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210-060 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 210-060 Dumps Exam Q&As(1-29)

Which two technologies comprise a Cisco Presence deployment? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Unified Presence Server
B. Cisco Unity Connection
C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
D. Active Directory
E. Cisco Unified Border Element
F. Cisco Expressway
210-060 exam Correct Answer: AC

Which three network elements are crucial when deploying VoIP devices? (Choose three.)
A. Round-trip time
B. QoS markings
C. Bandwidth
D. Ethernet
E. Fibre
F. Token ring
Correct Answer: ABC

Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question.
210-060 dumps
210-060 dumps
When a call is placed from the Branch Router phone to the PSTN number of 914085551212, the call is failing. What dial-peer is supposed to be used and why is the call failing? Select 2 (two)
A. dial-peer voice 910 pots
B. dial-peer voice 9 pots
C. dial-peer voice 9001 voip
D. destination pattern is incorrect
E. prefix is missing from the dial-peer
F. the port assignment is incorrect in the dial-peer
G. the port number is missing in the dial-peer
210-060 dumps Correct Answer: BF

Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question.
210-060 dumps
210-060 dumps
Emergency calls from a Branch router phone is failing. From the router configuration information provided, why is this call failing?
A. The dial-peer port assignment is incorrect
B. the digit string prefix is missing
C. The destination pattern is incorrect
D. digit stripping needs to be performed
Correct Answer: C

Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question.
210-060 dumps
210-060 dumps
International calls are also failing. Using the router configuration supplied, why are international calls failing?
A. Prefix should be 00
B. The character “T” cannot be used in a Pots dial pattern
C. The port should be 0/0/0:12
D. The destination pattern is missing a “0”
210-060 pdf Correct Answer: A

Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question.
210-060 dumps
210-060 dumps
Calls to National numbers are failing. Using the Branch router configuration, correctly determine why these calls are not successful
A. The port assignment should be 0/0/0:12
B. The destination pattern should be 90[1-9]T
C. The character “T” cannot be used in a Pots dial pattern
D. The digit prefix should be “00”
Correct Answer: B

An administrator group is looking to on-board multiple users with Cisco Unified Communications Manager at one time. Which option should be used?
A. Bulk Administration Tool
B. Product Upgrade Tool
C. Command Lookup Tool
D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager User Options Page
E. Cisco Upload Tool
210-060 vce Correct Answer: A

A user wants their name to show on their phone instead of their directory number. Which configuration item allows an administrator to do this?
A. Line Text Label
B. Alerting Name
C. External Phone Number Mask
D. Caller Name
E. Description
Correct Answer: A

A user would like all calls to be forwarded to voice mail. The user’s phone is not set up with a soft key for this feature. Which option accomplishes this configuration from within the Cisco Unified Communication Administrator Directory Number configuration page?
A. Call Forward and Pickup Settings > Forward No Coverage External > Select voice mail check box
B. Call Forward and Pickup Settings > Forward Busy External > Select voice mail check box
C. Call Forward and Pickup Settings > Forward All > Select voice mail check box
D. Call Forward and Pickup Settings > Forward Unregistered External > Select voice mail check box
210-060 exam Correct Answer: C

A new user has successfully registered Cisco Jabber. Which option verifies that the Jabber client is connected to all appropriate back-end systems?
A. Show Connection Status
B. Report A Problem
C. Advanced Settings
D. About Jabber
E. Reset Jabber
Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 11. What is the most efficient development tool to use for rapid deployment of formatted reports without requiring coding?
A. Essbase Objects application
B. basic Spreadsheet Add-In with template files
C. Essbase Web Gateway deployed over their Intranet
D. basic Spreadsheet Add-In with template files and Extended Spreadsheet Macros
210-060 dumps Answer: B

QUESTION 12. Given the Input data and the Outline in the exhibits, if Product and Market are sparse, which is an input level data block?
A. East->Root Beer
B. New York->Colas
C. New York->Diet Cola
D. New York->Root Beer
Answer: ABD

QUESTION 13. Given that Product and Market are the only sparse dimensions, which file(s) would be restructured if a new member were added to the Product dimension?
A. none
B. data files only
C. index files only
D. both index and data files
210-060 pdf Answer: C

QUESTION 14. Given the Outline in the exhibit, if Incremental Restructuring is enabled and Product and Market are the only sparse dimensions, what is the incremental restructuring implication if the Product dimension is moved after the Market dimension?
A. none
B. restructure deferred
C. overrides incremental restructuring and restructures data files only
D. overrides incremental restructuring and restructures index files only
E. overrides incremental restructuring and restructures both index and data files
Answer: D

QUESTION 15. If the average block density is between 10% and 90% and there are few consecutive repeating values or zeros, which data compression type is recommended?
B. Bit-Map
C. No Compression
210-060 vce Answer: B

QUESTION 16. When would disabling data compression be recommended?
A. when the average block density is very low (<3%).
B. when the average block density is very high (>95%) and few consecutive repeating values exist.
C. when the database contains many consecutive zero values or other consecutive repeating values.
Answer: B

QUESTION 17. In the Outline in the exhibit, Year and Measures are dense dimensions. Data is loaded for every Month, Measure, Market and Scenario. After a CALC ALL is run, how many blocks are there?
A. 12
B. 18
C. 24
D. 30
210-060 exam Answer: A

QUESTION 18. During calculation, what is the calculator cache used for?
A. for storing blocks
B. for tracking index page usage
C. for storing dynamically calculated values
D. for tracking calculation progress through the blocks
Answer: D

QUESTION 19. The BeginArchive and EndArchive commands are used for which procedure?
A. Exporting only a partial area of a database.
B. Backing up Essbase files while Essbase is still running.
C. Backing up Essbase files after Essbase has been shut down.
D. Shutting down Essbase and making a complete backup of the current database.
210-060 dumps Answer: B

QUESTION 20. If Committed Access is being used, which statements are true?
A. It retains redundant data until a transaction commits.
B. It acquires and releases Write locks as needed during the transaction.
C. It retains Write locks on all affected blocks until the transaction commits.
D. It does not restrict Read/Write access on data blocks during the transaction.
Answer: AC

QUESTION 21. Within Database | Statistics, what does block density indicate?
A. the actual number of blocks existing within the database
B. the average percentage of data cells within each block that contain data
C. the maximum possible number of blocks that could exist for this database
D. the percentage of blocks that exist compared to the total potential number of blocks
210-060 pdf Answer: B

QUESTION 22. What would defragment defrag a fragmented database?
A. adding a dense member to the outline
B. adding a sparse member to the outline
C. changing a member formula in the outline
D. redefining a Stored dense dimension member as Dynamic Calc and Store
Answer: A

QUESTION 23. What would cause fragmentation in a database?
A. deleting a dense member from the outline
B. deleting a sparse member from the outline
C. changing a member formula in the outline
D. redefining a Stored dense dimension member as Dynamic Calc (Non-Store)
210-060 vce Answer: B

QUESTION 24. The stored members in the dense dimension Scenario are Actual and Budget. Database A has Actual and Budget data loaded for all products in all markets. Database B has only the Budget data loaded. Which statement is true about Database B?
A. The index would be half as large as Database A.
B. Half the number of blocks exist as in Database A.
C. Block density is reduced by 50% from Database A.
D. Fifty percent fewer blocks would fit in the Data Cache as in Database A.
Answer: C

QUESTION 25. If you have a production database named Sales, which files should be backed up to perform a complete system backup?
A. sales.db
B. sales.otn
C. essbase.sec
D. ess00001.ind
210-060 exam Answer: ACD

QUESTION 26. An application on a test server is ready to be put into production. The production server already has three applications. What should you do to move the application from development to production?
A. Use the Application | Copy command.
B. Export data from the development application.
C. Copy the Essbase.sec file from development to production.
D. Copy the application directories from development to production.
Answer: B

QUESTION 27. What does the setting NETDELAY 500 represent?
A. the number of times the network will retry a connection before failing and reporting an error
B. the amount of time in seconds allowed to a Named Pipes network to establish a connection to your server
C. the amount of time in milliseconds an unsuccessful operation waits before Essbase retries the operation
D. the number of seconds an Agent thread waits for a resource to become available so it can perform a specific action
210-060 dumps Answer: C

QUESTION 28. Which file descriptions are correct?
A. basic.otl contains the outline
B. ess00001.ind stores data blocks
C. basic.esm is a storage manager file
D. basic.mdb is a partition definition file
E. ess00001.pag stores the database index
Answer: AC

QUESTION 29. What occurs upon execution of DISABLELOGIN in ESSCMD?
A. All server logins are disabled.
B. Logins to a specific database are disabled.
C.Logins to a specific application are disabled.
D. It logs out any users currently on a specific database.
210-060 pdf Answer: C

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210-060 dumps

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Are you going to prepare Cisco 400-151 dumps exam? The CCIE Data Center Written Exam (400-151 CCIE Data Center) exam is a 120 minutes (90 – 110 questions) assessment in pass4itsure that is associated with the CCIE Data Center certification. Download up to date Cisco 400-151 dumps CCIE Data Center exam questions for your excellence with Youtube preparation materials. “CCIE Data Center Written Exam” is the exam name of Pass4itsure Cisco 400-151 dumps test which designed to help candidates prepare for and pass the Cisco 400-151 exam. With assessment based on principles, best details and frameworks Pass4itsure offers highest worth Cisco Certified Intenet Expert Data Center review and services to steps forward the careers of specialized persons within https://www.pass4itsure.com/400-151.html dumps Cisco Certified Intenet Expert Data Center exam. Pass4itsure Cisco 400-151 dumps is also one the element of the Pass4itsure & is measured as the 400-151 CCIE Data Center Written Exam certificate.

