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Which three are Multilayer Giabit Software features of the Switch 40×0 Family? (Choose three)
A. Supports RIP, RIP2 and ODPF
B. Protocol-based VLAN support
C. Link Aggregation and Resilient Links support
D. IP unicast routing with up to 256 router interfaces
E. Routed Access Control Lists based on application filtering
F. Multicast filtering with internet Group Multicast Protocol (IGMP) snooping and IGMP querier

Correct Answer: ACF
Which three are Smart IP Switch 40×0 family features? (Choose three)
A. Switch can function as a DHCP or BootP server
B. Supports both manual and automatic IP configuration
C. Uses SNMP trap to verify the availability of IP address pool.
D. Can select a random IP address from default assress range
E. Can receive an IP address from either a DHCP or BootP server
F. Network manager must release any automatically assigned address before the switch can be manually configured

Correct Answer: BDE
Which component of XRN technology is defined as: “An advanced routing implementation that allows multiple interconnected switches in an XRN solution to behave as a single active routing entity”?
A. XRN Interconnect
B. XRN Distributed Fabric
C. Distributed Link Aggregation (DLA)
D. Distributed Resilient Routing (DDR)
E. Distributed Device Management (DDM)
Correct Answer: D
Which two are valid XRN Fabric configurations? (Choose two)
A. Switch 4050 and Switch 4070
B. Switch 4060 and SuperStack 3 Switch 4950
C. Switch 4007 and SuperStack 3 Switch 4400
D. SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 and SuperStack 3 Switch 4900
E. Switch 4050 and Switch 4060,Swicth 4070 and SuperStack 3 Switch 4900

Correct Answer: AB
Which two 3Com switch families can currently be used to create an XRN Distributed Fabric (DF)? (Choose two)
A. 3Com Swicth 40×0 family
B. 3Com Swicth 4005 family
C. 3Com Swicth 4007 family
D. SuperStack 3 Swicth 4400 family
E. SuperStack 3 Swicth 4900 family

Correct Answer: AE
Which two components are required to create a geographically distributed XRN solution (excluding the appropriate 3Com switches)?(Choose two)
A. 4-port GBIC module
B. 3Com Network Supervisor
C. XRN Fabric Interconnect Modules
D. High-Bandwidth Interconnect Cable
E. Gigabit Multilayer Switching Software V4.X

Correct Answer: AE
What is minimum requirement to support the Resilient IP address feature of the SuperStack 3 Switch 4400?
A. Nothing – it is support by every switch
B. At least two switches must be stacked together
C. All the switches in a stack must have their own IP address
D. At least two switches in a stack, and both switches must have an IP address
Correct Answer: D
What is the procedure for upgrading a SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 SE to the enhanced switch feature set?
A. Enter the software upgrade code obtained from 3Com and reboot the switch
B. Copy the 3Com upgrade file to TFTP server on the same subnet as the switch, start the TFTP server and configure the switch, reboot the switch when the Power LED stops flashing
C. Copy the 3Com upgrade file to a TFTP server on the same network as the switch, start the TFTP server and configure the switch reboot the switch when the Power LED stops flashing
D. Purchase and obtain activation key for the Switch 4400 Enhanced Software Upgrade from 3Com using Command Line Interface (CLI) entry “system license add” enter activation key confirm.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 116
Which three Physical Layer components should you check when either the Switch 7700 or Switch 8800 is having a connection problem? (Choose three)
A. Link LEDs
B. Switch ARP tables
C. Switch VLAN assignments
D. MAC address for the link
E. RX error statistics for link
F. Link Speed, duplex mode and flow control

Correct Answer: AEF
Which three may be the cause of a Switch 7700 Network Layer 3 problem? (Choose three)
A. The switch trunk ports are not properly configured
B. The RIP versions are not the same between switches
C. The switches is not sending and receiving rout ipdates
D. Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is disabled on the switch
E. The MAC address table “aging parameter” is set too high
F. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) is not properly configured on the switch

