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Which statements concerning symbol instance statements are correct? (Choose TWO)
A. Graphic symbol instances may be directly controlled using ActionScript.
B. The Hit State of a Button symbol instance is invisible at runtime.
C. A MovieClip symbol instance may have a different frame rate than the main Timeline.
D. If a fill color in a Graphic symbol is changed, all instances of that Graphic symbol are changed.
E. The X / Y placement of a symbol instance is calculated from the lower left hand corner of the Main Timeline or parent MovieClip symbol instance.
Correct Answer: BD
What method of the Color object is used to change the Alpha property of a movie clip with ActionScript?
A. _alpha
B. setRGB
C. setProperty
D. setTransform

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 44
Which method returns an unused depth value within a MovieClip object?
A. getNewDepth
B. getUnusedDepth
C. getHighestDepth
D. getNextHighestDepth

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 45
How can a variable in a Flash movie be dynamically set at the time the movie loads?
A. use the #include directive
B. use the loadAtRun() function
C. cannot dynamically set at the time of load
D. append the variable in URL encoded form (myMovie.swf?foo=bar)

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 46
What property of myMC is referenced to rotate a MovieClip instance named myMC using ActionScript?
A. myMC.rotate
B. myMC.offSet
C. myMC._degrees
D. myMC._rotation

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 47
What is true when using the duplicateMovieClip() method?
A. _visible property of a movie clip is set to true upon duplication
B. duplicated movie clip can have a different parent than the source movie clip
C. movie clip that is at a depth of 4 will appear to be in front (or on top of) a movie clip that has a depth of 7
D. two movie clips can exist at the same depth and have the same parent provided they have unique instance names

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 48
What class is used to access the video of a web-cam?
A. Video class
B. Display class
C. Camera class
D. InputOutput class Correct Answer: C
What methods are used to pass variables out of Flash to a server side solution? (Choose THREE)
A. getURL
B. #include
C. LoadVars
D. loadMovie
E. GotoAndStop

Correct Answer: ACD
What appears in the Output window after executing this ActionScript on the first frame of a movie?
x = 1; trace(++x + x);
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 11

Correct Answer: C
What tool is used to apply strokes to shapes?
A. Pencil
B. Ink Bottle
C. Eye Dropper
D. Paint Bucket

Correct Answer: B
What is performed to distort text using the Envelope modifier?
A. create a font symbol in the Library panel
B. convert the text characters to shape objects
C. embed font outlines used in the selected text
D. convert the selected text to a movie clip or graphic symbol

Correct Answer: B
What fonts, if installed, are more likely to be selected from the local system by the Flash Player to display during a playback of a SWF file containing text using the “_sans” device font?
A. Helvetica, Arial, Verdana
B. Georgia, Garamond, Arial
C. Courier, Helvetica, Verdana
D. Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica
E. Times New Roman, Courier, Verdana
Correct Answer: A
What options are applicable for use as a Motion guide? (Choose TWO) A. Grid
B. Filled shape
C. Connected line
D. Graphic symbol
E. MovieClip object

Correct Answer: BC
What line of ActionScript sets an instance of the stand-alone Flash Player to full screen?
A. _fullscreen = true;
B. _root.fullscreen = true;
C. Stage.size(“fullscreen”);
D. fscommand(“fullscreen”, “true”);

Correct Answer: D
What ensures all implementing classes will have a particular set of methods?
A. interfaces
B. behaviors
C. MovieClips
D. polymorphism

Correct Answer: A
What code creates an object named “person” with the two properties “name” and “age”?
A. person = {name:”fred”,age:24};
B. person = (name=”fred”,age=24);
C. person = new Array(name:”fred”,age:24);
D. person = new Object(name=”fred”, age=24);
Correct Answer: A
What statement creates a local variable that is destroyed after the function has completed execution?
A. set myValue = 5;
B. dim myValue = 5;
C. var myValue = 5;
D. local myValue = 5;
Correct Answer: C
How is BOTH the fill and stroke of an object selected using the Selection tool?
A. single-click the fill
B. double-click the fill
C. double-click the stroke
D. single-click the stroke

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 60
What is the correct ActionScript syntax for animating a MovieClip instance, my_mc, horizontally across the stage?
A. my_mc.onEnterFrame = function () { if(_y <= 550){ _y+1; }}
B. my_mc.onEnterFrame = function(){ if(_x <= 550){ _x+1; }}
C. my_mc.onEnterFrame = function(){ if(this._x <= 550){ this._x++; }}
D. my_mc.onEnterFrame = function () { if(this._y <= 550){ this._y++; }}

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 61
What is used to create frame rate independent script-based animations?
A. while
B. setInterval
C. gotoAndPlay
D. onEnterFrame

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 62
What native object allows two separate Flash movies to communicate with each other?
A. LocalObject
B. SharedObject
C. LocalConnection
D. SharedConnection

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 63
What class has an addListener() method?
A. Array
B. Button
C. Mouse
D. MovieClip

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 64
What is an example of relative targeting?
A. _root.item._x
B. _level0.item._x
C. _level1.item._x
D. _parent.item._x

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 65
What must occur for Flash to read variables using a LoadVars object from a server-side application (i.e., ColdFusion, ASP, PHP or similar)?
A. be in a row/column data format delimited by commas
B. be URL-encoded name/value pairs delimited by commas
C. be URL-encoded name/value pairs delimited by ampersands
D. be from a database (Oracle, Access, SQL server or similar)

Correct Answer: C
What is needed when using static text to have the font outlines embed in the SWF file?
A. select New Font in the Library panel menu
B. select the alias button in the Properties panel
C. select use device fonts in the Properties panel
D. nothing, font outlines are embedded by default
E. select the Character button in the Properties panel and specify which characters to embed

Correct Answer: D
What method creates a MovieClip symbol with an instance name of “myMovie”?
A. myMovie=new MovieClip(“my_mc”,1);
B. myMovie.duplicateMovieClip(“my_mc”,1);
C. this.attachMovie(“myMovie”,”my_mc”,1);
D. myMovie.createEmptyMovieClip(“my_mc”,1);

Correct Answer: C
What assigns the my_mc MovieClip’s height to the value of 100 if the variable myProperty=”_height”;?
A. my_mc.myProperty = 100;
B. my_mc[myProperty] = 100;
C. my_mc.”myProperty” = 100;
D. my_mc[“myProperty”] = 100;

Correct Answer: B
Why use device fonts for Static text? (Choose TWO)
A. embeds the font outline in SWF
B. anti-aliases Static text by default
C. makes SWF retrieve font from the server
D. device fonts are more readable at smaller point sizes
E. makes SWF retrieve font from the end user’s computer
Correct Answer: DE
What is a primary reason for locking a bitmap fill?
A. avoid bitmap fills from being displayed when onion skinning is turned on
B. prevents a single bitmap fill from being selected and accidentally changed
C. prevents an imported bitmap from being edited with an external image editor
D. creates appearance the fill extends over entire Stage and the objects painted with the fill are masks revealing the underlying bitmap
Correct Answer: D
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