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You have made a selection that you want to save as an alpha channel to be used in another image. What should you do?
A. with the selection active, choose Edit>Copy; open the other document and choose Edit>Paste
B. choose Select>Save Selection and select the other file as the destination image in the Document pull-down menu
C. choose File>Save and select As a Copy in the Save menu, and choose the other file as the destination image.
D. Press and hold the Option (Mac OS) or Alt (Windows); click Save Selection as Channel on the Channel palette, and choose the other document as the destination image in the Document menu

Correct Answer: B
An image will be printed using a screen frequency of 150 lpi. Which resolution should you use to produce a high-quality halfone image?
A. 75 ppi
B. 150 ppi
C. 300 ppi
D. 600 ppi

Correct Answer: C
You want to scan line art in Bitmap mode and print the image. At which resolution should you scan the line art?
A. the value of the line screen
B. the resolution of the printer
C. the resolution of the scanner
D. two times the value of the line screen

Correct Answer: B
You create a complex selection that will use many times while working with a document. You choose Select>Save Select. The Selection is stored in the ______ palette.
A. Paths
B. Layers
C. Navigator
D. Channels
Correct Answer: D
You are working with a 3 inch 5 inch image that will be printed on gloss paper with a line screen of 133. Which resolution should you use for the image.
A. 60 ppi
B. 85 ppi
C. 133 ppi
D. 266 ppi

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 46
Which defect can occur when scanning a photo from a printed document?
A. dithering
B. color fringing
C. downsampling

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 47
You are correcting images that will be incorporated into a Web site. You primary audience will be viewing
the images on Windows-based computers. You want to simulate how the images will appear on the
majority of their monitors.
Which value should you enter for the Gamma setting in the Adobe Gamma dialog box?

A. 1.0
B. 1.8
C. 2.0
D. 2.2

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 48
Which painting tool allows only hard-edged brushstrokes?
A. eraser
B. pencil
C. sharpen
D. pattern stamp

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 49
Which feature or command should you use to save a custom set of styles?
A. the Action palette
B. the Preset Manager
C. choose New Style from the Styles palette menu
D. choose New Style from the Layer Style dialog box.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 50
You have seamed an image into Adobe Photoshop. You have a profile for your scanner. Which command should you use to ensue that the image is properly color managed?
A. View>Proof Setup
B. View>Proof Colors
C. Image>Mode>Assign Profile
D. Image>Mode>Convert to Profile

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 51
Which painting tool builds up color if you hof the mouse button WITHOUT dragging?
A. pencil
B. airbrush
C. paintbrush
D. paint bucker

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 52
What is controlled by the Preset Manager?
A. tool preferences
B. application preferences
C. default palette locations
D. libraries of brushes, swatches, and styles

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 53
What is the purpose of the Adobe Gamma utility?
A. to set the midtones of an image
B. to change the color settings of you monitor
C. to calibrate and define the RGB space of your monitor
D. to calibrate and define the color space of your scanner

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 54
You want to use the Lighting Effects filter. The option is grayed out. What should you do?
A. make a selection
B. switch to RGM mode
C. deselect the selection
D. switch to CMYK mode

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 55
What can you display in the status bar?
A. filter
B. image mode
C. gamut warning
D. document profile

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