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Which is part of a color managed workflow in Adobe Illustrator?
A. color profiles
B. color swatches
C. symbol libraries
D. graphic style libraries

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 54
You have been using paragraph styles in your text. You click in a paragraph and notice that there’s a plus
sign next to the style name in the Paragraph Styles palette.
What does the plus sign indicate?

A. Additional text exists but is not visible.
B. The text has been converted to outline.
C. A character style has been applied to the text.
D. The text formatting does not match the paragraph style definition.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 55
Refer to the exhibit.
In the Control palette shown in the exhibit, what is the function of the highlighted icon?
A. groups objects
B. shows center point
C. aligns objects vertically
D. isolates selected group

Correct Answer: D
Refer to the exhibit.
Which shape mode in the Pathfinder palette was applied to all the objects in Exhibit A to create the image
in Exhibit B?
A. Add to Shape Area
B. Intersect Shape Areas
C. Subtract from Shape Area
D. Exclude Overlapping Shape Areas

Correct Answer: D
You have made a text selection. Where can you access the strikethrough text attribute?
A. Type menu
B. Character palette
C. OpenType palette
D. Character palette menu

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 58
You want to assign an identical set of stroke, fill, and effects attributes to objects as you create them. Which method should you choose?
A. Fill and Stroke
B. Filter > Stylize
C. Graphic Styles
D. Effects > Stylize

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 59
You have imported text with substituted fonts, which are highlighted. Where do you find the option to turn off the highlighting?
A. File > Place
B. Window > Type > Glyphs
C. File > Document Setup > Type
D. Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Illustrator > Preferences (Mac OS)

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 60
When exporting an Adobe Illustrator document, which two formats will export vector graphics data? (Choose two.)
C. Flash
D. Targa
E. Enhanced Metafile
Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 61
Which format supports transparency on small devices, such as mobile phones?
A. SVG 1.1
B. SVG Tiny 1.1
C. SVG Basic 1.1
D. SVG Tiny 1.1 Plus

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 62
You create an object to use as an envelope for a text object. What should you do to the object to ensure that the object distorts the text object?
A. group the object to the text object
B. place the object at the top of the stacking order
C. place the object at the bottom of the stacking order
D. select Distort Appearance from the Envelope Options dialog box Correct Answer: B
You want to define a Pantone ink spot color and place it in the Swatches palette. Which action displays a list of ink brands in order to select Pantone swatches?
A. select Spot Colors from the Swatches palette menu
B. select Create New Swatch from the Color palette menu
C. select Swatch Options from the Swatches palette menu
D. select Open Swatch Library from the Swatches palette menu

Correct Answer: D
When you export an Illustrator file as a PSD and you check the Maximum Editability option, objects will be preserved as vectors and not rasterized if they _____.
A. are grouped
B. are Live Paint groups
C. are compound shapes
D. do NOT have transparency applied

Correct Answer: C
What happens when you click on blue underlined text in the Control palette?
A. All palettes show or hide.
B. You are taken to a Help file.
C. You are taken to a Web site.
D. A palette appears under the Control palette.

Correct Answer: D
You are repositioning palettes on your screen. You grab a palette by its tab and drag it so your cursor touches the bottom of another palette on your screen. What happens to the palette you are dragging?
A. It replaces the existing palette.
B. It snaps back to its original position.
C. It becomes docked to the existing palette.
D. It becomes clustered with the existing palette.

Correct Answer: C
You do NOT want Adobe Bridge to show document creation dates in the Metadata pane. What should you do?
A. in Adobe Bridge, be sure that View>Sort>Date Created is NOT checked
B. in the Metadata pane of Adobe Bridge, select the Date Created line and press the delete key
C. use the fly-out menu from the Metadata pane of Adobe Bridge, choose preferences, deselect Date Created
D. delete the date and time in the Date Created data field, use the fly-out menu from the Metadata pane of Adobe Bridge, choose preferences, selectHide Empty Fields
Correct Answer: C

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