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Which of these statements about resources and capabilities is CORRECT?
A. Resources are types of service asset and capabilities are not
B. Resources and capabilities are both types of service asset
C. Capabilities are types of service asset and resources are not
D. Neither capabilities nor resources are types of service asset

Correct Answer: B
Within service design, what is the key output handed over to service transition?
A. Measurement, methods and metrics
B. Service design package
C. Service portfolio design
D. Process definitions

Correct Answer: B
What should a service always deliver to customers?
A. Applications
B. Infrastructure
C. Value
D. Resources

Correct Answer: C
Which process is responsible for the availability, confidentiality and integrity of data?
A. Service catalogue management
B. Service asset and configuration management
C. Change management
D. Information security management
Correct Answer: D
Availability management is directly responsible for the availability of which of the following?
A. IT services and components
B. IT services and business processes
C. Components and business processes
D. IT services, components and business processes

Correct Answer: A
What type of baseline captures the structure, contents and details of the infrastructure and represents a set of items that are related to each other?
A. Configuration baseline
B. Project baseline
C. Change baseline
D. Asset baseline

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of access management?
A. To provide a channel for users to request and receive standard services
B. Provides the rights for users to be able to use a service or group of services
C. To prevent problems and resulting Incidents from happening
D. To detect security events and make sense of them

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 43
Which of the following are reasons why ITIL is successful?
ITIL is vendor neutral

It does not prescribe actions

ITIL represents best practice
A. All of the above
B. 1 and 3 only
C. 1 and 2 only
D. 2 and 3 only

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 44
Which one of the following includes four stages called Plan, Do, Check and Act?
A. The Deming Cycle
B. The continual service improvement approach
C. The seven-step improvement process
D. The service lifecycle

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 45
The consideration of value creation is a principle of which stage of the service lifecycle?
A. Continual service improvement
B. Service strategy
C. Service design
D. Service transition

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 46
Which process is responsible for dealing with complaints, comments, and general enquiries from users?
A. Service level management
B. Service portfolio management
C. Request fulfilment
D. Demand management Correct Answer: C
Which of the following BEST describes partners’ in the phrase people, processes, products and partners”?
A. Suppliers, manufacturers and vendors
B. Customers
C. Internal departments
D. The facilities management function

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 48
Which process will perform risk analysis and review of all suppliers and contracts on a regular basis?
A. The service level management
B. The IT service continuity management
C. The service catalogue management
D. The supplier management

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 49
The experiences, ideas, insights and values of individuals are examples of which level of understanding within knowledge management?
A. Data
B. Information
C. Knowledge
D. Governance

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 50
Which one of the following contains information that is passed to service transition to enable the implementation of a new service?
A. A service option
B. A service transition package (STP)
C. A service design package (SDP)
D. A service charter

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 51
Which of the following would commonly be found in a contract underpinning an IT service?
Financial arrangements related to the contract

Description of the goods or service provided

Responsibilities and dependencies for both parties
A. 1 and 2 only
B. 1 and 3 only
C. 2 and 3 only
D. All of the above Correct Answer: D
Service transition contains detailed descriptions of which processes?
A. Change management, service asset and configuration management, release and deployment management
B. Change management, capacity management event management, service request management
C. Service level management, service portfolio management, service asset and configuration management
D. Service asset and configuration management, release and deployment management, request fulfillment

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 53
Which statement should NOT be part of the value proposition for Service Design?
A. Reduced total cost of ownership
B. Improved quality of service
C. Improved Service alignment with business goals
D. Better balance of technical skills to support live services

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 54
Which process would be used to compare the value that newer services have offered over those they have replaced?
A. Availability management
B. Capacity management
C. Service portfolio management
D. Service catalogue management

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 55
Consider the following list:
Change authority

Change manager

Change advisory board (CAB)
Which one of the following is the BEST description of the items above?

