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Adobe 9A0-042 Certification, Daily Updates Exam Questions.Adobe_PrepKing 9A0-042 v2011-06-11_94q_By-Smith

Exam A
Which statement about using the Manage Security Policies dialog box is true?
A. You can view and edit your list of trusted identities.
B. You can modify the appearance of digital signatures.
C. You can create a new security policy but cannot apply one.
D. You must have a PDF document open in order to manage policies.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 2
You are applying password security to a PDF document. Which setting prevents search engines from accessing information such as author and keywords?
A. Encrypt all document contents
B. Enable copying of text, images, and other content
C. Enable text access for screen reader devices for the visually impaired
D. Encrypt all document contents except metadata (Acrobat 6 and later compatible)

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 3
What is the purpose of the permissions password in a PDF document?
A. It unlocks the document for viewing.
B. It sets the document so that it can be printed.
C. It ensures that the file is accessible to the visually impaired.
D. It enables a user with the password to reset the permissions in a protected file.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 4
Your company is providing organizational security policies via an Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server. Which should you choose to configure Acrobat to access the Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server?
A. Advanced > Security Settings
B. Advanced > Trusted Identities
C. Document > Security > Synchronize for Offline
D. Document > Security > Use APS Web Console

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 5
You want to encrypt a PDF document for a specific group of users. You do NOT set permissions for some of the users. What happens when those users attempt to open the PDF document?
A. They will have full access.
B. They will be unable to open the document.
C. They will be able to open the document, but will be unable to print, comment or extract.
D. They will have permissions equal to the most stringent permissions set for the user list.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 6
You are creating a form template in Adobe Designer and you want to preview how the form will look when the form fields are populated. What should you do?
A. choose File > Publish to Repository
B. choose Window > Font and specify the font to use
C. click on the Master Pages tab, fill in the necessary information to preview it
D. choose File > Form Properties > Defaults and specify an XML data file to be used

Correct Answer: D
You are creating a file in Adobe Designer upon which future form designs will be based. In which file format should you save the document?

Correct Answer: D
You are creating a form in Adobe Designer and want to ensure that the preview type is for a print form rather than an interactive form. What should you do?
A. choose Tools > Options
B. choose File > Form Properties > Info
C. choose File > Form Properties > Defaults
D. click the Show pulldown menu and choose the prePrint option

Correct Answer: C
You are creating a form in Adobe Designer that takes advantage of Dynamic Forms features. Which statement is true?
A. You must choose File > Publish to Repository.
B. You must save the file as an Acrobat e compatible PDF Form File.
C. You are not be able to use Dynamic Forms in versions of Acrobat 6.0 and earlier.
D. You must enable the Dynamic Forms for Acrobat Reader with the Reader Extensions Server.

Correct Answer: D
You want to know what changes were made to a document after it has been digitally signed. Which should you choose?
A. Validate Signature
B. Go to Signature Field
C. Document Integrity Properties
D. Compare Signed Version to Current Version

Correct Answer: D
You have applied your digital signature to a PDF document. You then make several changes to the document. Which statement about the PDF document is true?
A. Your signature will be invalid.
B. The existing signature field will be cleared and you must digitally sign the document again.
C. A new signature field will be added to the document and you must digitally sign the document again.
D. Your signature will still be valid but there will be a visual indication that changes have been made to the document.

Correct Answer: D
You have a Digital ID. You want others to be able to authenticate that you are the author of a document and want to prevent unauthorized users from modifying the document. Which should you choose?
A. Advanced > Accessibility
B. Advanced > Security Settings
C. Document > Security > Secure PDF Delivery
D. Document > Digital Signatures > Sign this Document

Correct Answer: D
By default, which is a function of a form created in Adobe Designer that CANNOT be done with an Acrobat form?
A. adding barcodes
B. performing calculations
C. creating custom colors
D. creating a signature field

Correct Answer: A
You want to cut, copy, paste, delete, resize, or reposition Content Areas in a form design. Where should you make the changes?
A. Body Page
B. Master Page
C. PDF Preview
D. Custom Library
Correct Answer: B
How do you create a second Master Page in Adobe Designer?
A. in the Layout palette, choose Insert Master Page
B. in the Master Pages tab, choose Insert Master Page
C. in the Body Pages tab, choose Insert Master Page from the Layout menu
D. in the Hierarchy palette, right-click on (Master Pages) and choose New Master Page