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400-151 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 400-151 Dumps Exam Q&As(6-32)

Paul has just joined the MegaCorp security administration team. Natalie, the administrator, creates a new administrator account for Paul in SmartDashboard and installs the policy. When Paul tries to login it fails. How can Natalie verify whether Paul’s IP address is predefined on the security management server?
A. Access the WEBUI on the Security Gateway, and verify whether Paul’s IP address is listed as a GUI client.
B. Login to Smart Dashboard, access Properties of the SMS, and verify whether Paul’s IP address is listed.
C. Login in to Smart Dashboard, access Global Properties, and select Security Management, to verify whether Paul’s IP address is listed.
D. Type cpconfig on the Management Server and select the option “GUI client List” to see if Paul’s IP address is listed.
400-151 exam Correct Answer: D

MultiCorp has bought company OmniCorp and now has two active AD domains. How would you deploy Identity Awareness in this environment?
A. Identity Awareness can only manage one AD domain.
B. Only Captive Portal can be used.
C. Only one ADquery is necessary to ask for all domains.
D. You must run an ADquery for every domain.
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is the preferred method for adding static routes in Gaia?
A. In the CLI via sysconfig
B. In Web Portal, under Network Management > IPv4 Static Routes
C. In the CLI with the command “route add”

D. In SmartDashboard under Gateway Properties > Topology
400-151 dumps Correct Answer: B

Which command will erase all CRL’s?
A. vpn crl_zap
B. vpn flush
C. cpstop/cpstart
D. vpn crladmin
Correct Answer: A

Which component functions as the Internal Certificate Authority for R76?
A. Security Gateway
B. Management Server
C. Policy Server
D. SmartLSM
400-151 pdf Correct Answer: C

Control connections between the Security Management Server and the Gateway are not encrypted by the VPN Community. How are these connections secured?
A. They are encrypted and authenticated using SIC.
B. They are not encrypted, but are authenticated by the Gateway
C. They are secured by PPTP
D. They are not secured.
Correct Answer: A

If Bob wanted to create a Management High Availability configuration, what is the minimum number of Security Management servers required in order to achieve his goal?
A. Three
B. Two
C. Four
D. One

400-151 vce Correct Answer: B

David wants to manage hundreds of gateways using a central management tool. What tool would David use to accomplish his goal?
A. SmartProvisioning
B. SmartBlade
C. SmartDashboard
D. SmartLSM
Correct Answer: A

From the following output of cphaprob state, which ClusterXL mode is this?

A. New mode
B. Multicast mode
C. Legacy mode
D. Unicast mode
400-151 exam Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is NOT a feature of ClusterXL?
A. Enhanced throughput in all ClusterXL modes (2 gateway cluster compared with 1 gateway)
B. Transparent failover in case of device failures
C. Zero downtime for mission-critical environments with State Synchronization
D. Transparent upgrades
Correct Answer: C

In which case is a Sticky Decision Function relevant?
A. Load Sharing – Unicast
B. Load Balancing – Forward
C. High Availability
D. Load Sharing – Multicast

400-151 dumps Correct Answer: D

You configure a Check Point QoS Rule Base with two rules: an HTTP rule with a weight of 40, and the Default Rule with a weight of 10. If the only traffic passing through your QoS Module is HTTP traffic, what percent of bandwidth will be allocated to the HTTP traffic?
A. 80%
B. 40%
C. 100%
D. 50%
Correct Answer: C

When an 802.11 station operating in Power Save mode with a ReceiveDTIMs parameter of TRUE receives a beacon containing a DTIM indicating queued broadcast traffic, what task does the 802.11 standard require the client station to perform?
A. The client station must send an ATIM frame to the access point if the station is the first AID in the DTIM list.
B. The client station must arbitrate for the medium and immediately issue an RTS directed to the access point with the NAV set to a value of 32,768.
C. To remain awake to receive the broadcast frame(s) to follow the beacon that contains the DTIM.
D. The client station must broadcast a CTS-to-Self frame indicating the station need to control the medium long enough to receive all of the broadcast frames.
E. The client station must send a CF-Poll Response frame to the access point with the Reason Code set to 0x00.
F. The client station must send a PS-Poll frame to the access point for every broadcast frame it receives with the More Data bit set to one.
400-151 pdf Answer: C

Given the screenshot shown, choose the statement that accurately describes what is being seen by this protocol analyzer.
A. One wireless station sent an Echo Request (PING) to another wireless station through an access point.
B. The BSSID has been randomly generated.
C. The Duration field value’s 164 microseconds is sufficient to reserve the RF medium for only the following frames: SIFS, ACK.
D. Bits (0-14) of the Duration/ID field in this frame indicates the AID of the source station
Answer: B

Given the displayed wireless protocol analyzer trace, which of the following is true?
A. Both 00:40:96:A1:9A:F9 and 00:0D:ED:A5:4F:70 are operating in Ad Hoc mode using WPA compliant 802.1X/EAP authentication.
B. 00:0D:ED:A5:4F:70 is a client station sending unicast data frames to a network node on the wired LAN.
C. 00:40:96:A1:9A:F9 is a client station performing a successful 802.1X/EAPreauthentication.
D. 00:40:96:A1:9A:F9 is a station sending encrypted broadcast data using an encryption key generated by the authenticator.
E. FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF is the access point, and data encrypted with static WEP is being sent from a wired station to the wireless station 00:40:96:A1:9A:F9.
400-151 vce Answer: D

In the 802.11b standard, the PLCP header Service field has a Modulation Selection bit. Which of the following are true regarding use of the Modulation Selection bit?
A. The Modulation Selection bit is used by the access point in CF-End frames to note which modulation will be used for Data frames in the contention period to follow.
B. Based on the setting of the Modulation Selection bit and the value in the Signal field, the modulation to be used can be uniquely determined.
C. Based on the Modulation Selection bit in received Data frames, the receiving station can determine which modulation to use when sending acknowledgements.
D. The Modulation Selection bit is used to determine whether CCK or PBCC is in use for any speed where either could be used.
E. The Modulation Selection bit is used to determine which modulation will be used to send the entire PPDU.

Answer: B,D

What is an advantage of being able to fragment MSDUs and MMPDUs on a wireless network?
A. Increased throughput due to interference from other 802.11 stations.
B. Decreased translation time between 802.3 and 802.11 networks at the access point.
C. Increased throughput in an 802.11b/g mixed mode environment.
D. Decreased number of 802.11 control and management frames required for transmission.
E. Increased throughput in a clean RF environment
F. Decreased retransmission overhead in a noisy RF environment.
400-151 exam Answer: F

In compliance with the 802.11g standard, access points may provide which services to increase overall network performance in an OFDM-only environment?
A. Arbitrary Beacon Spacing
B. DownstreamQoS
C. Short Slot Time
D. Short PLCP Preamble support
E. Fast Sleep Recovery
Answer: C

Which features of a wireless LAN protocol analyzer allow troubleshooters to monitor network events that are happening while the troubleshooters are not watching the analyzer user interface?
A. Event Triggers
B. Node Statistics
C. Notifications
D. Peer Map
E. Trending Analysis
F. Alarms
400-151 dumps Answer: A,C,F

The 802.11 standard allows for frame fragmentation due to an unreliable medium. Which two fields in the 802.11 frame are involved in numbering data frame fragments and notifying the receiving station when all of the fragments of a data frame have been received?
A. Ordered Service field
B. Sequence Control field
C. Frame Control field
D. ERP Information field
E. Capability Information field
F. DS Parameter field
Answer: B,C

What 802.11 MAC layer function is illustrated by the following diagram?
A. Sequential Fragmentation
B. PCF mode polling
C. Fragment Bursting
D. Sequential Acknowledgements
E. CP Regulated Spacing
400-151 pdf Answer: C

When operating in an 802.11b/g mixed mode environment in which both 802.11b and 802.11g client stations are present and transmitting data on the network, which of the statements below are accurate concerning the 802.11g access point responsibilities in the Basic Service Set?
A. The access point will alternate transmitting beacons using long and short preambles so that client stations using either preamble length can associate.

