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How do you force a Macintosh computer to start up from a disc in the optical drive?
A. Press and hold the V key while the computer starts up, and enter boot cd at the prompt.
B. Press and hold the C key while the computer starts up.
C. Choose “Restart from Disc”from the Apple menu.
D. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 32
When Maria logs in on her Mac OS X v10.4 computer, a utility she recently installed launches and disables the mouse and keyboard.
How can Maria prevent the utility from automatically launching when she logs in?
A. Hold down the V key while the computer start up.
B. Hold down the Shift key immediately after logging in.
C. Hold down the option key while the computer starts up.
D. Log in as another user and use Disk Utility to fix permissions on the boot volume

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 33
How do you start up a Mac OS X computer in single-user mode?
A. Restart while holding down Command -S
B. Restart while holding down command-option-S
C. Choose “Restart in single -user mode” from the Apple menu
D. Select Single-User Mode in the Startup Disk preference and restart

Correct Answer: A
Starting up a Mac OS X v10.4 computer in verbose mode is a useful FIRST troubleshooting step when___________
A. applications are crashing frequently
B. you suspect a font might be corrupted
C. the system repeatedly crashes during startup
D. System Profiler cannot identify the startup device

Correct Answer: C
After pressing the power button on your Macintosh you hear three beeps instead of a startup chime. What does this indicate?
A. The monitor is not properly connected
B. There is a hardware problem such as bad RAM.
C. The computer was not shut down properly the last time it was used.
D. The computer was unable to locate a disk with a bootable system folder.

Correct Answer: B
The Universal Access preferences allow you to ____________
A. create new keyboard shortcuts
B. apply interface themes the Finder
C. configure your computer as wireless access point
D. enable the use of assistive input and output devices

Correct Answer: D
You have just completed a default installation of Mac OS v 10.4 (an “easy install”).Which THREE types of applications can run without requiring additional software installations?
C. Java
D. Windows
E. Mac OS 9
F. Native Carbon and Cocoa
Correct Answer: ACF
Which application provides the most detail about system processes in Mac OS X v10.4?
A. System Profiler
B. Activity Monitor
C. Process Manager
D. CPU Monitor Expanded Window

Correct Answer: B
Which statement is true of protected memory in Mac OS X v10.4?
A. Protected memory is configured in System Preferences
B. Protected Memory is installed in a unique RAM slot on the motherboard.
C. Protected memory safeguard against native application errors impacting other running applications
D. Protected memory uses a temporary file to ensure there is sufficient RAM available for open application.

Correct Answer: C
A user is unable to open a document from within an application. Which is not a recommended troubleshooting procedure?
A. Try to open a different document with the same application
B. Double-click the document icon in the Finder while holding down the option key
C. Try to open the document from another application that support the same document type
D. Copy the document to the Shared folder then log in as another user and try to open the document

Correct Answer: B
The default network protocol in Mac OS X 10.4 is___
D. Netbios
E. Apple Talk
Correct Answer: C
The Lookup tool in Network Utility____________
A. finds the complete route between your computer and another computer on an IP network
B. determines which ports are open on a remote computer
C. resolve host names to IP addresses
D. resolve IP addresses to host names
E. looks up routing table information
Correct Answer: CD
What printing system is used by Mac OS X v10.4?
A. Unified Printing Manager
B. Macunosh Printing MANAGER
C. Common UNIX printing System
D. Portable Document Printing System

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 44
An older network printer is not appearing in the list of discovered printers in Printer Setup Utility’s Default Browser pane in Mac OS X v10.4. What is a possible remedy?
A. Select the Apple Talk plugin in Directory Access.
B. Enable the Discover Printers option in Apple Talk preferences
C. Enable the Apple Talk option in the Printing pane of print & Fax preferences
D. Enable the Make Apple Talk Active option in the Apple Talk pane of Network preferences.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 45
How can you identify who is talking during a multi-way audio conference in Mac OS X 10.4?
A. The buddy’s icon is highlighted
B. By watching the sound-level meter
C. All other participants are dimmed
D. The buddy’s line marked with a “speaking” flag

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 46
What requirements must be met orderto participate in a multti-way video conference in Mac OS X 10.4 iCha?
A. Broadband internet connection, Mac OS X 10.4 iChat and Cinema Display
B. Any internet connection, iChatt AV 2.5 higher, iSigh, and Mac OS X 10.4
C. Any Internet connection. Mac OS X 10.4 iChat, AND COMPATIBLE VIDEO DEVICE
D. Broadband Internet connection, Mac OS X 10.4 iChat, and a compatible video device Correct Answer: D

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Apple 9L0-060 Questions And Answers, Buy Latest Apple 9L0-060 Exam Online Shop

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