Correct Answer: BCF
Which Switch 7700 command shows the prority used for input/output packet operations?
A. display priority-trust
B. display qos-interface all
C. display qos-interface traffic-priority
D. display qos-interface traffic-statistics

Correct Answer: A
Which three can be used to download a configuration fole on the Switch 7700? (Choose three)
B. Use FTP protocol
C. Use TFTP protocol
D. Use HTTP protocol
E. Use XMODEM protocol
F. Use the system “dump” command
Correct Answer: BCE
Which two are syslog features/ functions on the Switch 7700 and Switch 8800? (Choose two)
A. Responsible for all system information on output
B. By default, the syslog automatically clears its file every 30 days
C. Is divided into eight levels, which can be filtered based on a level
D. Serves as an information center of the system’s software modules
E. Can be dumped to aconsole, monitor, SQL database or ASCII text file

Correct Answer: CD
Which four are Link Aggregation features/functions on the Switch 7700? (Choose four)
A. The switch supports the IEEE 802.3ad standard
B. Link Aggregation ports must be consecutive switch ports
C. Link Aggregation ports should be set to TRUNK or HYBRID
D. Use the “display interface” command to see all ports within a group
E. Use the “display link-aggregation” command to see all ports within a group
F. A Link Aggregation port should be set to “access” if more than one VLAN is supported on the link

Correct Answer: BCDF
Which two Switch Fabric Engine LED conditions indicate there is a problem with the Switch 7700? (Choose two)
A. ALMLED is off
B. ALMLED is blinking
C. RUN LED is solid green
D. RUN LED is blinking green

Correct Answer: BC
When two PCs on the same Virtual LAN (VLAN) are unable to communicate with each other, which three procedures will help troubleshoot the Layer 2 Data Link issue? (Choose three)
A. Flush the IP routing table
B. Check the VLAN setting for each port
C. Check the LED status on each of the ports
D. Clear and reset the Spanning Tree Protocol tables
E. Flush the Address Resolution Protocol table
F. Check the bridge forwarding table to ensure the IP/MAC address assignment is correct
Correct Answer: BEF
Which four are hardware features/functions of the SuperStack 3 Switch 4900 Family? (Choose four)
A. Full/half duplex on all ports
B. Four traffic queues per port
C. Store and forward switching
D. GBIC interface for flexible cabling
E. 12,000MAC addresses per unit, 64 permanent
F. Smart auto-sensing across all multi-speed copper ports
Correct Answer: ABEF
Which four are switch configuration features of the Superstack 3 switch 4900 Family? (Choose four)
A. Configuration information is stored in a read-only file
B. Switch configuration can be stored or restored from a remote server
C. Up to three software images can be saved in the switch’s flash memory
D. The switch must be reset to the factory default before a configuration can be saved
E. Only a manager or security access level user can perform save or restor operations
F. All switch information is saved to the configuration file i.e, passwords, IP addresses, etc..
G. During the software upgrade the new image will always overwrite the standby image
H. The configuration of the Distributed Fabric is saved and restored with eXpandable Resilient Networking (XRN)

Correct Answer: ABH
XRN Technology v2.0 allows network architects to scale bandwidth capacity.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A
Which three are features of Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing? (Choose three)
A. 15 maximum router hops
B. Uses a path cost routing metric
C. Updates routing tables when network topology changes occur
D. By default, peridoc updates are sent every 30 seconds between routers
E. Maximum hops are limited only by the size of the routing tables within routers

Correct Answer: BCE
Which class of IP addresses is reserved for IP multicasting?
A. Class A
B. Class B
C. Class C
D. Class D
E. Any class of IP address may be used for IP multicasting
Correct Answer: D
Which LAN technology provides both incremental bandwidth and redundancy between devices?
A. Resilient Links
B. Aggregated Links
C. IEEE 802.3 1D Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
D. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
E. IEEE 802.3 1W Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
Correct Answer: B

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