Adobe 9A0-029 Adobe Framemaker 7.0 Product Proficiency Exam 170 Q&A Version 2.73

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Which is necessary to create new data and markup text that will be inserted into an XML or SGML document when a structured FrameMaker document is exported?
A. a read/write rule file
B. an SGML or XML application
C. a special version of FrameMaker
D. an API client created with the FDK

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 2
Which part of the structured FrameMaker application controls how long SGML and FrameMaker element names can be by default?
C. SGML declaration file
D. CSS formatting sheet

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 3
In the application definition file, what is the first required child element needed in the SGML or XML application?
A. Doctype
B. Template
C. ReadWriteRules
D. ApplicationName

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 4
How many read/write rules documents can be referenced in a single structured FrameMaker application?
A. one, as a child of the SGMLApplication element or XMLApplication element
B. none, since read/write rules are not referenced in structured FrameMaker applications
C. an unlimited number as long as each one is a reference to a different read/write rules document
D. an unlimited number as long as each one is in referenced with a separate ReadWriteRules element

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 5
Which command should you use to update the EDD of a structured FrameMaker document with a DTD?
A. while the EDD is open, choose File > Structure Tools > New EDD
B. while the EDD is open, choose File > Structure Tools > Open DTD
C. while the EDD is open, choose File > Structure Tools > Import DTD
D. while the EDD is open, choose File > Structure Tools > Save As DTD

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 6
In which three file formats can Adobe FrameMaker files be saved? (Choose three.)
F. PM65

Correct Answer: ACE
You need to rename a file in your book. You are accessing the file on your local hard disk. You want to ensure that all cross-references from other chapters to the file are maintained. What should you do?
A. rename the file from the book window
B. open the file and choose File > Save As
C. rename the file from the operating system
D. delete the file from the book, rename the file from the operating system, and add the file with the new name back to the book

Correct Answer: A
You are creating a document that will need to be localized and printed on different paper sizes. The document contains cross-references, variables, and conditional text. What should you do?
A. create separate layers
B. create separate text flows
C. create separate templates
D. create separate master pages

Correct Answer: C
You plan to import EPS graphics into your FrameMaker document. You want to ensure that the graphic can be viewed in FrameMaker, regardless of which platform you are using. You want to be able to preview the image. Which format should you use?

Correct Answer: D
You are using WebDAV to manage your files. You want to modify a file while preventing other users from overwriting your work. Which command from the Workgroup menu should you use to access the file?
A. Open
B. Import
C. Check Out
D. Get File from Server

Correct Answer: C
You are importing a Microsoft Word file. The file was created by using a template with the same format names as those used in FrameMaker. Which option from the Import Text Flow by References dialog box should you choose so that the text will use the formatting in the FrameMaker document?
A. Reformat as Plain Text
B. Retain Source’s Formatting
C. While Importing, Remove Other Overrides
D. Reformat Using Current Document’s Catalogs

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 12
Which statement about books is true?
A. A FrameMaker document can be included in any number of books.
B. A FrameMaker document can ONLY be included in one book at a time.
C. When a FrameMaker file is added to a book, the Table of Contents updates immediately.
D. When added to a book, the content of a FrameMaker document is copied into the book file.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 13
You want to print the page number at the bottom of every page in your document. On the master pages, what should you do?
A. insert a Page Count variable in a template text frame
B. insert a Page Count variable in a background text frame
C. insert a Current Page # variable in a template text frame
D. insert a Current Page # variable in a background text frame

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 14
You want to create a character tag that changes the text to italic and blue.
The character tag will be used in a number of paragraph tags with different fonts and point sizes. What should you do?
A. leave blank all settings except Color and Style
B. set everything except Color and Angle to “As Is”
C. create one tag for italic and one for blue and apply both
D. create separate character tags for each font and point size

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 15
Which statement about reference frames is true?
A. They can be used in the margins of any page.
B. They can be used to the left or right of a paragraph.
C. They can only be used above or below a paragraph.
D. They can be used above, below, or to the left or right of a paragraph.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 16
In the Paragraph Designer, how do you increase the space between words WITHOUT affecting the space between characters?
A. increase the value for spread
B. increase the value for stretch
C. increase the values for word spacing and select Allow Automatic Letter Spacing
D. increase values for word spacing but do NOT select Allow Automatic Letter Spacing

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 17
When creating a cross-reference format, which building block should you use to print only the information contained in the building blocks of the Autonumber property of the source paragraph?
A. <$pagenum>
B. <$paranum>
C. <$paratext>
D. <$paranumonly>

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 18
When creating a table format, which setting allows you to determine how many rows must be together at the top or bottom of a column or page?
A. Straddle
B. Keep with
C. Row Format
D. Orphan Rows

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 19
Click the Exhibit button.
Which pair of autonumbering formats can you use to create the autonumbered list shown in the exhibit?
A. <n+>.\\t and Figure <A+>:\\t
B. N:<n+>.\\t and N:Figure <A+>:\\t
C. N:<n+>.\\t and F:Figure <A+>:\\t
D. F:<n+>.\\t and F:Figure <A+>:\\t

Correct Answer: C
You have created a master page mapping table to associate a master page with a paragraph tag. How do you instruct FrameMaker to use this feature?
A. choose Format > Page Layout > Master Page Usage
B. choose Format > Page Layout > Apply Master Pages
C. choose Format > Page Layout > Reorder Master Pages
D. choose Format > Page Layout > Update Column Layout

Correct Answer: B

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