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Which should you choose to turn off typographer’s quotes for your document?
A. Type > Glyphs
B. Type > Smart Punctuation
C. File > Document Setup > Type
D. Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Illustrator > Preferences (Mac OS)

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 38
You create a new Transparency Flattener Preset. Where do you select that preset so that it is used when you print your document?
A. Transparency palette
B. Flattener Preview palette
C. General Settings in the Print dialog box
D. Advanced Settings in the Print dialog box

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 39
You are saving irregular shaped objects that have transparent areas as JPEG images for the Web. Which option in the Save for Web dialog box allows you to set the color for transparent areas?
A. Blur
B. Matte
C. Quality
D. ICC Profile

Correct Answer: B
Which two actions can you perform by using the Control palette? (Choose two.)
A. rotate an object
B. change the fill color of a path
C. proportionally scale an object
D. change the shear angle of a path
E. select objects with similar attributes

Correct Answer: BC
Which should you use to have only quotation marks outside the margin of your area text object?
A. Optical Kerning
B. Optical Margin Alignment
C. Roman Hanging Punctuation
D. Adobe Every-Line Composer

Correct Answer: C
Which Illustrator Legacy Option Version setting allows you to turn off compression?
A. Illustrator 3
B. Illustrator 8
C. Illustrator 9
D. Illustrator 10

Correct Answer: D
Which Illustrator feature allows you to export Illustrator layers to HTML with absolute positioning and with the ability to overlap each other?
A. Slices
B. Guides
C. Symbols
D. CSS Layers
Correct Answer: D
Which must be displayed to create a guide in Illustrator?
A. grids
B. rulers
C. toolbox
D. Control palette
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 45
You apply an Outer Glow effect to an object. Which should you choose to set the resolution for the raster effect?
A. Print Presets
B. Pixel Preview
C. Transparency Flattener Presets
D. Document Raster Effects Settings

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 46
Refer to the exhibit.
Which method allows you to create the graphic shown in the exhibit as a single object? Exhibit: 1-40.gif

A. Merge
B. Add New Stroke
C. Compound Path
D. Add to Shape Area

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 47
You draw several overlapping paths. You now want to convert all of them to a Live Paint group. What should you do?
A. click on each individual object with the Live Paintbucket tool
B. click on each individual object with the Live Paint Selection tool
C. select the objects and click on them with the Live Paintbucket tool
D. select the objects and click on them with the Live Paint Selection tool

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 48
Which type of font can offer additional, alternate glyphs?
A. Type 1
B. Type 3
C. TrueType
D. OpenType

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 49
Which tool allows you to select objects that have the same stroke weight?
A. Lasso tool
B. Magic Wand
C. Selection tool
D. Direct selection tool

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 50
You want to make your image interactive when it is viewed in a Web browser. You want to add a JavaScript that will be triggered when the user moves the mouse into a certain area of the image. Which should you choose from the SVG Interactivity palette?
A. onmouseup
B. onmouseout
C. onmouseover
D. onmousedown

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 51
You are creating a graphic that will be used on the Web. You want to ensure maximum compatibility with the largest number of users, the smallest possible file size, and the highest fidelity to the original graphic. The graphic uses few colors.
Which file format should you use?

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 52
You create an extruded object by choosing 3D > Extrude & Bevel. Which should you choose to make modifications to the 3D effects?
A. Window > Attributes
B. Window > Appearance
C. Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel
D. Object > Transform > Transform Again

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 53
Which is part of a color managed workflow in Adobe Illustrator?
A. color profiles
B. color swatches
C. symbol libraries
D. graphic style libraries

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 54
You have been using paragraph styles in your text. You click in a paragraph and notice that there’s a plus sign next to the style name in the Paragraph Styles palette.
What does the plus sign indicate?
A. Additional text exists but is not visible.
B. The text has been converted to outline.
C. A character style has been applied to the text.
D. The text formatting does not match the paragraph style definition. Correct Answer: D
Refer to the exhibit.
In the Control palette shown in the exhibit, what is the function of the highlighted icon? Exhibit:
A. groups objects
B. shows center point
C. aligns objects vertically
D. isolates selected group

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 56
Refer to the exhibit.
Which shape mode in the Pathfinder palette was applied to all the objects in Exhibit A to create the image in Exhibit B? Exhibit:

A. Add to Shape Area
B. Intersect Shape Areas
C. Subtract from Shape Area
D. Exclude Overlapping Shape Areas

Correct Answer: D
You have made a text selection. Where can you access the strikethrough text attribute?
A. Type menu
B. Character palette
C. OpenType palette
D. Character palette menu

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 58
You want to assign an identical set of stroke, fill, and effects attributes to objects as you create them. Which method should you choose?
A. Fill and Stroke
B. Filter > Stylize
C. Graphic Styles
D. Effects > Stylize

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