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What happens when Save and Compact is selected from the File menu?
A. removes unused items from the library
B. removes file space left over from deleted items
C. reduces the FLA file size using zip compression
D. compresses the SWF file with MX 2004 compression

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 2
What file formats can be loaded into a Flash MX 2004 movie dynamically at runtime? (Choose TWO)
B. MP3

Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 3
What CANNOT load external Flash video files into the Flash Player?
A. ActionScript 1
B. ActionScript 2
C. loadMovie method
D. Media Playback component

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 4
Onstage there is one movie clip with an instance name “myClip” and one button instance (not a
component) with an instance name “myButton”. The “myButton” button has the following coding.
on(press) { this._alpha=10; }
When testing the movie, what happens when the user presses the button?

A. button turns to 10% alpha
B. button and the clip turn to 10% alpha
C. nothing happens because there’s a script error
D. nothing happens because no object is addressed

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 5
What tasks can be accomplished using the Project panel?
A. manage several Flash projects at the same time
B. check-in/check-out files on a SourceSafe or FTP server
C. merge changes from two different versions of the same document
D. read and edit project notes that are shared among developers on the project Correct Answer: B

What does the “this” keyword reference?
circle_mc.move = function(x, y){
this._x = x;
this._y = y;

A. circle_mc
B. move function x and y
C. timeline on which circle_mc resides
D. parent timeline of the circle_mc instance

Correct Answer: A
“dynClipName” is a dynamic variable with a string value of “mcCircle”.
What correctly targets a movie clip instance named mcCircle and assigns a value of 25 to its _x property?
A. this.dynClipName._x = 25;
B. this[dynClipName]._x = 25;
C. this.[dynClipName]._x = 25;
D. this(dynClipName)._x = 25;
E. this.(dynClipName)._x = 25;

Correct Answer: B
What code is inserted on the first frame of a Flash document to make sure that _root references work properly when the movie is loaded into a parent movie?
A. _root = this;
B. this.enabled = true;
C. this._lockroot = true;
D. this.rootlocked = true;

Correct Answer: C
If a movie clip on the main Timeline has 10 frames, what is the minimum number of frames needed in the main Timeline so the embedded movie clip plays through completely?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 10
D. 11
Correct Answer: A

What are examples of absolute target paths? (Choose TWO)
A. mcCircle
B. this.mcCircle
C. _root.mcCircle
D. _level0.mcCircle
E. this._parent.mcCircle

Correct Answer: CD

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