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Practice | CompTIA CAS-003 Exam Questions Answers

A malware infection spread to numerous workstations within the marketing department. The workstations were
quarantined and replaced with machines. Which of the following represents a FINAL step in the prediction of the
A. The workstations should be isolated from the network.
B. The workstations should be donated for refuse.
C. The workstations should be reimaged
D. The workstations should be patched and scanned.
Correct Answer: C

Joe, a penetration tester, is assessing the security of an application binary provided to him by his client. Which of the
following methods would be the MOST effective in reaching this objective?
A. Employ a fuzzing utility
B. Use a static code analyzer
C. Run the binary in an application sandbox
D. Manually review the binary in a text editor
Correct Answer: C

A systems security engineer is assisting an organization\\’s market survey team in reviewing requirements for an
upcoming acquisition of mobile devices. The engineer expresses concerns to the survey team about a particular class of
devices that uses a separate SoC for baseband radio I/O. For which of the following reasons is the engineer
A. These devices can communicate over networks older than HSPA+ and LTE standards, exposing device
communications to poor encryptions routines
B. The organization will be unable to restrict the use of NFC, electromagnetic induction, and Bluetooth technologies
C. The associated firmware is more likely to remain out of date and potentially vulnerable
D. The manufacturers of the baseband radios are unable to enforce mandatory access controls within their driver set
Correct Answer: B

After a security incident, an administrator would like to implement policies that would help reduce fraud and the potential
for collusion between employees. Which of the following would help meet these goals by having co-workers
occasionally audit another worker\\’s position?
A. Least privilege
B. Job rotation
C. Mandatory vacation
D. Separation of duties
Correct Answer: B
Job rotation can reduce fraud or misuse by preventing an individual from having too much control over an area.

A security firm is writing a response to an RFP from a customer that is building a new network based software product.
The firm\\’s expertise is in penetration testing corporate networks. The RFP explicitly calls for all possible behaviors of
the product to be tested, however, it does not specify any particular method to achieve this goal. Which of the following
should be used to ensure the security and functionality of the product? (Select TWO).
A. Code review
B. Penetration testing
C. Grey box testing
D. Code signing
E. White box testing
Correct Answer: AE
A Code review refers to the examination of an application (the new network based software product in this case) that is
designed to identify and assess threats to the organization.
White box testing assumes that the penetration test team has full knowledge of the network and the infrastructure per se
thus rendering the testing to follow a more structured approach.

A security consultant is considering authentication options for a financial institution. The following authentication options
are available security mechanisms to the appropriate use case. Options may be used once.
Select and Place:

pass4cert cas-003 exam questions-q6

A completely new class of web-based vulnerabilities has been discovered. Claims have been made that all common
web-based development frameworks are susceptible to attack. Proof-of-concept details have emerged on the Internet. A
security advisor within a company has been asked to provide recommendations on how to respond quickly to these
vulnerabilities. Which of the following BEST describes how the security advisor should respond?
A. Assess the reliability of the information source, likelihood of exploitability, and impact to hosted data. Attempt to
exploit via the proof-of-concept code. Consider remediation options.
B. Hire an independent security consulting agency to perform a penetration test of the web servers. Advise
management of any `high\\’ or `critical\\’ penetration test findings and put forward recommendations for mitigation.
C. Review vulnerability write-ups posted on the Internet. Respond to management with a recommendation to wait until
the news has been independently verified by software vendors providing the web application software.
D. Notify all customers about the threat to their hosted data. Bring the web servers down into “maintenance mode” until
the vulnerability can be reliably mitigated through a vendor patch.
Correct Answer: A
The first thing you should do is verify the reliability of the claims. From there you can assess the likelihood of the
vulnerability affecting your systems. If it is determined that your systems are likely to be affected by the exploit, you
need to determine what impact an attack will have on your hosted data. Now that you know what the impact will be, you
can test the exploit by using the proof-of-concept code. That should help you determine your options for dealing with the
threat (remediation).

A cybersecurity analyst is hired to review the security the posture of a company. The cybersecurity analyst notice a very
high network bandwidth consumption due to SYN floods from a small number of IP addresses. Which of the following
would be the BEST action to take to support incident response?
A. Increase the company\\’s bandwidth.
B. Apply ingress filters at the routers.
C. Install a packet capturing tool.
D. Block all SYN packets.
Correct Answer: B

While conducting a BIA for a proposed acquisition, the IT integration team found that both companies outsource CRM
services to competing and incompatible third-party cloud services. The decision has been made to bring the CRM
service in-house, and the IT team has chosen a future solution. With which of the following should the Chief Information
Security Officer (CISO) be MOST concerned? (Choose two.)
A. Data remnants
B. Sovereignty
C. Compatible services
D. Storage encryption
E. Data migration
F. Chain of custody
Correct Answer: CE

A security assessor is working with an organization to review the policies and procedures associated with managing the
organization\\’s virtual infrastructure. During a review of the virtual environment, the assessor determines the
organization is using servers to provide more than one primary function, which violates a regulatory requirement. The
assessor reviews hardening guides and determine policy allows for this configuration. It would be MOST appropriate
for the assessor to advise the organization to:
A. segment dual-purpose systems on a hardened network segment with no external access
B. assess the risks associated with accepting non-compliance with regulatory requirements
C. update system implementation procedures to comply with regulations
D. review regulatory requirements and implement new policies on any newly provisioned servers
Correct Answer: A

A security analyst works for a defense contractor that produces classified research on drones. The contractor’s faces
nearly constant attacks from sophisticated nation-state actors and other APIs.
Which of the following would help protect the confidentiality of the research data?
A. Use diverse components in layers throughout the architecture
B. Implement non-heterogeneous components at the network perimeter
C. Purge all data remnants from client devices\\’ volatile memory at regularly scheduled intervals
D. Use only in-house developed applications that adhere to strict SDLC security requirements
Correct Answer: A

The finance department for an online shopping website has discovered that a number of customers were able to
purchase goods and services without any payments. Further analysis conducted by the security investigations team
indicated that the website allowed customers to update a payment amount for shipping. A specially crafted value could
be entered and cause a rollover, resulting in the shipping cost being subtracted from the balance and in some instances
resulted in a negative balance. As a result, the system processed the negative balance as zero dollars. Which of the
following BEST describes the application issue?
A. Race condition
B. Click-jacking
C. Integer overflow
D. Use after free
E. SQL injection
Correct Answer: C
Integer overflow errors can occur when a program fails to account for the fact that an arithmetic operation can result in a
quantity either greater than a data type\\’s maximum value or less than its minimum value.

An information security officer is responsible for one secure network and one office network. Recent intelligence
suggests there is an opportunity for attackers to gain access to the secure network due to similar login credentials
across networks. To determine the users who should change their information, the information security officer uses a
tool to scan a file with hashed values on both networks and receives the following data:

pass4cert cas-003 exam questions-q13

Which of the following tools was used to gather this information from the hashed values in the file?
A. Vulnerability scanner
B. Fuzzer
C. MD5 generator
D. Password cracker
E. Protocol analyzer
Correct Answer: C

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