar, is intended for customizing and organizing frequently used objects?
A. Favorites
B. Common
C. Application
D. Layout
Correct Answer: A
How is Dreamweaver configured to add multiple consecutive spaces within the output of a web page using the Spacebar?
A. It is not possible to add multiple consecutive spaces using the Spacebar.
B. Select the HTML Tab > Character pull down menu > Non Breaking Space.
C. Select Preferences > General category. Check the box labeled Allow multiple consecutive spaces.
D. Open the site definition window and select Allow multiple spaces from the Design Notes category.
Correct Answer: C
What does Dreamweaver do by default when dependent files are included while transferring files?
A. checks whether files are newer on remote site
B. transfers any included file, but does not create sub-folders
C. prompts you for every file
D. transfers any embedded graphic file or included file
Correct Answer: D
What happens when a template with three editable regions is applied to an existing page without an attached template?
A. prompts what region to unlock and then places the content in that region
B. prompts to assign the document body to one of the editable regions
C. content of the page is placed within the largest editable region
D. prompts to update the template
Correct Answer: B
An image is inserted in a page from a folder outside of the current site using the Image command. What option is set to automatically copy that image to a folder in the site without generating a warning message?
A. Use General category of the Preferences dialog box and deselect the option to show a dialog when inserting objects.
B. Define the default images folder in the Site Definition dialog box.
C. Right-click (CTRL-click Mac) on the image in the Files panel and then choose Insert image without dialog from the context menu.
D. Select the image in the Files panel and then click Put Files.
Correct Answer: B
What feature enables a developer to use a web page layout that was created in a graphic application as a blueprint for the actual web page development in Dreamweaver?
A. Tracing Image
B. Guide Layer
C. Grid
D. Image Placeholder
Correct Answer: A

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