B. The access point may transmit beacons using a short preamble only if all of the client stations in the BSS have indicated support for short preambles.
C. If beacons are transmitted using short preambles, all associated client stations are required to transmit all data frames using short preambles.
D. The access must transmit beacons using a short preamble in a mixed mode environment. Client stations not supporting short preambles will not be able to associate.
Answer: B

The More Fragments subfield is found in which 802.11 frame field?
A. Protocol Order field
B. Frame Control field
C. MAC Service Data Unit field
D. Sequence Control field
E. Fragmentation Control field
400-151 vce Answer: B

You have pushed a policy to your firewall and you are not able to access the firewall. What command will allow you to remove the current policy from the machine?
A. fw purge policy
B. fw fetch policy
C. fw purge active
D. fw unloadlocal
Correct Answer: D

How do you verify the Check Point kernel running on a firewall?
A. fw ctl get kernel
B. fw ctl pstat
C. fw kernel
D. fw ver -k
400-151 exam Correct Answer: D

Match the following commands to their correct function. Each command has one function only listed.
A. C1>F2; C2>F1; C3>F6; C4>F4
B. C1>F4; C2>F6; C3>F3; C4>F2
C. C1>F2; C2>F4; C3>F1; C4>F5
D. C1>F6; C2>F4; C3>F2; C4>F5
Correct Answer: D

Which command displays the installed Security Gateway version?
A. fw ver
B. fw stat
C. fw printver
D. cpstat -gw
400-151 dumps Correct Answer: A

400-151 dumps

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[2018 New Updated] Helpful Microsoft SharePoint Applications 70-488 Dumps Exam Practice Questions Youtube Try Online Download

How hard is it to clear exam Microsoft 70-488 dumps?  The Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions (70-488 SharePoint) exam is a 131 questions assessment in pass4itsure that is associated with the MCP, MCSD certification. Helpful Microsoft SharePoint Applications 70-488 dumps exam practice questions Youtube try online download. “Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions” is the exam name of Pass4itsure Microsoft 70-488 dumps test which designed to help candidates prepare for and pass the Microsoft 70-488 exam. Our resources are constantly being revised and updated, with a close correlation. If you prepare Microsoft https://www.pass4itsure.com/70-488.html dumps exam certification, you will want to begin your training, so as to guarantee to pass your exam.

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70-488 dumps
Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Microsoft 70-488 Dumps Exam Q&As:

You need to implement term set navigation. Which code segment should you insert at line TN24?
70-488 dumps

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
70-488 exam 
Correct Answer: D
You need to complete the code at line LV19 to implement the validation of the app license. Which code segment should you use?
70-488 dumps

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: C
You receive an error when you deploy the app.
You need to resolve the error.
What should you do?
A. Create a deployment package and upload the app to the app catalog in SharePoint.
B. Enable side-loading of apps in the app manifest.
C. Deploy the app to https://contoso-my.sharepoint.com.
D. Enable side-loading of apps in the Visual Studio project properties.
70-488 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
You need to configure navigation for the site. What should you do? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)
A. Create simple links or headers for new pages.
B. Create friendly URLs for new pages automatically.
C. Add unique identifiers to new pages.
D. Create term-driven pages with friendly URLs.
E. Add new pages to navigation automatically.
Correct Answer: ACD
You need add to code at line IL22 to implement the task list design. How should you complete the relevant code? (To answer, drag the appropriate code segments to the correct location or locations in the answer area. Each code segment may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)
Select and Place:
70-488 dumps

70-488 dumps

A server in the SharePoint farm experiences high memory usage. Task Scheduler on the server runs a Windows PowerShell script to perform backups of Wholesale sites. You need to resolve any memory leak issues in the Windows PowerShell script. What should you do? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.)
A. Insert the code segment at line EW04:
Start-SPAssignment -Global
B. Insert the code segment at line EW17:
C. Insert the code segment at line EW17:
Stop-SPAssignment -SemiGlobal
D. Insert the code segment at line EW17:
Stop-SPAssignment Global
Correct Answer: AC
* Start-SPAssignment Global initiates a new assignment store.
* Stop-SPAssignment .Disposes of objects in the provided assignment collection. The Stop SPAssignmentcmdlet disposes of objects in the provided assignment collection. Use the Global parameter to dispose of all objects in the global assignment collector and to stop the global store from collecting additional objects. Provide a SemiGlobal assignment collector to dispose of all contained objects.
From scenario:
* Performance Optimization and Memory Usage SPSite objects must be removed from memory immediately after the objects go out of scope.
After deploying a solution, a code-based hotfix becomes available. You need to deploy the hotfix. What should you do? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)
A. Use assembly binding redirection in the web application configuration file.
B. Increment the assembly file version of the assembly.
C. Increment the product version of the assembly.
D. Increment the assembly version of the assembly.
E. Use assembly binding redirection in the assembly policy file.
70-488 vce 
Correct Answer: AC
A:Assembly versions are everywhere in SharePoint web.config files, web part definitions, workflow definitions, event receiver bindings the list goes on. In each case, the version number is absolutely required so that SharePoint can load the code to run at that time. If you update an assembly’s version, you have two choices to ensure your code can still be loaded: / Find and update every reference to the previous assembly version. / Use a binding redirect in the relevant.config file (e.g. web.config) to point to the new version of the assembly.
C: Assembly Version : This is the version number used by framework during build and at runtime to locate, link and load the assemblies. When you add reference to any assembly in your project, it is this version number which gets embedded. At runtime, CLR looks for assembly with this version number to load. But remember this version is used along with name, public key token and culture information only if the assemblies are strong-named signed. If assemblies are not strong-named signed, only file names are used for loading.
not B: Assembly File Version : This is the version number given to file as in file system. It is displayed by Windows Explorer. Its never used by .NET framework or runtime for referencing.
From scenario:
* solution artifacts must adhere to industry best practices.
* Code based hot fixes must be deployed directly to the Global Assembly Cache on all SharePoint servers.
* Only one version of an assembly must be available at runtime.
Customers report that upon creation of the Payment Confirmation document, they do not receive a confirmation message.
You need to ensure that customers receive confirmation messages. What should you do?
A. Ensure that the user has the correct permissions to start a workflow.
B. Ensure that the Payment Confirmation content type is deployed.
C. Ensure that the user is assigned to the Wholesale role.
D. Ensure that a workflow is associated with the document content type.
Correct Answer: D
You need to set the appropriate permission levels. A variable named customRole references Wholesale. Which code segment should you add at line UA09?
A. customRole.BasePermissions= _permissions | SPBasePermissions.ViewFormPages;
B. customRole .BasePermissions= _permissions| SPBasePermissions.ViewPages;
C. customRole.BasePermissions=SPBasePermissions.EmptyMaskSPBasePermissions.ViewPages;
D. customRole.BasePermissions=SPBasePermissions.ViewPages;
70-488 exam 
Correct Answer: B

Lila has created a display campaign to help support her consulting business. The ad has been running for six months. Her goal of the campaign is to get people to sign up for her newsletter. If Lila has a desire to get more conversions at a lower cost, which Google AdWords tool should she use?
A. My Change History tool
B. Conversion optimizer
C. Display ad builder
D. Keyword tools
Correct Answer: B
Hal is considering a YouTube masthead for an ad campaign. There are several requirements on size and sound limits for YouTube masthead advertisements, such as the 50KB load size and the 1MB load for animation and autoplay. What is the maximum size for videos (.flv) file size for when a user clicks the masthead to see the video ad?
A. 10MB
B. 1MB
C. 100MB

