Download Latest Dumps for Apple 9L0-611 With Best Quality Study Guide Guarantee You 100% Pass Download

Latest 9L0-611 Apple Real Exam Questions,Download Latest Dumps for Apple 9L0-611 With Best Quality Study Guide Guarantee You 100% Pass Download

Exam A
When a Mac OS X client connects to a server for the first time in a Mac OS X Server v10.4 Open Directory replication system, the client FIRST ________.
A. registers itself with each of the replicas
B. adds a search path for Directory Access for one of the servers in the replication system
C. downloads a list of LDAP replicas from the LDAP server for storage in its LDAPv3 Plugin plist file
D. looks at the Password Server public key and references this key to find out what password servers can be used for authentication

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 2
Which three (3) are Mac OS X Open Directory plug-ins that can request data from a directory service? (Choose THREE.)
C. Bonjour
D. AppleTalk
E. Active Directory
F. BSD Flat File and NIS

Correct Answer: BEF QUESTION 3
Review the following command:
ldapsearch -LLL -x -H ldap:// -b dc=example,dc=com objectClass=apple-group)?cn objectClass The last two options in this command, cn and objectClass, specify the ________.
A. LDAP entries to exclude from the results
B. attributes to return in the results
C. search filter
D. search base

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 4
Which is a valid method for optimizing the performance of a server providing Open Directory services?
A. Add memory and increase the BerkeleyDB cache size.
B. Store the Open Directory data and logs on the same disk.
C. Store the Open Directory data and operating system on the same disk partition.
D. Run all services that client computers require on the same server that is providing the Open Directory services.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 5
What two pieces of information must be specified in the Active Directory plug-in configuration in order for Mac OS X v10.4 to bind to Active Directory via the Active Directory plug-in? (Choose TWO.)
A. Computer ID
B. Ethernet address
C. Active Directory tree
D. Active Directory forest
E. Active Directory domain

Correct Answer: AE
To support Mac OS X clients, you deploy a server running directory services on Mac OS X Server v10.4 to supplement the existing Active Directory services. This solution provides ________.
A. a mechanism for mapping Mac OS X schema to Active Directory
B. a mechanism for storing Microsoft Exchange data in Open Directory
C. a means of managing Windows Group Policy objects from Workgroup Manager in Mac OS X
D. a way to store user principals in Active Directory, and delegate Mac-specific management to Mac OS X Server

Correct Answer: D
What are three (3) ways to supplement data that is missing from a third-party LDAP server to support Mac OS X clients? (Choose THREE.)
A. Repurpose existing fields in the directory schema.
B. Modify the server’s search path to exclude /NetInfo/root.
C. Create local mappings with static and variable attributes.
D. Remove unused objectClasses from the local directory schema.
E. Enable Option 95 to assure communication with the DHCP server.
F. Modify the schema for the directory on the third-party LDAP server.

Correct Answer: ACF
What authentication token does a client present when accessing a kerberized service?
A. the user password
B. a client-generated service ticket
C. a service ticket obtained from the key distribution center (KDC)
D. a ticket-granting ticket (TGT) obtained from the key distribution center (KDC)

Correct Answer: C
You want services that are running on Mac OS X Server to accept Kerberos service tickets generated by another server. Which of the following is a valid step to accomplish this in Mac OS X Server v10.4?
A. Enable the Kerberos Open Directory plug-in.
B. Use Server Admin to join the Kerberos realm of the other server.
C. Use NeST to establish a trust relationship with the Kerberos server.
D. Add an /etc/kerberos.conf file to define the correct Kerberos domain and service principal.
Correct Answer: B
Which tool uses the DirectoryService process to retrieve directory data?
A. Workgroup Manager
B. NetInfo Manager
C. ldapsearch
D. nicl

Correct Answer: A

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