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Which content networking device allows bandwidth configuration settings so that streaming content will not interfere with other network traffic?
A. IP/TV Control Server
B. Content Distribution Manager
C. Content Engine
D. IP/TV Broadcast Server Correct Answer: B

Section: (none) Explanation
The CDM enables you to configure bandwidth and distribution settings such that the streaming content will no interfere with other network traffic. It is also the central control point where the CEs that will carry the broadcast media are identified. The CDM is typically located in the server farm.
Reference: Arch student guide p.12-42
Which of the following protocols is able to provide block access to remote storage over WAN links?

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
Below is a list of characteristics and applications that can belong to either the SAN or the NAS storage network model. Can you sort the list by dragging the appropriate option to the correct box on the right? Drag each option to the appropriate box.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:
Section: (none) Explanation
You are a technician at Your newly appointed Certkiller trainee wants to know which device will act as a bridge between a Fiber Channel SAN and an IP network.
What would your reply be?
A. Storage Router
B. Switching hub
C. FC-HBA attached host
D. FC Switch
E. NAS GE Switch

Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
Explanation/Reference: Explanation:
The Cisco storage router delivers redundant iSCSI paths to a pair of Fibre Channel switches. iSCSI takes advantage of the connection-oriented TCP protocol for reliable service. Ethernet was already part of the IT network. This meant trained personnel were on board, and simplified
the storage networking installation shown in the figure.
Cost was an important factor in choosing iSCSI. Because the research facility already had TCP/IP and
Gigabit Ethernet networks installed, the iSCSI solution fit their budget and met their storage networking

Reference: Arch student guide p.13-33

You are the network administrator at Certkiller. Your newly appointed Certkiller trainee wants to know which protocol encapsulates Fiber Channel frames so that they can be transported transparently over an IP network.
What will your reply be?

Correct Answer: B Section: (none) Explanation
Explanation/Reference: Explanation:
An important technology for linking Fibre Channel SANs is FCIP. FCIP and iSCSI are complementary solutions for enabling company-wide access to storage. FCIP transparently interconnects Fibre Channel SAN islands over IP networks through FCIP tunnels, while iSCSI allows IP-connected hosts to access iSCSI or FC-connected storage.
Reference: Arch student guide p.13-15
You are a network technician at The database for requires continuous uptime (24×7) and processes many write-intensive applications from many different sources. The current LAN network operates at approximately 50% utilization, with peaks that exceed 70%.
Which storage networking model would you include your network upgrade design?
A. Metro Optical
D. Universal IP

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
Which IP storage network solution is best suited for high-volume, write-intensive, transaction-driven applications?
A. Storage area networking
B. Network-attached storage
C. Local storage
D. Metro optical storage
Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation

SAN provides block-oriented access to native disk storage. It is based on a shared or switched
infrastructure, often Fibre Channel. You can extend SAN to an ip infrastructure.
New protocols and products are emerging that allow the integration of SANs with the IP network.
Historically, SANs have been well suited to high-volume, write-intensive transaction-driven applications.

Reference: Arch student guide p.13-7.

In which scenario would a SAN storage solution be a better choice than an iSCSI-based NAS solution?
A. Traditional file-sharing applications.
B. Fast growing data storage needs.
C. Applications that cannot tolerate block level, storage access latency.
D. Highly reads-intensive applications.
E. Web serving applications with many active pages.

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
What are disadvantages to storage directly attached to the application servers? (Choose three)
A. Reliability
B. Scalability
C. Redundancy
D. Manageability
E. Available bandwidth
F. Access speed

Correct Answer: ABD Section: (none) Explanation
Explanation/Reference: Explanation:
B: System administrators are faced with the challenging task to managing storage and making it scalable to accommodate future needs. With storage directly attached to the server, scalability is difficult. The storage expansion capability is limited to the capacity of the server (for example, as measured by the number of I/O controllers and devices per controller configured is the server). The nature of the small computer system (SCSI) bus commonly used to connect commodity disks to a commodity server makes it difficult to allocate more disk storage without interrupting and rebooting the server, and thus affecting applications.
C: No redundancy is provided
Incorrect answers:
A: Reliability would be good. **CONTRADICTING ANSWER!!**
E: Bandwidth would be excellent.
F: Access speed would be excellent.
Reference: Arch student guide p.13-6.
Which protocol enables the location of a fully synchronized hot backup Fiber Channel storage solution at a remote site over existing optical WAN links?

