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You are preparing an Illustrator file for color separation. Which color mode should your document be using?
A. RGB color
B. LAB color
C. HSB color
D. CMYK color

Correct Answer: D
To which image can you apply a spot color?
A. an embedded color GIF image
B. an embedded color TIFF image
C. an embedded grayscale GIF image
D. an embedded grayscale TIFF image

Correct Answer: D
Which category of print options enables you to create color separations?
A. Setup
B. Output
C. Advanced
D. Color Management

Correct Answer: B
You create a new Transparency Flattener Preset. Where do you select that preset so that it is used when you print your document?
A. Transparency palette
B. Flattener Preview palette
C. General Settings in the Print dialog box
D. Advanced Settings in the Print dialog box

Correct Answer: D
You are converting several vector objects to raster. Which should you select in the Rasterize dialog box so that you can control the resolution globally?
A. Screen (72 ppi)
B. High (300 ppi)
C. Anti-aliasing: None
D. Use Document Raster Effects Resolution
Correct Answer: D
Which Web graphic format is resolution-independent?
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 54
Which format supports transparency on small devices, such as mobile phones?
A. SVG 1.1
B. SVG Tiny 1.1
C. SVG Basic 1.1
D. SVG Tiny 1.1 Plus
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 55
You are creating a graphic that will be used on the Web. You want to ensure maximum compatibility with the largest number of users, the smallest possible file size, and the highest fidelity to the original graphic. The graphic uses few colors. Which file format should you use?

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 56
You want to make your image interactive when it is viewed in a Web browser. You want to add a JavaScript that will be triggered when the user moves the mouse into a certain area of the image. Which should you choose from the SVG Interactivity palette?
A. onmouseup
B. onmouseout
C. onmouseover
D. onmousedown

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 57
Which Illustrator feature allows you to export Illustrator layers to HTML with absolute positioning and with the ability to overlap each other?
A. Slices
B. Guides
C. Symbols
D. CSS Layers

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 58
You are creating artwork for animation and will export the artwork as a SWF file. Which type of object should you use to greatly reduce the output size of the SWF file?
A. Mesh
B. Patterns
C. Symbols

D. Gradients Correct Answer: C QUESTION 59
You are saving irregular shaped objects that have transparent areas as JPEG images for the Web. Which option in the Save for Web dialog box allows you to set the color for transparent areas?
A. Blur
B. Matte
C. Quality
D. ICC Profile

Correct Answer: B
You are configuring your Color Settings. You want to utilize color management but want CMYK values to be preserved when opening untagged documents. You also want to use an RGB working color space that is well suited for documents that will be converted to CMYK.
Which default setting should you choose?
A. Monitor Color
B. North America Prepress 2
C. Emulate Adobe Illustrator 6.0
D. North America General Purpose 2

Correct Answer: B
Which field in the Color Settings dialog box allows you to choose profiles that will act as the source profiles for newly created documents, which use an associated color model?
A. Settings
B. Advanced Mode
C. Working Spaces
D. Color Management Policies

Correct Answer: C
When making default color management decisions, to what does a color management policy compare profiles?
A. the RGB working space
B. the CMYK working space
C. the current working space
D. the rendering intent that is currently selected
E. the color management engine that is currently selected
Correct Answer: C
Which is part of a color managed workflow in Adobe Illustrator?
A. color profiles
B. color swatches
C. symbol libraries
D. graphic style libraries
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 64
Click the Exhibit button. You are browsing files by using Adobe Bridge. What does the icon at the bottom right of the image thumbnail signify?

A. The file is a template.
B. The file is currently open.
C. The file contains alternate versions.
D. The file is an Adobe Stock Photo comp.

Correct Answer: B
You do NOT want Adobe Bridge to show document creation dates in the Metadata pane. What should you do?
A. in Adobe Bridge, be sure that View>Sort>Date Created is NOT checked
B. in the Metadata pane of Adobe Bridge, select the Date Created line and press the delete key
C. use the fly-out menu from the Metadata pane of Adobe Bridge, choose preferences, deselect Date Created
D. delete the date and time in the Date Created data field, use the fly-out menu from the Metadata pane of Adobe Bridge, choose preferences, select Hide Empty Fields

Correct Answer: C
You want to have Adobe Bridge act as a floating palette to easily drag assets into your Illustrator document. Which mode should you toggle?
A. Compact mode
B. Thumbnail mode
C. Details View mode
D. Ultra-compact mode
Correct Answer: A
What does Adobe Bridge allow you to do?
A. browse files of all Adobe file formats
B. convert from one Adobe file format to another
C. edit metadata of any file format, Adobe or other
D. convert non-Adobe files to the most closely related Adobe file format
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