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You have a radio button selected and want to move it two inches to the left. Which measurement should you change?
A. the X: value
B. the Y: value
C. the Left: Margin
D. the Right: Margin

Correct Answer: A
Which type of form design in Adobe Designer works in conjunction with Form Server, and allows the form to grow or shrink according to the amount of data merging into it?
A. Blank Form
B. Static Form
C. Dynamic Form
D. Interactive Form

Correct Answer: C
Which design element should you use to create dynamic forms if you want to change the layout of a form in response to the amount of data that must be merged when the form is rendered?
A. Subforms
B. Content Area
C. Master Pages
D. Script Objects
Correct Answer: A
Which statement about digital signatures is true?
A. Digital signatures always display on a document page.
B. Digital signatures always display in the Signatures panel.
C. Digital signatures always display in the Comments panel.
D. Digital signatures always display on a document page and in the Signatures panel.
Correct Answer: B
You have a document that has more than one digital signature applied to it. Which statement is true?
A. All the signatures will display in the Signatures panel.
B. All the signatures will display on the document pages.
C. Acrobat will create multiple documents and display them in the Organizer.
D. Acrobat will create multiple documents and display them in the Attachments panel.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 81
What is a Preflight profile?
A. a group of rules that describes inspection criteria for aspects of a document
B. a setting that allows you to specify the media for each component of your print job
C. a setting that allows you to specify compression, resampling and color management in a PDF document
D. a file that includes such data as media and ink requirements, production quantities, customer information, and product descriptions

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 82
You create a Postscript file that will be converted into a PDF document. You choose to embed the fonts into the Postscript stream. Which statement about the fonts embedded into the PDF document is true?
A. They are always embedded because they are embedded in Postscript.
B. They are only embedded if the fonts are TrueType or Postscript Type 1.
C. They are NEVER embedded because they CANNOT be embedded in Postscript and PDF.
D. They are only embedded if you select Embed All Fonts in the Adobe PDF setting’s Fonts tab.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 83
You have a PDF document that has fonts embedded. You want to make minor text edits. However, the fonts in the document are not installed on your system. Which action can you perform?
A. insert text
B. delete text
C. replace text
D. change text color

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 84
You have a PDF document that has been revised and saved to a different name and location. You need to ensure that the fonts have not changed since the revisions were made. Which option in the Compare Documents dialog box should you select in order to compare font information?
A. Side by side report
B. Textual Differences
C. Consolidated report
D. Page by page visual differences

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 85
Which setting in the PDF Optimizer allows you to set the balance between file size and image quality of a PDF document?
A. Flatten transparency
B. Convert smooth lines to curves
C. Detect and merge image fragments
D. Optimize compression of page regions based on color content

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 86
Which tool can be used to add alternate text to an image?
A. Article tool
B. Text Field tool
C. TouchUp Text tool
D. TouchUp Reading Order tool

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 87
You have performed an accessibility check on your document. Which statement about error correction is true?
A. Errors must be corrected manually.
B. Errors are corrected automatically through the TouchUp tools.
C. Errors are corrected automatically through the Full Check feature.
D. Errors are corrected automatically by creating a corrected copy of the PDF document.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 88
Which should you choose to add color bars and bleed marks to a PDF document?
A. Tools > Print Production > Preflight
B. Tools > Measuring > Perimeter Tool
C. Tools > Drawing Markups > Line Tool
D. Tools > Print Production > Add Printer Marks

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 89
You are creating a PDF document from a scanner and you have checked the option to Recognize Text using OCR. Your document contains color pages with large type. What is the advantage of scanning at 200 dpi instead of 600 dpi?
A. sharper text
B. sharper images
C. faster processing
D. reduced possibility of generating suspect words Correct Answer: C

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