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
Explanation/Reference: Explanation:
You can use FCIP to connect two geographically dispersed Fibre Channel storage arrays for the purpose of synchronous data storage. If the local storage array becomes unavailable, an application could utilize the FCIP link to access the data on the “hot backup” storage system at the remote site. It is also possible to implement remote tape backups to further protect customers’ valuable information in the event of disaster at the primary site.
Reference: Arch student guide p.13-16
Why is G.729a commonly used instead of G.729?
A. It receives a higher MOS score.
B. It uses less complex algorithms.
C. It uses more complex algorithms.
D. It samples speech pattern more often.

Correct Answer: B Section: (none) Explanation
What are two benefits of a high availability network? (Choose two)
A. Improves user satisfaction.
B. Minimized lost opportunity costs.
C. Increases network manageability.
D. Reduces hardware and software costs.
E. Reduces information technology (IT) costs.

Correct Answer: AB Section: (none) Explanation
What is the frequency and maximum data rate of 802.11b?
A. 5 GHz frequency and 2.4 Mbps data.
B. 5 GHz frequency and 54 Mbps data.
C. 2.4 GHz frequency and 1.44 Mbps data.
D. 2.4 GHz frequency and 11 Mbps data.
E. 1.44 GHz frequency and 2.4 Mbps data.
Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation

You would choose IS-IS for a routing protocol to meet the following two requirements. (Choose two)
A. Expansion of the backbone area is a concern.
B. Dial-up connections are required.
C. The network has NBMA connections.
D. The network is very large.

Correct Answer: AD Section: (none) Explanation
Which three LAN routing protocols would be appropriate for a small retail organization with a multi-vendor LAN infrastructure? (Choose three)
C. RIPv2

Correct Answer: BCD Section: (none) Explanation
When designing a converged network, which measures can be taken at the building access layer to help eliminate latency and ensure end-to-end quality of service can be maintained? (Choose three)
A. Rate limit traffic.
B. Configure spanning-tree for fast link convergence.
C. Isolate voice traffic on separate VLANs.
D. Use low latency queuing at the source.
E. Classify and mark traffic close to the source.

Correct Answer: BCE Section: (none) Explanation
With which of the following does the Cisco Product Advisor help customers? (Choose three)
A. Design options
B. Hardware devices
C. Software options
D. Hardware options
E. Protocol components
Correct Answer: BCD Section: (none) Explanation

Which statement about fully redundant topologies is true?
A. Public bandwidth can be utilized on an as-needed basis.
B. Key components can be replaced within the device without turning power off.
C. Devices can be replaced in the network without interrupting the network operation.
D. Each device provides redundant backup within the device for each of its key components.
E. A backup exists for every link and for every device between the client and the server.

Correct Answer: E Section: (none) Explanation
What is the frequency and maximum data rate of 802.11a?
A. 5 GHz frequency and 54 Mbps data.
B. 5 GHz frequency and 10 Mbps data.
C. 2.4 GHz frequency and 10 Mbps data.
D. 2.4 GHz frequency and 64 Mbps data.
E. 12 GHz frequency and 12 Mbps data.

Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
Which two QoS functions are used to prioritize voice over data? (Choose two)
A. Voice activity detection
B. Queue servicing
C. Classification
D. Fragmentation

Correct Answer: BC Section: (none) Explanation
Which three routing protocols can minimize the number of routes advertised in the network? (Choose three)
B. RIPv2

Correct Answer: BCD Section: (none) Explanation QUESTION 182
Which of the following modules of the Enterprise Campus is NOT considered important to the scalability of the campus network?
A. Building distribution
B. Building access
C. Campus backbone
D. Network management
E. Server farm

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
Which three things can be restricted by the Class of Service in a traditional PBX? (Choose three)
A. Dial plans
B. Dialed numbers
C. Voice mail prompts
D. Phone features
E. Ring tones

Correct Answer: ABD Section: (none) Explanation
What does ATM do that Frame Relay does not?
A. Packet looping
B. Priority queuing
C. Packet forwarding
D. Circuit emulation

Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation
What happens when packets traversing the network exceed the MTU of an IPSec/VPN interface?
A. They trigger a link failure.
B. They are all discarded and re-transmitted.
C. They are unable to be sent.
D. They come fragmented.

Correct Answer: D Section: (none) Explanation
Which type of disaster recovery application protects from user error or data corruption, as well as hardware failure?
A. Disk mirroring
B. Replication
C. Backup and off-site storage
D. Disk duplexing
E. RAID 5 stripe sets

Correct Answer: C Section: (none) Explanation
What are two characteristics of shaping, but not policing? (Choose two)
A. It forces TCP resends.
B. It is typically performed on enterprise egress.
C. It is rate limiting with no buffering mechanism.
D. It can adapt to Frame Relay BECN and FECN.

Correct Answer: BD Section: (none) Explanation
QUESTION 188 is a global insurance company with headquarters in Mexico City. The campus there is made of a number of buildings located in the same vicinity. In 2003, a new building, Building Certkiller 12A was added. The additional building houses approximately 1000 employees. Rather than deploy a private branch exchange (PBX) in the new building, has decided to implement an IP telephony solution. External calls will be carried across a MAN link to another building, where a gateway connects into the worldwide PBX network of Voice mail and unified messaging components are required and all IP phones and workstations should be on separate VLANs and IP subnets.
Which IP technology deployment best suits their need?
A. Single-site
B. Multisite with centralized call processing
C. Multisite with distributed call processing
D. Clustering over the WAN

Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
In the Enterprise Composite Network model, which Enterprise Campus Infrastructure Module submodule provides aggregation of wiring closets, and performing routing, quality of service, and access control?
A. Building Access
B. Building Distribution
C. Campus Backbone
D. Edge Distribution

Correct Answer: B Section: (none) Explanation
QUESTION 190 is a small company with 25 agents stationed around Spain. It is necessary for these agents to transmit customer data securely from their homes and from their customer sites.
Which topology would provide a low-cost, secure solution?
A. Individual Remote Access IPSec-based VPN
B. Leased Line T1 Connection
C. Dial-up ISDN Access
D. Site-to-Site IPSec-based VPN

Correct Answer: A Section: (none) Explanation
In which two instances would static routing be preferred over the use of dynamic routing protocols? (Choose two.)
A. In small networks that are planning to grow
B. In networks using on demand routing that are not expected to grow significantly
C. In networks where a total knowledge of the network is not known
D. In a network that has a few very large sites and a single connection to the Internet
E. When routing to and from stub networks

Correct Answer: BE Section: (none) Explanation
Which two types of attacks are addressed at the Building Access sub-module of the Enterprise Campus infrastructure? (Choose two.)
A. Viruses
B. Packet sniffers
C. IP spoofing
D. Password attacks
E. Unauthorized access

Correct Answer: AB Section: (none) Explanation
Which three components are part of the Intelligent Network Services provided by the Cisco AVVID framework? (Choose three.)
A. QoS
B. Work force optimization
C. Security
D. E-business infrastructure
E. IP telephony
F. IP multicasting

Correct Answer: ACF Section: (none) Explanation
What two choices can you make when redundancy is required from a branch office to a regional office? (Choose two.)
A. Multiple Frame Relay PVCs
B. Single links – one to the regional office and one to another branch office
C. Dual Wan links to the regional office
D. Dual Wan links to another branch office

Correct Answer: BC Section: (none) Explanation

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