D. 50MB
70-488 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
Tom is reviewing his YouTube ad performance through the Google AdWords reporting feature. He would like to review the number of users who clicked his ad and converted to a sale on his Website. What requirement must Tom have satisfied to see the conversion reporting feature for YouTube ads?
A. He must have added the Google AdWords Conversion Tracking code to his Website page.
B. His YouTube ads must be placed through a YouTube reservations agent.
C. His ads must be prepaid.
D. He must have uploaded a promoted video on YouTube.
Correct Answer: A
Bonnie has created a video that she would like to include in the Google Content Network as part of her online marketing. She has chosen the click-to-play with the cost-per-click pricing model. Which one of the following statements best describes when Bonnie will be charged for someone clicking on her advertisement?
A. Every time Bonnie’s video is played, paused, or stopped with the in-ad player she won’t becharged for each click, just one click per user on the advertisement video.
B. Every time Bonnie’s video appears (the opening image) she will be charged.
C. Every time Bonnie’s video is played she’ll be charged for the click.
D. Every click that leads a user to Bonnie’s Website results in a charge to Bonnie’s account.
70-488 pdf 
Correct Answer: D
Henry has created a video that he’d like to include in the Google Content Network. His video is a demonstration of a product that he sells on his website. With this type of content, what type of video advertising is Henry interested in using in the Google Content Network?
A. Video placement ad
B. Click-to-play video ad
C. In-stream video ad
D. Overlay video ad
Correct Answer: B
Nancy would like to create a display ad for the Google Content Network, but she doesn’t have image editing software. Which of the following is the recommended for Nancy to create a display ad for the Google Content Network?
A. Hire a designer to create the display ad.
B. Use the Display Ad Builder.
C. Use the Adobe Ad Builder.
D. Use a text ad.
70-488 vce 
Correct Answer: B
Which one of the following statements best describes the relationship between the quality score and the cost-per-click of an ad in Google AdWords?
A. The higher a keyword’s Quality Score, the lower the price you pay for each click and the better its ad 
B. The higher a keyword’s Quality Score, the higher the price you pay for each click and the higher the ranking of your ad over your competition.
C. The higher a keyword’s Quality Score, the lower the price you pay for each.
D. The higher a keyword’s Quality Score, the higher the price you pay for each click and the better its ad position.
Correct Answer: A
Jen has created a YouTube advertisement for her company and she is now interested in reviewing her ad’s performance over the past three weeks. She wants to examine a YouTube metric that will tell her how many times her promoted video ad has been played since it went live on YouTube. What metric will Jen want to create a report for?
A. Clickthrough rate
B. Clicks
C. Play rate
D. Conversions
70-488 exam 
Correct Answer: C
Yolanda is designing an image ad for the Google Content Network. She wants the ad to look crisp and professional and a consultant has recommended that she use transparent PNG format images. Why is this a good idea for image advertisers in the Google Content Network?
A. Transparent background images load faster in browsers.
B. Transparent background images allow the ad’s background to fade through the image.
C. Transparent background images allow the ad’s background to be more pleasing to view.
D. Transparent background images appear to float on the ad’s background.
Correct Answer: D
Some advertisers would like to target YouTube through Google AdWords. There are two tools available for these types of advertisers: the placement tool and what other tool?
A. Google Content Network analysis tool
B. Video targeting tool
C. Traffic estimator tool
D. Keyword tool
70-488 dumps 
Correct Answer: B
Andrew wants to create a reservation for his ad in YouTube. His manager wants to know, however, what is the minimum amount the reservation will cost. Which one of the following represents the minimum media spend on a YouTube reservation will cost?
A. $25,000
B. $35,000
C. $50,000
D. $10,000
Correct Answer: B
Your client is interested in the Google Content Network’s ability to use an in-stream ad. Which of the following is an example of an in-stream ad in the Google Content Network?
A. It’s an ad that is displayed as part of the DoubleClick partnerships.
B. It’s an ad that is displayed in the middle of a website in a rich-media content placeholder.
C. It’s an ad that shows at the end of a video.
D. It’s an ad that is fed into the Google Content Network of sites partners.
70-488 pdf 
Correct Answer: C

70-488 dumps

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[2017 New Updated] Helpful Cisco 400-101 Dumps Vce CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam V5.1 Video Training Online

What is Cisco 400-101 dumps? The CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam (400-101 CCIE Routing and Switching) exam is a 120 Minutes (90 – 110 questions) assessment in pass4itsure that is associated with the CCIE Routing and Switching certification.”CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam” is the exam name of Pass4itsure Cisco 400-101 dumps test which designed to help candidates prepare for and pass the Cisco 400-101 exam. Helpful Cisco 400-101 dumps vce CCIE Routing and Switching exam V5.1 video training online. It is famous for the most comprehensive and updated by the highest rate https://www.pass4itsure.com/400-101.html dumps. It also can save time and effort.

[2017 New Updated Pass4itsure 400-101 Dumps From Google Drive]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwxjZr-ZDwwWczJDVzl1SUJLWms

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400-101 dumps
Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 400-101 Dumps Exam Q&As:
7.Which technology does OSPFv3 use to authenticate packets
A. SHA256
D. IPsec
400-101 exam 
Correct Answer: D
8.Which two statements about the OSPF two-way neighbor state are true? (Choose two)
A. It is valid only on NBMA networks.
B. Each neighbor receives its own router ID in a hello packet from the other neighbor.
C. Each neighbor receives an acknowledgement of its own hello packet from the other neighbor.
D. Each neighbor receives the router ID of the other neighbor in a hello packet from the other neighbor
E. It is valid only on point-to-point networks.
F. Each neighbor receives a hello message from the other neighbor.
Correct Answer: BC
9.Which statement is true about LLDP?
A. LLDP provides VTP support.
B. LLDP does not use a multicast address to communicate.
C. LLDP can indicate only the duplex setting of a link, and not the speed capabilities.
D. LLDP does not support native VLAN indication.
400-101 dumps 
Correct Answer: D
10.Which data plane protocol does EIGRP Over the Top use
D. IP-in-IP
Correct Answer: C
11.Which three configuration settings must match for switchs to be in the same MST region?(Choose three)
A. VLAN names
B. Revision number
C. Region name
D. Domain name
E. Password
F. VLAN-to-instance assignment
400-101 pdf 
Correct Answer: BCF
12.Which two statements about static routing are true?(Choose two)
A. It is highly scalable as networks grow.
B. It provides better security than dynamic routing.
C. It reduces configuration errors.
D. It requires less bandwidcth and fewer CPU cycles than dynamic routing protocols.
E. It can be implemented more quickly than dynamic routing.
Correct Answer: BD

13. To recover a file from a snapshot using a Windows client, what directory will a user look for?
A. snapshot
B. .snapshot
C. snap
D. ~snapshot
400-101 vce Answer: D
14. To recover a file from a snapshot using a UNIX client, what directory will a user look for?
A. snapshot
B. .snapshot
C. snap
D. ~snapshot
Answer: B
15. Which volume option will disable automatic snapshot creation?
A. Setting the nosnap volume option to on

B. Turning off access to the .snapshot directory
C. Setting the nosnapdir option to on
D. Setting snap reserve to 0%
400-101 exam Answer: A
16. Choose the best way to minimize backup time.
A. Tape backup over the WAN connection
B. Utilizing a larger tape capacity
C. Organizing data in volumes and qtrees
D. Using multiple local tape drives
Answer: D
17. What two conditions should be verified prior to performing remote backups? (Choose 2)
A. The trust relationships between the source and the destination
B. That clustered failover is disabled
C. That rsh is enabled for remote access
D. That remote backup is enabled
400-101 dumps Answer: AC
18. Which line describes a 50M tree quota for a qtree named “mydata” on volume “vol1”? Target Type Disk Files Thold Sdisk Sfiles A.  /vol/vol1/mydata tree 50M –

B. /vol/vol1 [email protected] 50M –
C. steve [email protected]/vol/vol1 50M –
D. /vol/vol1 qtree/steve 50M –
Answer: A
19. If there are problems with user quotas being misapplied, the following two files should be checked:
A. /etc/quotas and /etc/rc
B. /etc/quotas and /etc/usermap.cfg

C. /etc/rc and /etc/usermap.cfg
D. /etc/quotas and /etc/quotarules
400-101 vce Answer: B
20. Which three actions can be performed with the restore command? (Choose 3)
A. View a list of files on tape.
B. Restore individual files and directories.
C. Restart a failed restore process.
D. Enter a number to specify how many filemarks should be skipped.
Answer: ABC

Create the partition having 100MB size and mount it on /mnt/neo
400-101 exam Answer and Explanation:
1. Use fdisk /dev/hda ¨¤ To create new partition.
2. Type n ¨¤ For New partitions
3. It will ask for Logical or Primary Partitions. Press l for logical.
4. It will ask for the Starting Cylinder: Use the Default by pressing Enter Key.
5. Type the Size: +100M ¨¤ You can Specify either Last cylinder of Size here.
6. Press P to verify the partitions lists and remember the partitions name.
7. Press w to write on partitions table.
8. Either Reboot or use partprobe command.
9. Use mkfs -t ext3 /dev/hda? Where ? is your partition number
10. Or
11. mke2fs -j /dev/hda? ¨¤ To create ext3 filesystem.
12. mkdir /mnt/neo
13. vi /etc/fstab
14. Write:
15. /dev/hda? /mnt/neo ext3 defaults 1 2
16. Verify by mounting on current Sessions also:
17. mount /dev/hda? /mnt/neo

