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You have retrieved this XML file using an HTTPService object with an id of myData:
<?xml version=1.0?> <employees> <dept name=Marketing><employee>Joe</employee><employee>Mary</employee> </dept> <dept name=Shipping><employee>Alice</employee><employee>Harry</employee> </dept></employees>
The resultFormat property of the HTTPService object is set to e4x. You want to extract all <employee> elements into an XMLList object regardless of which <dept> element is their parent.
Which two E4X expressions will return the desired data? (Choose two)
A. ..employee
B. myData..employee
C. myData.dept.employee
D. myData.employees..employee
E. myData.employees.dept.employee

Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 43
Which line of code correctly binds the text property of a label to the selectedValue of a RadioButtonGroup with an id of cardType?
A. <mx:Label text=cardType.selectedValue />
B. <mx:Label text=[cardType.selectedValue] />
C. <mx:Label text={cardType.selectedValue} />
D. <mx:Label text={cardType.selectedValue} /> Correct Answer: D
Which two statements about using custom components are true? (Choose two.)
A. Custom components do NOT need to be in a separate file.
B. Custom components can be written in either MXML or ActionScript.
C. Custom components do NOT need to define the mx namespace if it has been defined in the main application.
D. There must be a file with an <mx:Application> tag that loads the individual components.
E. Custom components do NOT require that namespaces be redefined if they are already defined in the main application.

Correct Answer: BD
What is created when you write the following statement? var myBirthday:Date = new Date();
A. a class called myBirthday
B. an Object class called myBirthday
C. an instance of the Date class called myBirthday
D. an instance of theObject class called myBirthday

Correct Answer: C
Which IViewCursor interface method moves the cursor to a bookmark?
A. seek()
B. insert()
C. findLast()
D. moveNext()

Correct Answer: A
You are sorting or filtering a collection view Which method should you use to update any control or container bound to the data?
A. sort()
B. refresh()
C. initialized()
D. itemUpdated()
Correct Answer: B
Your want to add your companys stock information to your Web site.
Which two types of charts are best suited to display this financial information? (Choose two.)
A. Pie
B. Plot
C. Area
E. Bubble
F. Candlestick

Correct Answer: DF QUESTION 49
Which keyword declares a property that is only available to references inside the same class?
A. class
B. public
C. internal
D. private

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 50
Which line of code correctly creates a String property named firstName in ActionScript 3.0?
A. String firstName;
B. private String firstName;
C. var firstName:String private;
D. private var firstName:String;

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 51
Which line of code represents a valid constructor for the class Vehicle?
A. public function init(){ }
B. public function Vehicle(){ }
C. private function Vehicle(){ }
D. public function VehicleConstructor(){ }

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 52
Click the Exhibit button.
Which two Flex UI controls are displayed (choose two)?
A. Grid
B. Label
C. TextLabel
D. DataGrid
E. LabelField
F. DataHolder

Correct Answer: BD
You want to display a CheckBox control on every row of a DataGrid and have it both reflect and change the value of a Boolean property of each data item named isSelected.
Which is the correct syntax for the DataGridColumn in which the CheckBox should appear?
A. <mx:DataGridColumn dataField=isSelected itemRenderer=mx.controls.CheckBox editorDataField=value />
B. <mx:DataGridColumn dataField=isSelected itemEditor=mx.controls.CheckBox editorDataField=value/>
C. <mx:DataGridColumn dataField=isSelected itemEditor=mx.controls.CheckBox editorDataField=selected/>
D. <mx:DataGridColumn dataField=isSelected itemRenderer=mx.controls.CheckBox editorDataField=selected rendererAsEditor=true/>

Correct Answer: D
Which two containers provide navigation for a ViewStack container? (Choose two.)
A. Panel
B. TabBar
C. LinkBar
D. Accordion
E. TabNavigator

Correct Answer: BC
What is the maximum width of the Button control?
A. 300 pixels
B. The width of the button is unlimited
C. Twice the width of the label of the button
D. The same width as the container of the button
Correct Answer: B
Which style declaration has the lowest precedence?
A. Inline style
B. Type selector
C. Class selector
D. Global selector
Correct Answer: D
Which line of code correctly adds a column to a DataGrid component?
A. <mx:DataColumn dataField=name headerText=Name />
B. <mx:DataColumn dataField=name headerText=Name />
C. <mx:DataGridColumn dataField=name headerText=Name />
D. <mx:DataGridColumn dataField=name headerText=Name />
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 58
Which CSS selector will affect the styles for all components in the application?
A. type
B. global
C. class
D. source

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 59
Which code will create the same transition to and from every state in the application?
A. <mx:Transition fromState=”” toState=””>
B. <mx:Transition fromState=” ” toState=” “>
C. <mx:Transition fromState=”*” toState=”*”>
D. <mx:Transition fromState=”” toState=””>

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 60
Which container controls layout and positioning?
A. VBox
B. Accordion
C. ViewStack
D. TabNavigator

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 61
You want an effect to play for two seconds. Which effect declaration setting should you use?
A. duration=2
B. duration=20
C. duration=200
D. duration=2000

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 62
Which two Flex UI controls can be used to display multi-line wrapped text?
A. Text
B. Label
C. Legend
D. TextInput
E. TextArea

Correct Answer: AE QUESTION 63
You have created an ArrayCollection, a DataGrid, and a List. The dataProvider properties of both the
DataGrid and the List are set to the same bindable ArrayCollection.
At runtime, the user clicks on a column header of one of the columns of the DataGrid to sort the data.
What happens to the appearance of the List control?

A. The List changes height to match the DataGrid
B. Nothing happens to the appearance of the List control
C. The List scrolls to display the currently selected row of the DataGrid
D. The List sort order changes to show the same sort order as the DataGrid

Correct Answer: D
Which is NOT an acceptable MXML style attribute for use in the <mx:Label> MXML tag?
A. fontSize
B. font-family
C. fontFamily
D. fontWeight

Correct Answer: B
Your application has a ViewStack with three nested containers. The id property of the ViewStack is set to myViewStack. Which two statements will make the last container visible? (Choose two)
A. myViewStack.selectedIndex=1;
B. myViewStack.selectedIndex=2;
C. myViewStack.selectedIndex=3;
D. myViewStack.selectedIndex=myViewStack.numChildren;
E. myViewStack.selectedIndex=myViewStack.numChildren-1;

Correct Answer: BE
Which two containers support constraint-based layout properties to position objects relative to the anchors of the container (Choose two)
A. HBox
B. Canvas
C. Panel with layout=absolute
D. Panel with layout=horizontal
E. Application with layout=vertical
Correct Answer: BC
Which MXML tag is used to create composite effects?
A. Move
B. Zoom
C. Sequence
D. AnimateProperty
Correct Answer: C

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