Is it possible to crack Cisco CCNP 300-410 exam by self-study?

300-410 exam

Nothing is Impossible! It is feasible to clear the Cisco CCNP 300-410 exam through self-study. There are plenty of resources available on the Internet. In addition, you can also find helpful books in the bookstore. But if you don’t have experience in this field, it will be very difficult. But don’t worry, the 300-410 exam dumps will help you. Pass4itSure has updated the latest valid Cisco 300-410 exam questions and answers. All exam questions are verified to ensure successful passing of the exam. Pass4itSure 300-410 dumps (300-410 Q&A). Years of exam experience, 98% exam pass rate.

Is the Cisco CCNP 300-410 worth pursuing in the near and long term

I think it depends on what your 3-year plan is. As with any certification, CCNP is just a stepping stone. This is not a simple authentication. If you want to do this because you want to learn more and move to a different role, be sure to continue.

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Learn as much as possible Cisco CCNP 300-410 pdf

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Cisco 300-410 ENARSI exam practice questions and answers (Free sharing 1-13)


Refer to the exhibit.


An engineer receives this error message when trying to access another router m-band from the serial interface
connected to the console of R1. Which configuration is needed on R1 to resolve this issue?


A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: B


Which two protocols can cause TCP starvation? (Choose two)
Correct Answer: AB


Refer to the following output:
Router#show ip nhrp detail
1.1.2/8 via, Tunnel1 created 00:00:12, expire 01:59:47 TypE. dynamic, Flags: authoritative unique nat
registered used NBMA address:
What does the authoritative flag mean in regards to the NHRP information?
A. It was obtained directly from the next-hop server.
B. Data packets are process switches for this mapping entry.
C. NHRP mapping is for networks that are local to this router.
D. The mapping entry was created in response to an NHRP registration request.
E. The NHRP mapping entry cannot be overwritten
Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is trying to generate a summary route in OSPF for network, but the
summary route does not show up in the routing table. Why is the summary route missing?


A. The summary-address command is used only for summarizing prefixes between areas.
B. The summary route is visible only in the OSPF database, not in the routing table.
C. There is no route for a subnet inside, so the summary route is not generated.
D. The summary route is not visible on this router, but it is visible on other OSPF routers in the same area.
Correct Answer: C

The summary address is only used to create aggregate addresses for OSPF at an autonomous system boundary.
It means this command should only be used on the ASBR when you are trying to summarize externally redistributed
routes from another protocol domain or you have an NSSA area. But a requirement to create a summarized route is:
The ASBR compares the summary route\\’s range of addresses with all routes redistributed into OSPF on that ASBR to
find any subordinate subnets (subnets that sit inside the summary route range). If at least one subordinate subnet
exists, the ASBR advertises the summary route.


Which technology uses the many-to-one method of mapping IP addresses?
A. static NAT
B. dynamic NAT
Correct Answer: D


Which two statements about VRF-Lite configurations are true? (Choose two.)
A. They support the exchange of MPLS labels
B. Different customers can have overlapping IP addresses on different VPNs
C. They support a maximum of 512.000 routes
D. Each customer has its own dedicated TCAM resources
E. Each customer has its private routing table.
F. They support IS-IS
Correct Answer: BE


Drag and drop the addresses from the left onto the correct IPv6 filter purposes on the right.


HTTP and HTTPS run on TCP port 80 and 443, respectively and we have to remember them.
Syslog runs on UDP port 514 while NTP runs on UDP port 123 so if we remember them we can find out the matching
answers easily. But maybe there are some typos in this question as 2001:d88:800:200c::c/126 only ranges from
2001:d88:800:200c:0:0:0:c to 2001:d88:800:200c:0:0:0:f (4 hosts in total).
It does not cover host 2001:0D88:0800:200c::1f. Same for 2001:D88:800:200c::e/126, which also ranges from
2001:d88:800:200c:0:0:0:c to 2001:d88:800:200c:0:0:0:f and does not cover host 2001:0D88:0800:200c::1c.


An engineer is trying to copy an IOS file from one router to another router by using TFTP. Which two actions are needed to allow the file to copy? (Choose two.)
A. Copy the file to the destination router with the copy TFTP: flash: command
B. Enable the TFTP server on the source router with the TFTP-server flash: command
C. TFTP is not supported in recent IOS versions, so an alternative method must be used
D. Configure a user on the source router with the username TFTP password TFTP command
E. Configure the TFTP authentication on the source router with the TFTP-server authentication local command
Correct Answer: AB


Refer to the exhibit. What is the result of applying this configuration?

A. The router can form BGP neighborships with any other device.
B. The router cannot form BGP neighborships with any other device.
C. The router cannot form BGP neighborships with any device that is matched by the access list named “BGP”.
D. The router can form BGP neighborships with any device that is matched by the access list named “BGP”.
Correct Answer: A


A network engineer is investigating a flapping (up/down) interface issue on a core switch that is synchronized to an NTP server. Log output currently does not show the time of the flap. Which command allows the logging on the switch to show the time of the flap according to the clock on the device?
A. service timestamps log uptime
B. clock summer-time most recurring 2 Sunday mar 2:00 1 Sunday nov 2:00
C. service timestamps log DateTime local time show-timezone
D. clock calendar-valid
Correct Answer: C
By default, Catalyst switches add a simple uptime timestamp to logging messages. This is a cumulative counter that
shows the hours, minutes, and seconds since the switch has been booted up


Refer to the exhibit. Which routes from OSPF process 5 are redistributed into EIGRP?
A. E1 and E2 subnets matching access-list TO-OSPF
B. E1 and E2 subnets matching prefix-list TO-OSPF
C. only E2 subnets matching access-list TO-OSPF
D. only E1 subnets matching prefix-list-OS1
Correct Answer: A


Which two methods use IPsec to provide secure connectivity from the branch office to the headquarters office? (Choose two.)
C. Virtual Tunnel Interface (VTI)
Correct Answer: AC


Refer to the exhibit. Network operations cannot read or write any configuration on the device with this configuration from
the operations subnet. Which two configurations fix the issue? (Choose two.)
A. Configure SNMP rw permission in addition to community cisco test.
B. Modify access-list 1 and allow operations subnet in the access list.
C. Modify access-list 1 and allow SNMP in the access list.
D. Configure SNMP rw permission in addition to version 1.
E. Configure SNMP rw permission in addition to community cisco test 1.
Correct Answer: AB


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