Your System is going use as a router for and Enable the IP Forwarding.
Answer and Explanation:
1. echo “1” >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
2. vi /etc/sysctl.conf
/proc is the virtual filesystem, containing the information about the running kernel. To change the parameter of running kernel you should modify on /proc. From Next reboot the system, kernel will take the value from /etc/sysctl.conf.
Some users home directory is shared from your system. Using showmount -e localhost command, the shared directory is not shown. Make access the shared users home directory.
400-101 dumps Answer and Explanation:
1. Verify the File whether Shared or not ? : cat /etc/exports
2. Start the nfs service: service nfs start
3. Start the portmap service: service portmap start
4. Make automatically start the nfs service on next reboot: chkconfig nfs on
5. Make automatically start the portmap service on next reboot: chkconfig portmap on
6. Verify either sharing or not: showmount -e localhost
7. Check that default firewall is running on system ? if running flush the iptables using iptables -F and stop the iptables service.
neo user tried by:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/neo/somefile bs=1024 count=70
files created successfully. Again neo tried to create file having 70K using following command:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/neo/somefile bs=1024 count=70
But he is unable to create the file. Make the user can create the file less then 70K.
Answer and Explanation:
Very Tricky question from redhat. Actually question is giving scenario to you to implement quota toneo user. You should apply the quota to neo user on /home that neo user shouldn’t occupied space more than 70K.
1. vi /etc/fstab
LABEL=/home /home ext3 defaults,usrquota 0 0 ¨¤ To enable th quota on filesystem you should mount the filesystem with usrquota for user quota and grpquota for group quota.
2. touch /home/aquota.user ¨¤Creating blank quota database file.
3. mount -o remount /home ¨¤ Remounting the /home with updated mount options. ou can verify that/home is mounted with usrquota options or not using mount command.
4. quotacheck -u /home ¨¤ Initialization the quota on /home
5. edquota -u neo /home ¨¤ Quota Policy editor See the snapshot
Disk quotas for user neo (uid 500):
Filesystem blocks soft hard inodes soft hard

/dev/mapper/vo-myvol 2 30 70 1 0 0
Can you set the hard limit 70 and soft limit as you think like 30.
Verify using the repquota /home command.
One Logical Volume is created named as myvol under vo volume group and is mounted. The Initial Size of that Logical Volume is 124MB. Make successfully that the size of Logical Volume 245MB without losing any data. The size of logical volume 240MB to 255MB will be acceptable.
400-101 pdf Answer and Explanation:
1. First check the size of Logical Volume: lvdisplay /dev/vo/myvol
2. Increase the Size of Logical Volume: lvextend -L+121M /dev/vo/myvol
3. Make Available the size on online: resize2fs /dev/vo/myvol
4. Verify the Size of Logical Volume: lvdisplay /dev/vo/myvol
5. Verify that the size comes in online or not: df -h
We can extend the size of logical Volume using the lvextend command. As well as to decrease the size of Logical Volume, use the lvresize command. In LVM v2 we can extend the size of Logical Volume without unmount as well as we can bring the actual size of Logical Volume on online using ext2online command.
Quota is implemented on /data but not working properly. Find out the Problem and implement the quota to user1 to have a soft limit 60 inodes (files) and hard limit of 70 inodes (files).
Answer and Explanation:
Quotas are used to limit a user’s or a group of users’ ability to consume disk space. This prevents a small group of users from monopolizing disk capacity and potentially interfering with other users or the entire system. Disk quotas are commonly used by ISPs, by Web hosting companies, on FTP sites, and on corporate file servers to ensure continued availability of their systems. Without quotas, one or more users can upload files on an FTP server to the point of filling a filesystem. Once the affected partition is full, other users are effectively denied upload access to the disk. This is also a reason to mount different filesystem directories on different partitions. For example, if you only had partitions for your root (/) directory and swap space, someone uploading to your computer could fill up all of the space in your root directory (/). Without at least a little free space in the root directory (/), your system could become unstable or even crash. You have two ways to set quotas for users. You can limit users by inodes or by kilobyte-sized disk blocks. Every Linux file requires an inode. Therefore, you can limit users by the number of files or by absolute space. You can set up different quotas for different filesystems. For example, you can set different quotas or users on the /home and /tmp directories if they are mounted on their own partitions. Limits on disk blocks restrict the amount of disk space available to a user on your system. Older versions of Red Hat Linux included LinuxConf, which included a graphical tool to configure quotas. As of this writing, Red Hat no longer has a graphical quota configuration tool. Today, you can configure quotas on RHEL only through the command line interface.
1. vi /etc/fstab
/dev/hda11 /data ext3 defaults,usrquota 1 2

2. Either Reboot the System or remount the partition. Mount -o remount /dev/hda11 /data
3. touch /data/aquota.user
4. quotacheck -ufm /data
5. quotaon -u /data
6. edquota -u user1 /data and Specified the Soft limit and hard limit on opened file.
To verify either quota is working or not:
Soft limit specify the limit to generate warnings to users and hard limit can’t cross by the user. Use the quota command or repquota command to monitor the quota information.

400-101 dumps

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VMware Improves Current Data Center and Cloud Security

Vmware,inc is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, and carbon black, the leading company for next-generation endpoint security, announced today that expanding partnerships will help transform the current cloud and data center security approach. VMware as a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, VMware helps customers realize the possibilities by speeding up the digital transformation. With VMware Solutions, businesses are improving business agility through modern applications that drive innovation through the modernization of data centers and the integration of public clouds, creating a great experience for digital workspaces and protecting customer trust by changing security. Add its management software to its mixed cloud bundle Cloud Foundation. Carbon Black and VMware will provide a new security model for secure complementary components that can be combined to take advantage of the unique attributes of virtualization and cloud to help protect previously impossible organizations.


These companies have developed a new joint solution that can significantly reduce the attack surface of the organization while enabling the security team to automatically detect and repair threats that allow OVH and IBM to use Cloud Foundation to stand on the public VMware Cloud, and realize VMware’s vision of the same software packages that run locally and in the cloud to easily move data and applications to respond to attacks faster and more efficiently. Today’s announcement expands the collaboration announced earlier this year to enable VMware Appdefense™ customers to leverage the carbon Black’s Predictive Security Cloud ™ (PSC) reputation service.

VMware now adds VMware vrealize automation,vrealize operations and Vrealize Log insight to Cloud Foundation. Because as applications become more fragmented and dynamic, they become increasingly difficult to protect. Traditional security solutions are not flexible enough to keep up with changes in the application, resulting in security issues. Most of today’s attacks are not simple malware and are easily disturbed by the “known bad” signatures. They depend on the executable file, process, and operating system of the attacker manipulating the endpoint itself. Identifying these threats requires an in-depth understanding of application behavior and threat behavior, which is not available in traditional endpoint security products.


The new joint development solution will combine VMware appdefense and CB Defense Advanced Threat Protection features to provide unique, killing and killing effects for applications within the datacenter. VMware Appdefense leverages the power of the virtual infrastructure to create the least privileged environment around the application. It enforces system integrity using a management program, provides visibility of the expected state and behavior of the application, and monitors the status and behavior of protected locations. The CB defense running on the predictive security cloud provides a next-generation endpoint protection solution that uses behavioral methods to detect threats. It uses streaming protection to monitor malicious behavior on your computer to prevent malicious software and non-malware attacks.

VMware also updated NSX to support pivotal Cloud Foundry. This means that the nsx-t,vmware, in addition to the vsphere management process, can now be used with the three cloud native frameworks of Kubernetes,openshift and cloud foundry. Pivotal announced yesterday that it would support NSX to join Cloud Foundry 2.0, in return for their favor. The new version of Cloud Foundry will also include the upcoming server-free Computing tool “Pivotal Function Service”, which can trigger activities based on data sent by users or mail systems such as RABBITMQ or Apache Kafka.


Three key elements to enhance the security of the cloud and data center:

Reinforce known good application behavior: By leveraging the virtual infrastructure, the solution will have an authoritative understanding of how the data center endpoint behaves and the first one to know when to make changes. This contextual intelligence eliminates the determination of the processes in a given datacenter endpoint, which changes to the executable file and operating system are legitimate, and which represent real threats.

Detect unknown threats: The solution will take advantage of the application context to perform advanced behavioral threat detection to provide additional protection beyond the minimum privilege. Carbon Black’s streaming prevention is a next-generation threat detection technology that uses event flow processing to correlate multiple events over time to indicate a threat, preventing application behavior from being compromised. The user can see the threat activity in real time, the visual attack chain to see what the attacker is trying to do and immediately respond to close the attack in progress.

