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Which development task would most likely be part of building loosely coupled MXML components?
A. invoking the dispatchEvent() method
B. assigning a reference to the owner property
C. extending the class
D. implementing the IFlexDisplayObject interface

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 69
Which statement best describes the Model-View-Controller design pattern?
A. It does NOT promote code reuse
B. Alternative user interfaces are difficult to add
C. It combines the code responding to user input with the code rendering the interface
D. It promotes maintainability by providing separation of concerns within code

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 70
Which statement about the dispatchEvent() method is true?
A. It automatically dispatches an event object.
B. It can only be used with the Application class.
C. It can be used for both custom and other events.
D. It returns the type property value of the event object.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 71
A Flex application contains a custom event object eventObj: var eventObj:Event = new Event(myCustomEvent); Which line of code correctly triggers this event?
A. eventObj.dispatch();
B. dispatchEvent(eventObj);
C. eventObj.dispatchEvent();
D. dispatchEvent(eventObj);

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 72
Click the Exhibit button.
Which ActionScript class definition represents the UML class diagram?
A. class Employee { private var empName:String; public function CalcSalary():int { … }
B. class Employee {
public var empName:String;
private function CalcSalary():int {


C. class Employee { private var empName:String; protected function CalcSalary():int { … }
D. class Employee { public var empName:String; protected function CalcSalary():int { … }

Correct Answer: A
Which attribute prevents a class method from being visible within a sub-class?
A. public
B. internal
C. private
D. protected

Correct Answer: C
On which object or component can the addEventListener() method can be used?
A. Only on custom components.
B. Any object that displays in the Flash player.
C. Only on an event object if the bubbles property is set to true.
D. Only if the custom component has been created in ActionScript

Correct Answer: B
Which software design pattern reduces method call volume by encapsulating multiple data attributes in a single object?
A. Factory
B. Singleton
C. Assembler
D. Transfer Object
E. Data Access Object

Correct Answer: D
Given two loosely-coupled MXML components, C1 and C2, which code fragment best illustrates how C2 would be notified that data in C1 has changed?
A. = info
B. parentDocument.C2.onC1Change(info)
C. dispatchEvent(new InfoChangedEvent(info))
D. DataService.getInstance().storeInfo(info)

Correct Answer: C
Which design pattern is followed by an ActionScript class that uses the [RemoteClass] metatag?
A. Singleton
B. Assembler
C. Data Access Object
D. Data Transfer Object

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 78
Given the following code snippet:
Which value would be traced to the console?
B. Fred
C. Fred Friendly
D. An error or strict-mode warning would occur

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 79
Which is contained in a .jar file?
A. XML data files in an archived format
B. the Java Virtual Machine used in a J2EE server
C. a set of pre-compiled Java classes in an archived format
D. all configuration and application files in a J2EE web application in an archived format

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 80
Which MXML tag contains custom event declarations?
A. Style
B. Model
C. Script
D. Metadata

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 81
Click the Exhibit button.
What is the relationship between the two classes in the UML diagram?
A. Shape extends Circle
B. Circle extends Shape
C. Shape implements Circle
D. Circle implements Shape

Correct Answer: B
Which item controls how Flex Data Services works with a particular interface, like a CFC or Java object.?
A. proxy
B. channel
C. adapter
D. destination

Correct Answer: C
Which RPC service has a load event that is dispatched once the service object is loaded?
A. WebService
B. HTTPService C. RemoteObject
D. ObjectAccess

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 84
You are making a RemoteObject call and sending parameters explicitly. Which syntax should you use?
A. sandwichRO.send()
B. sandwichRO.getSanList()
C. sandwichRO.getSanList.send()
D. sandwichRO(parameter1,parameter2)

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 85
You have set up a call to a WebService defined by <mx:WebService id=sandwichWS …> that calls a remote method named getSanList(). You want to access the returned results. Which syntax should you use?
A. sandwichWS.lastResult
B. sandwichWS.event.result
C. sandwichWS.getSanList.result
D. sandwichWS.getSanList.lastResult

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 86
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