A. Job descriptions
B. Functions
C. Teams
D. Roles, people or groups

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 56
Hierarchic escalation is BEST described as?
A. Notifying more senior levels of management about an incident
B. Passing an incident to people with a greater level of technical skill
C. Using more senior specialists than necessary to resolve an Incident to maintain customer satisfaction
D. Failing to meet the incident resolution times specified in a service level agreement

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 57
Which one of the following functions would be responsible for the management of a data centre?
A. Technical management
B. Service desk
C. Application management
D. Facilities management

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 58
Which one of the following would be the MOST useful in helping to define roles and responsibilities in an organizational structure?
A. RACI model
B. Incident model
C. Continual service improvement (CSI) approach
D. The Deming Cycle

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 59
Which process will regularly anal0yse incident data to identify discernible trends?
A. Service level management
B. Problem management
C. C0hange management
D. Event management

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 60
Which is the correct definition of a customer facing service?
A. One which directly supports the business processes of customers
B. A service that cannot be allowed to fail
C. One which is not covered by a service level agreement
D. A service not directly used by the business Correct Answer: A

Exam B
Which one of the following is the BEST definition of the term service management?
A. A set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing value to customers in the form of services
B. A group of interacting, interrelated, or independent components that form a unified whole, operating together for a common purpose
C. The management of functions within an organization to perform certain activities
D. Units of organizations with roles to perform certain activities
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 2
Which of the following is NOT a valid objective of problem management?
A. To prevent problems and their resultant Incidents
B. To manage problems throughout their lifecycle
C. To restore service to a user
D. To eliminate recurring incidents

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 3
Which one of the following is an objective of service catalogue management?
A. Negotiating and agreeing service level agreement
B. Negotiating and agreeing operational level agreements
C. Ensuring that the service catalogue is made available to those approved to access it
D. Only ensuring that adequate technical resources are available

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 4
Which of the following statements BEST describes the aims of release and deployment management?
A. To build, test and deliver the capability to provide the services specified by service design
B. To ensure that each release package specified by service design consists of a set of related assets and service components
C. To ensure that all changes can be tracked, tested and verified if appropriate
D. To record and manage deviations, risks and issues related to the new or changed service

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 5
Which one of the following activities are carried out during the “Where do we want to be?” step of the continual service improvement (CSI) approach?
A. Implementing service and process improvements
B. Reviewing measurements and metrics
C. Creating a baseline
D. Defining measurable targets

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 6
Which one of the following can help determine the level of impact of a problem?
A. Definitive media library (DML)
B. Configuration management system (CMS)
C. Statement of requirements (SOR)
D. Standard operating procedures (SOP)

Correct Answer: B
The effective management of risk requires specific types of action. Which of the following pairs of actions would be BEST to manage risk?
A. Training in risk management for all staff and identification of risks
B. Identification of risk, analysis and management of the exposure to risk
C. Control of exposure to risk and investment of capital
D. Training of all staff and investment of capital
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following is an enabler of best practice?
A. Standards
B. Technology
C. Academic research
D. Internal experience
Correct Answer: B
Service design emphasizes the importance of the “Four Ps”. These “Four Ps” include Partners, People, Processes and one other “P”. Which of the following is the additional “P”?
A. Profit
B. Preparation
C. Products
D. Potential
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is NOT one of the five individual aspects of service design?
A. The design of the service portfolio, including the service catalogue
B. The design of new or changed services
C. The design of market spaces
D. The design of the technology architectures
Correct Answer: C

Where would you expect incident resolution targets to be documented?
A. A service level agreement (SLA)
B. A request for change (RFC)
C. The service portfolio
D. A service description
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following provide value to the business from service strategy?
Enabling the service provider to have a clear understanding of what levels of service will make their customer’s successful

Enabling the service provider to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the business environment

Reduction in the duration and frequency of service outages
A. All of the above
B. 1 and 3 only
C. 1 and 2 only
D. 2 and 3 only
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 13
What are the categories of event described in the ITIL service operation book?
A. Informational, scheduled, normal
B. Scheduled, unscheduled, emergency
C. Informational, warning, exception
D. Warning, reactive, proactive