Automated and coordinated response: Once a threat is identified, the solution will allow for a full understanding of the application context during the survey process and again use the virtual infrastructure to provide a range of responses from pausing or snapshot virtual machines to isolating damaged machines and conducting forensics analysis.


Reducing the attack surface is synonymous with reducing risk, but many organizations do not have the resources to evaluate, plan, deploy, and run application control. Appdefense uses machine learning algorithms to mitigate this operational burden while reducing risk and minimizing privileges. With this new joint solution from carbon black and VMware, the company will be able to provide customers with CB defense to detect and respond to application threats that may evade minimal privileges.

Cloud computing and virtualization provide new security opportunities beyond traditional approaches. Carbon Black and VMware’s unique capabilities beyond the point of security solutions provide organizations with a stronger, more comprehensive approach to protecting mission-critical applications that run in data centers. We look forward to the opportunity to help businesses around the world run more 60 million of virtual machines to the highest level of security.

With this new joint solution, VMware’s products can enhance system integrity and minimal permissions on data center endpoints, critical applications and data are safe for both malware and malware attacks, and security operations will be authorized to react faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Read More VMware News:http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/vmware-carbon-black-fundamentally-transform-current-approaches-data-center-cloud-security-nyse-vmw-2242846.htm

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[2017 New Updated] The Most Effective Cisco CCNP Switch 300-115 Dumps Verison 2.0 Exam Questions Preparation Materials Youtube Try

Has anybody attempted the Cisco 300-115 dumps exam? “Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks“, also known as 300-115 exam, is a Cisco certification which covers all the knowledge points of the real Cisco exam. The Most Effective Cisco CCNP Switch 300-115 dumps verison 2.0 exam questions preparation materials Youtube try. Pass4itsure Cisco 300-115 dumps exam questions answers are updated (456 Q&As) are verified by experts.

The associated certifications of 300-115 dumps is CCDP. Pass4itsure latest cisco 300-115 ROUTE exam actual questions and real exam questions are very close. You may have also seen on other sites related https://www.pass4itsure.com/300-115.html dumps training materials, but will find their Source Pass4itsure of you carefully compare.

Exam Code: 300-115
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks
Q&As: 456

[2017 New Updated Pass4itsure 300-115 Dumps From Google Drive]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwxjZr-ZDwwWLW41Sk5QSDdPTFU

[2017 New Updated Pass4itsure 200-310 Dumps From Google Drive]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwxjZr-ZDwwWajNRNzNfaDllX3M

300-115 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 300-115 Dumps Exam Q&As:

A network engineer must set the load balance method on an existing port channel. Which action must be done to apply a new load balancing method?
A. Configure the new load balancing method using port-channel load-balance.
B. Adjust the switch SDM back to “default”.
C. Ensure that IP CEF is enabled globally to support all load balancing methods.
D. Upgrade the PFC to support the latest load balancing methods.
300-115 exam 
Correct Answer: A
EtherChannel balances the traffic load across the links in a channel through the reduction of part of the binary pattern that the addresses in the frame form to a numerical value that selects one of the links in the channel. EtherChannel load balancing can use MAC addresses or IP addresses, source or destination addresses, or both source and destination addresses. The mode applies to all EtherChannels that are configured on the switch. You configure the load balancing and forwarding method with use of the port-channel load-balance {dst-ip | dst-mac | src-dst-ip | src-dst-mac | src-ip | src-mac} global configuration command.
Refer to the exhibit.
300-115 dumps

A network engineer investigates a recent network failure and notices that one of the interfaces on the switch is still down. What is causing the line protocol on this interface to be shown as down?
A. There is a layer 1 physical issue.
B. There is a speed mismatch on the interface.
C. The interface is configured as the target of the SPAN session.
D. The interface is configured as the source of the SPAN session.
E. There is a duplex mismatch on the interface.
Correct Answer: C
With the SAPN destination port, the state of the destination port is up/down by design. The interface shows the port in this state in order to make it evident that the port is currently not usable as a production port. This is the normal operational state for SPAN destinations.
While doing network discovery using Cisco Discovery Protocol, it is found that rapid error tracking is not currently enabled. Which option must be enabled to allow for enhanced reporting mechanisms using Cisco Discovery Protocol?
A. Cisco Discovery Protocol version 2
B. Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager
C. logging buffered
D. Cisco Discovery Protocol source interface
E. Cisco Discovery Protocol logging options
300-115 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
CDP Version 1 — This is the first version of CDP which was used for the discovery of Cisco devices in the network. This version is mainly used for backward compatibility. CDP Version 2 — This is the most recent version of CDP which has enhanced features such as rapid reporting mechanism, which is used to track down errors and minimize costly downtime. It allows you to track instances even if the native VLAN ID or port duplex states do not match between connecting devices. This  is the default version on all switches.
Which technique allows specific VLANs to be strictly permitted by the administrator?
A. VTP pruning
B. transparent bridging
C. trunk allowed VLANs
D. VLAN access-list
E. L2P tunneling
Correct Answer: C
By default, a trunk port sends traffic to and receives traffic from all VLANs. All VLAN IDs, 1 to 4094, are allowed on each trunk. However, you can remove VLANs from the allowed list, preventing traffic from those VLANs from passing over the trunk. To restrict the traffic a trunk carries, use the “switchport trunk allowed vlan remove vlan-list” interface configuration command to remove specific VLANs from the allowed list.
For security reasons, the IT manager has prohibited users from dynamically establishing trunks with their associated upstream switch. Which two actions can prevent interface trunking? (Choose two.)
A. Configure trunk and access interfaces manually.
B. Disable DTP on a per interface basis.
C. Apply BPDU guard and BPDU filter.
D. Enable switchport block on access ports.
300-115 pdf 
Correct Answer: AB
Which of the following groups would NOT be considered to be subject matter experts (SME’s) of a job function?
A. Current incumbents
B. Direct reports
C. Trained job analysts
D. D.Supervisours
Answer: B
Let’s assume you need to develop a strategic employer branding program. Which of the following
is one of the LEAST effective methods in prositive employer branding?
A. Providing above-market compensation packages
B. Gathering local confidence by socially responsible actions, ie environmentally conscious
C. Winning the Malcolm Baldrge National Quality Award
D. Implementation of flexible work arrangements that reduce turnover by 10%
300-115 vce 
Answer: A
What are the 4P’s in Marketing?
A. Place, Product, Promotion, Partnership
B. Price, Place, Product, Promotion
C. Price, Product, Promotion, Productivity
D. Price, Product, Promotion, Partnership
Answer: B

Which of the following is NOT a reason why a company would pursue moving forward with an
A. Improve customer relations
B. Increase their current market share
C. Acquire new skills and talents
D. Expand their product protfolio
300-115 exam 
Answer: A
Which of the following criteria is NOT a factor in determining the level of control of a non-U.S.
A. Labor relations centrally controlled
B. Principal place of business
C. Shared management
D. Interrelation of operations
Answer: B

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[2017 New Updated] Download Latest Updated 210-250 Dump SECFND Practice Exam Are Based On The Real Pass4itsure Exam Video Study

Any suggestions on passing the Cisco 210-250 dump?”Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals” is the name of Cisco 210-250 exam dumps which covers all the knowledge points of the real Cisco exam. Download latest updated 210-250  dump SECFND practice exam are based on the teal Pass4itsure exam video study. Pass4itsure Cisco 210-250 dump exam questions answers are updated (80 Q&As) are verified by experts.

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Exam Code: 210-250
Exam Name: Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Q&As: 80

[2017 New Updated Cisco 210-250 Dump From Google Drive]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwxjZr-ZDwwWRzdFOXJORHhsck0

[2017 New Updated 1Y0-351 Dumps From Google Drive]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwxjZr-ZDwwWampTMy02eGEzM0E 

210-250 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 210-250 Dumps Exam Q&As:

