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What is the default resultFormat when complex data is returned by the <mx:HTTPService> class?
A. Plain text
B. Raw XML
C. An ArrayCollection.
D. A generic ActionScript tree of objects.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 87
You are creating a consumer object. Which event is used to handle the data that is received?
A. result
B. receive
C. message
D. subscribe

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 88
What type of ActionScript object is returned by default when XML data is retrieved from an HTTPService call?
B. Array
C. URLRequest
D. ArrayCollection

Correct Answer: D
Which property of the Data Management Service causes a limited number of records to be returned from a large data set?
A. control
B. limitSet
C. paging
D. recordSetControl

Correct Answer: C
Which term describes the path on which messages travel?
A. proxy
B. adapter
C. channel
D. destination

Correct Answer: C
Which two statements about the result event in the HTTPService class are true? (Choose two.)
A. The event object generated contains a result property
B. The event object generated contains a lastResult property
C. The event is fired whether data is returned successfully or not.
D. The target property of the event object refers to the data returned.
E. The data type of the event object created is

Correct Answer: AE
Which is NOT a client-side RPC component?
B. WebService
C. HTTPService
D. RemoteObject
Correct Answer: A
Which term describes an endpoint for a message (data) where the message will be acted upon?
A. proxy
B. adapter
C. channel
D. destination

Correct Answer: D
You want to track information about an object that is manipulated by the Data Management Service. Which class should you use?
A. LoadEvent
B. DataStore
C. AsyncToken
D. AsyncMessage

Correct Answer: C
You are using ActionScript 3.0. You want a property to be visible only in the class that defines it. You do NOT want this property to be inherited by any subclasses. Which access modifer should you use?
A. public
B. private
C. internal
D. protected

Correct Answer: B
Which statement declares a valid constructor for the Person class?
A. public function Person() { }
B. public static Person():void { }
C. public function Person():Void { }
D. public const function Person() { }

Correct Answer: A
Which IViewCursor interface method moves the cursor to a bookmark?
A. seek()
B. insert()
C. findLast()
D. moveNext()
Correct Answer: A
Which two statements about using custom components are true? (Choose two.)
A. Custom components do NOT need to be in a separate file.
B. Custom components can be written in either MXML or ActionScript.
C. Custom components do NOT need to define the mx namespace if it has been defined in the main application.
D. There must be a file with an <mx:Application> tag that loads the individual components.
E. Custom components do NOT require that namespaces be redefined if they are already defined in the main application.
Correct Answer: BD
You want to use data binding with a custom property of a custom component. What must you do?
A. Use an ArrayCollection.
B. Specify the [Bindable] metatag before the property.
C. Set the source and destination using the <mx:Binding> tag
D. You should NEVER bind to custom properties of a component because this results in tight coupling.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 100
Which line of code correctly binds the text property of a label to the selectedValue of a RadioButtonGroup with an id of cardType?
A. <mx:Label text=cardType.selectedValue />
B. <mx:Label text=[cardType.selectedValue] />
C. <mx:Label text={cardType.selectedValue} />
D. <mx:Label text={cardType.selectedValue} />

Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 101
You have retrieved this XML file using an HTTPService object with an id of myData:
<?xml version=1.0?> <employees> <dept name=Marketing><employee>Joe</employee><employee>Mary</employee> </dept> <dept name=Shipping><employee>Alice</employee><employee>Harry</employee> </dept></employees>
The resultFormat property of the HTTPService object is set to e4x. You want to extract all <employee> elements into an XMLList object regardless of which <dept> element is their parent.
Which two E4X expressions will return the desired data? (Choose two)
A. ..employee
B. myData..employee
C. myData.dept.employee
D. myData.employees..employee
E. myData.employees.dept.employee

Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 102
What are two reasons for using the event based programming model in Adobe Flex? (Choose two.)
A. To identify the system resources of a user.
B. To identify the IP address of an application user.
C. To stream data synchronously into Flash Player
D. To identify when a user has interacted with the interface.
E. To identify when a component has been created, destroyed or resized.

Correct Answer: DE QUESTION 103
You want to handle the click event of a Button control. The id property of the Button is set to myButton. You are dispatching the event object to a custom handler method with this call to the addEventListener() method:
myButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandler);
You want to be able to determine whether the user held down the Alt, Shift or Ctrl keys when clicking the Button.
Which is the correct signature of the clickHandler()method?
A. clickHandler(event:Event):void
B. clickHandler(event:Event):Boolean
C. clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
D. clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):Boolean

Correct Answer: C
You want to call the findFirst(), findLast(), or findAny() methods of the Cursor class. Which statement must be true?
A. the ArrayCollection must be sorted
B. the ArrayCollection must be marked as [Managed]
C. the ArrayCollection must be marked as [Bindable]
D. the ArrayCollection must contain strongly typed objects

Correct Answer: A
Your want to add your companys stock information to your Web site.
Which two types of charts are best suited to display this financial information? (Choose two.)
A. Pie
B. Plot
C. Area
E. Bubble
F. Candlestick

Correct Answer: DF
You are creating a method named myFunction, that is designed to be used with the filterFunction property of an ArrayCollection. Which method signature should you use?
A. myFunction():Boolean { }
B. myFunction(item:Object):Boolean { }
C. myFunction(isFiltered:Boolean):Object { }
D. myFunction(item:Object, column:DataGridColumn):String

Correct Answer: B
You want improve the performance of the following simple component while maintaining the functionality of
the component. What should you do? <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<mx:VBox xmlns:mx=””>
<mx:Label text=First Name/>
<mx:Label text=Last Name>
</mx:HBox> </mx:VBox>

A. Do NOT make this a separate MXML component.
B. Make the <mx:TextInput> the root of the component.
C. Replace the <mx:HBox> tag with a <mx:Canvas> tag.
D. Make the <mx:HBox> tag the root tag of the component.

Correct Answer: D
You are sorting or filtering a collection view Which method should you use to update any control or container bound to the data?
A. sort()
B. refresh()
C. initialized()
D. itemUpdated()

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 109
You want to create a new custom validator class. Which protected method of the superclass is overridden?
A. validate()
B. doValidation()
C. createChildren()
D. updateDisplayList()

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 110
Which statement about event handlers is true?
A. Event handlers only respond to user events.
B. Event handlers only respond to system events.
C. Custom event handlers are NOT allowed in Flex.
D. Event handlers respond to system events and user events.

Correct Answer: D

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