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 14
A process owner is responsible for which of the following?
Defining the process strategy

Assisting with process design

Improving the process

Performing all activities involved in a process
A. 2, 3 and 4 only
B. All of the above
C. 1, 2 and 3 only
D. 1, 2 and 4 only

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 15
Which one of the following is concerned with policy and direction?
A. Capacity management
B. Governance
C. Service design
D. Service level management

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 16
Which of the following should be considered when designing measurement systems, methods and metrics?
The services

The architectures

The configuration items

The processes
A. 1, 2 and 3 only
B. 1, 3 and 4 only
C. 2, 3 and 4 only
D. All of the above

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 17
Which of the following is the best definition of IT service management?
A. An internal service provider that is embedded within a business unit
B. A complete set of all the documentation required to deliver world class services to customers
C. Technical implementation of supporting IT infrastructure components
D. The implementation and management of quality IT services that meet business needs

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 18
Which of the following is service transition planning and support NOT responsible for?
A. Prioritizing conflicts for service transition resources
B. Coordinating the efforts required to manage multiple simultaneous transitions
C. Maintaining policies, standards and models for service transition activities and processes
D. Detailed planning of the build and test of individual changes

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 19
What are underpinning contracts used to document?
A. The provision of IT services or business services by a service provider
B. The provision of goods and services by third party suppliers
C. Service levels that have been agreed between the internal service provider and their customer
D. Metrics and critical success factors (CSFs) for internal support teams

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 20
In which document would you expect to see an overview of actual service achievements against targets?
A. Operational level agreement (OLA)
B. Capacity plan
C. Service level agreement (SLA)
D. SLA monitoring chart (SLAM)

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 21
Who is responsible for ensuring that the request fulfillment process is being performed according to the agreed and documented standard?
A. The IT director
B. The process owner
C. The service owner
D. The customer

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 22
Which process is responsible for ensuring that appropriate testing takes place?
A. Knowledge management
B. Release and deployment management
C. Service asset and configuration management
D. Service level management

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 23
Which of the following identify the purpose of business relationship management?
To establish and maintain a business relationship between service provider and customer

To identify customer needs and ensure that the service provider is able to meet
A. Both of the above
B. 1 only
C. 2 only
D. Neither of the above

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 24
Which of the following is the correct definition of an outcome?
A. The results specific to the clauses in a service level agreement (SLA)
B. The result of carrying out an activity, following a process or delivering an IT service
C. All the accumulated knowledge of the service provider
D. All incidents reported to the service desk

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 25
Understanding what to measure and why it is being measured are key contributors to which part of the Service Lifecycle?
A. Service Strategy
B. Continual Service Improvement
C. Service Operation
D. Service Design

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 26
Which process would ensure that utility and warranty requirements are properly addressed in service designs?
A. Availability management
B. Capacity management
C. Design coordination
D. Release management

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 27
What would you call the groups of people who have an interest in the activities, targets, resources and deliverables from service management?
A. Employers
B. Stakeholders
C. Regulators
D. Accreditors

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 28
What would be the next step in the continual service improvement (CSI) model after?
What is the vision?

Where are we now?

Where do we want to be?

How do we get there?

Did we get there?

A. What is the return on investment (ROI)?
B. How much did it cost?
C. How do we keep the momentum going?
D. What is the value on investment (VOI)?

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 29
Which statement about the emergency change advisory board (ECAB) is CORRECT?
A. The ECAB considers every high priority request for change (RFC)
B. Amongst the duties of the ECAB is the review of completed emergency changes
C. The ECAB will be used for emergency changes where there may not be time to call a full CAB
D. The ECAB will be chaired by the IT Director

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 30
Which of the following BEST describes a problem?
A. An issue reported by a user
B. The cause of two or more incidents
C. A serious incident which has a critical impact to the business
D. The cause of one or more incidents Correct Answer: D

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