Question No : 116  Click the Exhibit button.
What type of power problem does the exhibit illustrate?
A. Harmonics
B. Overvoltage
C. Overcurrent
D. Impulsive transient
210-250 exam Answer: D
Question No : 117 What is a measure of heat intensity?
A. Volume
B. Humidity
C. Pressure
D. Temperature
Answer: D
Question No : 118  According to the Ideal Gas Law, as the pressure inside a balloon increases to a point that it
exceeds the pressure on the outside of the balloon, which property of the balloon also
A. Color Intensity
B. Density
C. Volume
D. Temperature
210-250 dump  Answer: C
Question No : 119  What is a property of heat transfer?
A. Heat is destroyed.
B. Heat is transferred in the direction from hot to cold.
C. Heat is transferred in the direction from cold to hot.
D. Heat is transferred in both directions (hot to cold and cold to hot).
Answer: B
Question No : 120  Which method transfers heat through a solid material?
A. Radiation
B. Convection
C. Conduction
D. Evaporation
210-250 pdf Answer: C
Question No : 121 Which method of heat transfer occurs when stepping barefoot onto hot pavement?
A. Radiation
B. Convection
C. Conduction
D. Evaporation
Answer: C
Question No : 122 Which substance transfers heat most efficiently?
A. Gas
B. Solid
C. Liquid
D. Vapor
210-250 vce Answer: B
Question No : 123 Which method transfers heat through the movement of a liquid or gas?
A. Radiation
B. Convection
C. Conduction
D. Evaporation
Answer: B
Question No : 124 Which method transfers heat by electromagnetic waves?
A. Radiation
B. Convection
C. Conduction
D. Evaporation
Answer: A
Question No : 125 Which method of heat transfer causes electromagnetic waves?
A. Radiation
B. Convection
C. Conduction
D. Evaporation
Answer: A
Question No : 126 What percentage of electricity used to power IT equipment is typically converted into heat?
A. 85%
B. 90%
C. 95%
D. 99%
210-250 exam Answer: D
Question No : 127  What is the most common direction of airflow through a rack mount blade server assembly?
A. Side to side
B. Front to back
C. Back to front
D. Bottom to top
Answer: B
Question No : 128 The Ideal Gas Law governs the relationship of which three state variables? (Choose three.)
A. Volume
B. Viscosity
C. Pressure
D. Conductivity
E. Temperature
210-250 dump Answer: A,C,E
Question No : 129 According to the Ideal Gas Law, what happens to the pressure when the temperature is
increased and the volume is held constant?
A. The pressure does not change.
B. The pressure initially increases and then decreases.
C. The pressure increases.
D. The pressure decreases.
Answer: C
Question No : 130 According to the Ideal Gas Law, what happens to the temperature and pressure inside an aerosol can that is being sprayed?
A. Temperature and pressure both increase.
B. Temperature and pressure are decreased.
C. Temperature and pressure are unchanged.
D. Temperature is unchanged and pressure is decreased.
210-250 pdf Answer: B
Question No : 131 Which temperature range is optimal for the proper function of a data center?
A. 62-65F (17-18C)
B. 72-75F (22-24C)
C. 82-85F (28-29C)
D. 92-95F (33-35C)
Answer: B
Question No : 132 What is the correct order of the refrigeration cycle datacenter precision cooling?
A. Condensation > evaporation > expansion > compression
B. Compression > condensation > evaporation > expansion
C. Evaporation > expansion > condensation > compression
D. Evaporation > compression > condensation > expansion
210-250  vce Answer: D
Question No : 133  What is the historical / traditional architecture of data center cooling?
A. Rack
B. Row
C. Room
D. Building
Answer: C
Question No : 134 Which is an example of a row-oriented cooling architecture?
A. Each cooling unit works to cool the load through a raised floor plenum.
B. Each cooling unit is ceiling mounted and targets cool air to the cold aisles.
C. Each cooling unit works directly to cool the heat load of a specific equipment rack.
D. Each cooling unit is placed along the data center wall and cools the general air space.
210-250  exam Answer: B
Question No : 135 What are three benefits of row-oriented cooling architecture? (Choose three.)
A. Predictable cooling
B. Ease of deployment
C. No raised floor required
D. Reduced sensible heat ratio
E. Increased mixing of air streams
Answer: A,B,C
Question No : 136 What are three benefits of rack-oriented cooling architecture? (Choose three.)
A. It reduces CRAC fan power required.
B. It utilizes the entire rated CRAC capacity.
C. It eliminates the need for humidity control.
D. It is easy to deploy for high density applications.
E. It reduces the number of air conditioning devices.
210-250 dump Answer: A,B,D
Question No : 137 What characteristic is common to all cooling architectures?
A. Deployable with on a raised floor
B. Top or bottom airflow configuration
C. Cooling equipment occupies white space
D. Easily adaptable with changes in infrastructure
Answer: A
Question No : 138 Which two cooling architectures are flexible enough to adapt to ever-changing data center requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Row
B. Rack
C. Room
D. Building
210-250 pdf Answer: A,B
Question No : 139  Which is an example of a rack-oriented cooling architecture?
A. A cooling unit is located in the ceiling plenum to cool the data center racks.
B. A cooling unit is located within the rack itself to cool the contents of that rack.
C. A cooling unit utilizes perforated raised floor tiles to deliver cool air to the rack.
D. A cooling unit is located along the perimeter wall of the data center to cool a specific
zone of racks.
Answer: B
Question No : 140 Which cooling architecture has the shortest air flow paths between the cooling unit and the IT equipment?
A. Row
B. Rack
C. Room
D. Building
210-250 vce Answer: B
Question No : 141 Which cooling architecture attempts to eliminate hot spots within the data center by utilizing large volumes of air mixing throughout the space?
A. Row
B. Rack
C. Room
D. Ceiling
Answer: C

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[2017 New Updated] 100% Pass Rate Cisco CCIE Collaboration 400-051 Dumps Exam Real Questions Answers Youtube Study

Why should someone do Cisco 400-051 dumps? “CCIE Collaboration” is the name of Cisco 400-051 exam dumps which covers all the knowledge points of the real Cisco exam. 100% pass rate Cisco CCIE Collaboration 400-051 dumps exam real questions answers youtube study. Pass4itsure Cisco 400-051 dumps exam questions answers are updated (615 Q&As) are verified by experts.

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Exam Code: 400-051
Exam Name: CCIE Collaboration
Q&As: 615

[2017 New Updated Cisco 400-051 Dumps From Google Drive]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwxjZr-ZDwwWNkViTVpuUWl4SGs

[2017 New Updated Cisco 400-201 Dumps From Google Drive]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwxjZr-ZDwwWV2ZxQlJ2OGxkaXc

400-051 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 400-051 Dumps Exam Q&As:

Refer to the Exhibit.
400-051 dumps

An agent initiated a video call but was establish as audio only. The support engineer collected and analyzed the Cisco Unified CM traces. Which two options caused this problem? (Choose two)
A. A hardware MTP was assigned to the call.
B. SIP Notify DTMF was requested and negotiated.
C. MTP Required was checked on the SIP Trunks.
D. Use Trusted Relay Point is set on one of the phones.
E. MRGL assigned to phones with Trusted Relay Point.
400-051 exam 
Correct Answer: DE
An engineer is setting up a proxy TFTP between multiple Cisco communication Manager clusters. Drag the step from the left to the correct order on the right to properly configure the certificates for the proxy TFTP. Not all options will be used.
Select and Place:
400-051 dumps

Correct Answer:
400-051 dumps

Multiple users report that when they try to login to Cisco Unified Communications Extension Mobility Manager this error is retrieved? “Error:-[26] Busy, please try again” Which description of the cause is true?
A. The intracluster Multiple Login Behaviour is set to Multiple Logins Not Allowed.
B. The Validate IP Address parameter is set to false, so the IP is not found in the trust list.
C. The number of concurrent log in and logout requests is higher than the Maximum Concurrent Requests service parameter.
D. The Extension Mobility Cache size has been lowered to 1000 and no more logins are allowed beyond this number.
400-051 dumps 
Correct Answer: C
Which option describes how NVF, OpenStack and KVM relate to each other?
A. OpenStack and KVM can be used to provide NVF.
B. OpenStack and KVM are not related to NVF.
C. NVF and KVM are based on OpenStack.
D. OpenStack and NVF enable KVM.
Correct Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit.
400-051 dumps

