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You have drawn a patch in your image. In the Paths palette, the path name is Work Path. What happens if you deselect Work Path and draw and new path?
A. The new path is added to Work Path.
B. A new path called Work Path 2 is created.
C. A single path component is created from all overlapping components.
D. The original Work Path is deleted, and the new path becomes Work Path.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 33
You have selected several anchor points of a shape layer. You want to rotate them an arbitrary amount. Which command should you use?
A. Filter >Liquify
B. Edit > Free Transform Path
C. Edit > Free Transform Points
D. Layer > Change Layer Content

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 34
Which file format can preserve vector data?
C. Photoshop PDF
D. Photoshop RAW

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 35

You are using Camera RAW to import an image. You want the leftmost data in the histogram to be farther to the left with little effect on the right.
Which slider under the Adjust tab should you use?
A. Contrast
B. Shadows
C. Exposure
D. Brightness

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 36
You are creating a graphic that is to be used in anAnamorphic(2:1) video product. You use the Ellipse tool while holding down the Shift key. Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction preview is disabled.
How does the result appear in Photoshop?
A. a circle with pixels twice as tall as they are wide
B. a circle with pixels twice as wide as they are tall
C. all ellipse twice as tall as it is wide with square pixels
D. an ellipse twice as wide as it is tall with square pixels

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 37
While opening a Camera Raw image, you notice that the image has a slight color cast. Which setting in the Camera Raw dialog box should you adjust to eliminate the color cast?
A. Calibrate
B. Color Space
C. White Balance
D. Chromatic Aberration R/C

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 38
What is the purpose of setting a pixel aspect ratio for an image?
A. to draw perfect squares or circles with the Marquee tool
B. to constrain the proportions of an image when it is scaled
C. to ensure that the resolution of the image is appropriate for printing
D. to compensate for scaling when the image is incorporatedintovideo

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 39
You are using theUnsharpMask filter on a portrait. You want to avoid sharpening imperfections in the skin tone.
What should you do?
A. increase the Amount setting
B. decrease the Amount setting
C. increase the Threshold setting
D. decrease the Threshold setting

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 40
Using Filter Gallery, you want to preview the effect of applying several distortion and artistic filters. Which statement is true?
A. You can adjust the opacity of each filter layer.
B. You can preview the filters’ effect on more than one layer at a time.
C. You can add more filters in those categories with the Preset Manager.
D. You can change the order in which the filters will be applied before applying the gallery.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 41
Which tool should you sue to repair a portion of an image so that texture detail from one area of an image merges with the color and brightness values from another?
A. Clone Stamp
B. History Brush
C. Healing Brush
D. Color Replacement

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 42
You have made a selection of an area of an image you need to repair. Using the Patch tool, you want to drag the selection to the area that will serve as a patch.
Which Patch tool option should you choose?
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 43
You foreground swatch is red, you background swatch is orange. Wherever you paint, you want to replace only orange with red. You do NOT want to affect luminosity values.
Which tool should you use?
A. Brush tool
B. Magic Eraser tool
C. Art History Brush tool
D. Color Replacement tool

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 44
An image with a correctly assigned input profile has been converted to Adobe RGB (1998). Which statement is true?
A. The colors look different, but the color numbers are identical.
B. The colors look different and the color numbers are different.
C. The colors look the same, but the color numbers are different.
D. The colors look the same and the color numbers are identical.

Correct Answer: C

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