Correct Answer: D
You are creating a text field and want the text describing the field to align with the right of the box. What should you do to change the alignment of text in a text field?
A. in the Layout palette change the Anchor position
B. in the Layout palette change the Caption position
C. in the Field tab of the Object palette change the Locale option
D. in the Field tab of the Object palette change the Appearance option

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 17
In a dynamic form, you want to present specific read-only text that you expect to change each time the form is rendered. Which object should you use?
A. Text object
B. Subform object
C. Text Field object
D. Content Area object

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 18
Which should you use for entering a name for a field in the Binding tab of the Object palette?
A. state TaxPercent
B. state Tax Percent
C. state.Tax.Percent
D. state/Tax/Percent

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 19
You are creating a form and have just added a colored rectangle that appears behind two text fields on a form. How do you get the rectangle to appear behind the text fields?
A. choose Layout >Align > Top
B. choose Layout > Send To Sack
C. choose Layout > Send Backward
D. choose Layout > Distribute > Down

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 20
Which object should you use to have images dynamically load into a form?
A. Image
B. Rectangle
C. Image Field
D. Content Area

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 21
You want to add multiple occurrences of the same Library object. You do NOT want to keep choosing it from the Library palette. What should you do?
A. add it from the Insert Menu
B. from the Library palette menu, choose Add Group
C. from the Library palette menu, choose Group Properties
D. from the Library palette menu, choose Keep Drawing Tool

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 22
You want to ensure that elements, such as page numbering appear in the same position on all pages of your form design. Where should you place these elements?
A. in the Body Page
B. on a Master Page
C. in the Data View palette
D. in the Custom tab of the Library palette

Correct Answer: B
You have three copies of a PDF document. Each copy contains comments authored by different reviewers. You want to save the comments as either an Acrobat FDF File or an Acrobat XFDF file. Which should you choose?
A. Save As
B. Export Comments
C. Migrate Comments
D. Summarize Comments

Correct Answer: B
You have invited three people to participate in an email-based review. What should you do to invite another person to participate in the same review?
A. choose File > Send for Review > Send by Email for Review
B. in the review Tracker, choose Manage > Email All Reviewers
C. in the review Tracker, choose Manage > Invite Additional Reviewers
D. choose File > Send for Review > Upload For Browser-Based Review

Correct Answer: C
What should you do to initiate a browser-based review of a PDF document?
A. upload the PDF document to a WebDAV server
B. create a link on a Web page to the PDF document
C. copy the PDF document to a folder on your hard drive
D. attach the PDF document to an email and send it to the reviewers

Correct Answer: A
You have a PDF document that contains text and graphics. You want to add new text to an area of the document that is currently empty. What should you do?
A. select the TouchUp Text tool and click where you want to add the text
B. select the TouchUp Text tool and drag where you want to add the text
C. select the TouchUp Text tool and Shift-click (Windows) or Shift-click (Mac OS) where you want to add the text
D. select the TouchUp Text tool and Ctrl-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS) where you want to add the text

Correct Answer: D
You want to add a page number to the footer on all but the first page of your PDF document. The first page is an odd numbered page. Which option in the Page Options section of the Add Headers & Footers dialog box should you choose?
A. Odd Pages Only
B. Even Pages Only
C. Apply to All Pages
D. Apply to Page Range

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 28
Which option in the PDF Optimizer will determine whether applying compression to a particular stream will reduce file size?
A. Remove invalid links
B. Remove invalid bookmarks
C. Optimize the PDF for fast Web view
D. Use Flate to encode streams that are not encoded

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 29
You have manually added links to your PDF document. You discover that you need to make some edits to the source. Which should you choose to update the PDF document and still retain the links?
A. Document > Insert Pages
B. Document > Delete Pages
C. Document > Extract Pages
D. Document > Replace Pages

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 30
You have created an Adobe Acrobat document. Due to the settings of your font vendor, some of your fonts have NOT been embedded. You give the PDF document to two co-workers who do NOT have the original font installed on their computers. What happens when they print your document?
A. The document will NOT print due to a Postscript error.
B. A Multiple Master typeface will be temporarily substituted.
C. The original font will print as a low resolution bitmapped font.
D. They will be asked to choose a font to be substituted during printing.

Correct Answer: B

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