Site A and site B have a 3-hour time difference. An administrator has time-of-day routing configured at site A and site B for all incoming calls to the main phone number, DN 8000. Two hunt pilots with the same DN are configured with the time periods of site A and B. Which Statement about the incoming calls is true?
A. Incoming calls to hunt pilot 8000 on Wednesday after 1500 PST are answered by the site B IP phone.
B. Incoming calls to hunt pilot 8000 on Saturday are answered by the site A IP phone.
C. Incoming calls to hunt pilot 8000 on Saturday after 17:00 PST are answered by the site A and site B IP phones.
D. Incoming calls to hunt pilot 8000 on Sunday are answered by the site B IP phone.
400-051 pdf 
Correct Answer: A
A client wants to play and compose voice messages from Microsoft Outlook. What is required for this functionality?
A. single inbox synchronisation with send and draft messages
B. single inbox with ViewMail
C. single inbox with mailboxes larger than 2 GB
D. single inbox user message delivery with folder deletion
Correct Answer: B
Question No : 22 – (Topic 2)  Refer to the exhibit.
400-051 dumps
If this SIP call is initiated using delayed offer, which SIP message will UA#2 use to communicate its media capability to UA#1?
B. 180 Ringing
C. 200 OK
E. RTP Media
400-051 vce 
Answer: C
Explanation: 200 OK Indicates the request was successful.
Question No : 23 – (Topic 2)
Refer to the exhibit.
400-051 dumps
You received this debug output to troubleshoot a Cisco IOS MGCP gateway media-related problem at a customer site. What is the purpose of this message?
A. The MGCP gateway is responding to an RQNT message from Cisco Unified Communications Manager to poll the media capabilities on its endpoints.
B. The MGCP gateway is responding to an AUEP message from Cisco Unified Communications Manager to poll the media capabilities on its endpoints.
C. The MGCP gateway is responding to an AUCX message from Cisco Unified Communications Manager to poll the active calls on its endpoints.
D. The MGCP gateway is responding to an MDCX message from Cisco Unified Communications Manager during a call setup.
E. The MGCP gateway is responding to a CRCX message from Cisco Unified Communications Manager during a call setup.
Answer: D
See MGCP packet debugging examples and their meanings at the Reference link below. Reference: Sample of Debug MGCP Packets
Question No : 24 – (Topic 2)  Which H.245 information is exchanged within H.225 messages in H.323 Fast Connect?
A. Terminal Capability Set
B. Open Logical Channel
C. Master-Slave Determination
D. Call Setup
E. Call Progress
400-051 exam 
Answer: B
With the standard H.245 negotiation, the two endpoints need three round-trips before they agree on the parameters of the audio/video channels (1. master/slave voting, 2. terminal capability set exchange, and finally, 3. opening the logical channels). In certain situations and especially with high-latency network links, this can last too long and users will notice the delay.

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[2017 New Updated] Latest Microsoft Azure 70-695 Dumps Exam Question Answers with 70-534 Exam Video Training Are The Best Materials

How different is preparation of Microsoft 70-695 dumps? “Deploying Windows Desktops and Enterprise Applications” is the name of Microsoft 70-695 exam dumps which covers all the knowledge points of the real Microsoft exam. Latest Microsoft Azure 70-695 dumps exam question answers with 70-534 exam video training are the best materials. Pass4itsure Microsoft 70-695 dumps exam questions answers are updated (95 Q&As) are verified by experts.

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Exam Code: 70-695
Exam Name: Deploying Windows Desktops and Enterprise Applications
Q&As: 95

[2017 New Updated Microsoft 70-695 Dumps From Google Drive]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwxjZr-ZDwwWYS1lM3BQOC1zaFU

[2017 New Updated Microsoft 70-698 Dumps From Google Drive]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwxjZr-ZDwwWLW53eEpJQ2FkSk0

Design Microsoft Azure infrastructure and networking (15–20%)
Describe how Azure 70-695  dumps uses Global Foundation Services (GFS) datacenters
Understand Azure datacenter architecture, regional availability, and high availability
Design Azure virtual networks, networking services, DNS, DHCP, and IP addressing configuration
Extend on-premises Active Directory, deploy Active Directory, define static IP reservations, understand ACLs and Network Security Groups
Design Azure Compute
Design Azure virtual machines (VMs) and VM architecture for IaaS and PaaS; understand availability sets, fault domains, and update domains in Azure; differentiate between machine classifications
Describe Azure virtual private network (VPN) and ExpressRoute architecture and design
Describe Azure point-to-site (P2S) and site-to-site (S2S) VPN, understand the architectural differences between Azure VPN and ExpressRoute
Describe Azure services
Understand, at a high level, Azure load balancing options, including Traffic Manager, Azure Media Services, CDN, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Azure Cache, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Service Bus
70-695 dumps
Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Microsoft 70-695 Dumps Exam Q&As:
Which of the following scheduling options can you select in transaction SM36 (Define Background Job) to
define the start condition of a background job in an SAP system based on AS ABAP? (Choose three)
A. When a specified alert condition is met (Alert)
B. At a particular time (Date / Time)
C. When a specified job finished (After job)
D. When a particular event occurs (After event)
E. Each time a specific periodic job finished (After periodic job)
70-695 exam Correct Answer: BCD
Which of the following does not use SAP NetWeaver?
B. SAP Business All-In-One

D. SAP Business One
Correct Answer: D
You have established a backup strategy using complete offline backups.
In addition to all data files, which files are saved by BRBACKUP? (Choose two)
A. Oracle executable files
B. Online redo log files
C. The control file
D. SQL*Net configuration files
E. Offline redo log files
70-695 dumps Correct Answer: BC
Which AS ABAP release for software component “SAP BASIS” is used for SAP ECC 6.05?
A. 7.20
B. 7.02
C. 7.01
D. 7.10
Correct Answer: B
You are running a system landscape of AS Java-based SAP systems. You want to use the enhanced
Change and Transport System (CTS) to transport non-ABAP objects into these systems.
Which prerequisites are necessary to perform this task? (Choose two)
A. The Software Deployment Manager (SDM) of the Transport Domain Controller must be configured for deployment in AS Java-based runtime systems.
B. Client-dependent transport routes must exist for all SAP systems in your transport domain.
C. The transport landscape for AS Java-based SAP systems must be maintained in transaction STMS in the Transport Domain Controller.
D. The AS Java-based SAP systems and the Transport Domain Controller must have the same SAP release level.
E. An RFC destination to the CTS Deploy Web Service must be configured on the AS ABAP-based Transport Domain Controller.
70-695 pdf Correct Answer: CE
Which of the following statements are true with regard to SAP online help for an AS ABAP-based SAP
system? (Choose three)
A. When installing the online documentation, you have the option to choose between Standard HTML (PlainHtml) and Compiled HTML (HtmlHelp).
B. The online documentation can be installed in the database of the SAP system.
C. The online documentation can be installed on a file or Web server.
D. The online documentation is installed with all available languages by default.
E. Access to the online documentation can be configured with transaction SR13 (Administration:
Display of the SAP Library).
Correct Answer: ACE
You are running a landscape of AS ABAP-based SAP systems. What can be copied using client copy
tools? (Choose three)
A. Application data without client-specific Customizing
B. User master records
C. Customer-specific repository objects
D. Cross-client Customizing for remote client copy
E. Client-specific Customizing without application data
70-695 vce Correct Answer: BDE
Which of the following is an attribute of an output device definition in an AS ABAP-based SAP system?
A. The local Internet Communication Manager (ICM)
B. A specific spool work process
C. Logon client
D. Either a logical or a physical spool server
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following are consequences of a work process reservation for class “A” jobs? (Choose two)
A. A dedicated background work process is reserved for class “A” jobs.
B. Class “A” jobs are started with a higher probability at their planned start time.
C. Class “B” and class “C” jobs can encounter delays.
D. When all background work processes of an SAP system are reserved for class “A” jobs, jobs of classes “B” and “C” will be automatically promoted to class “A”.
70-695 exam Correct Answer: BC
How can you determine the current store location for TemSe spool objects?
A. Check the table space PSAPSPOOL in the database.
B. Check the environment variable DIR_SAPSPOOL.
C. Check the value of the system parameter rspo/store_location.
D. Check the value of the SAP Spooler Vault parameter.
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following prerequisites must be fulfilled to establish BAPI communication between SAP
systems in an SAP landscape?
A. RFC connections must be defined.
B. A BAPI layer in the protocol stack of the operating system must be available.
C. The BAPI flag of the RFC layer must be activated.
D. A central LDAP directory server must be available.
70-695 dumps Correct Answer: A
You want to apply ABAP Support Packages using transaction SPAM (Support Package Manager).
What do you need to consider? (Choose two)
A. Individual Support Packages exist for different ABAP software components.
B. It is sufficient to apply only the latest Support Package available per ABAP software component.
C. Before you apply Support Packages, it may be necessary to apply a SPAM/SAINT update.
D. You must apply the Support Packages for each client individually.
E. While applying SAP_BASIS Support Packages, a system restart is necessary due to the kernel update.
Correct Answer: AC
Which of the following statements regarding the architecture of SAP NetWeaver AS are correct? (Choose two)
A. The central services instance of the AS Java is required only for an AS Java installation, and not for an AS ABAP+Java (Dual Stack) installation.
B. SAP NetWeaver-based SAP systems use either AS ABAP, AS Java, or AS ABAP+Java (Dual Stack).
C. All SAP NetWeaver-based SAP systems can be installed as AS ABAP+Java (Dual Stack) systems.
D. With AS ABAP+Java (Dual Stack), the AS Java and AS ABAP use different database schemas.
70-695 pdf Correct Answer: BD
Which of the following activities can be carried out using the Web administration interface of the SAP Web
A. Upgrade the SAP Web Dispatcher.
B. Connect the SAP Web Dispatcher to a directory server.
C. Install the SAP Web Dispatcher.
D. Display parameter settings for the SAP Web Dispatcher.
Correct Answer: D

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