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When you find a suspicious connection from a problematic host, you want to block everything from that whole network, not just the host. You want to block this for an hour, but you do not want to add any rules to the Rule Base. How do you achieve this?
A. Create a Suspicious Activity rule in SmartView Tracker.
B. Create a Suspicious Activity Rule in SmartView Monitor.
C. Create an “FW SAM” rule in SmartView Monitor.
D. Select “block intruder” from the Tools menu in the SmartView Tracker.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 112
Your internal network is using This network is behind your perimeter NGX VPN-1 Gateway, which connects to your ISP provider. How do you configure the Gateway to allow this network to go out to the Internet?
A. Use automatic Static NAT for network
B. Use Hide NAT for network behind the internal interface of your perimeter Gateway.
C. Use manual Static NAT on the client side for network
D. Use Hide NAT for network behind the external IP address of your perimeter Gateway.
E. Do nothing, as long as network has the correct default Gateway.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 113
Which of these changes to a Security Policy optimizes Security Gateway performance?
A. Using domain objects in rules when possible
B. Using groups within groups in the manual NAT Rule Base
C. Putting the least-used rule at the top of the Rule Base
D. Logging rules as much as possible
E. Removing old or unused Security Policies from Policy Packages

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 114
Nelson is a consultant. He is at a customer’s site reviewing configuration and logs as a part of a security audit. Nelson sees logs accepting POP3 traffic, but he does not see a rule allowing POP3 traffic in the Rule Base. Which of the following is the most likely cause? The POP3:
A. service is a VPN-1 Control Connection.
B. rule is hidden.
C. service is accepted in Global Properties.
D. service cannot be controlled by NGX.
E. rule is disabled.

Correct Answer: B
When you hide a rule in a Rule Base, how can you then disable the rule?
A. Open the Rule Menu, and select Hide and View hidden rules. Select the rule, right-click, and select Disable.
B. Uninstall the Security Policy, and the disable the rule.
C. When a rule is hidden, it is automatically disabled. You do not need to disable the rule again.
D. Run cpstop and cpstart on the SmartCenter Server, then disable the rule.
E. Clear Hide from Rules drop-down menu, then right-click and select “Disable Rule(s)”.

Correct Answer: E
Certkiller is the IT auditor for a bank. One of her responsibilities is reviewing the Security Administrators activity and comparing it to the change log. Which application should Certkiller use to view Security Administrator activity?
A. NGX cannot display Security Administrator activity
B. SmartView Tracker in Real-Time Mode
C. SmartView Tracker in Audit Mode
D. SmartView Tracker in Log Mode
E. SmartView Tracker in Activity Mode

Correct Answer: C
Andrea has created a new gateway object that she will be managing at a remote location. She attempts to install the Security Policy to the new gateway object, but the object does not appear in the “install on” box. Which of the following is the most likely cause?
A. Andrea has created the object using “New Check Point > VPN-1 Edge Embedded Gateway”
B. Andrea created the gateway object using the “New Check Point > Externally Managed VPN Gateway” option from the Network Objects dialog box.
C. Andrea has not configured anti-spoofing on the interfaces on the gateway object.
D. Andrea has not configure Secure Internal Communications (SIC) for the oject.
E. Andrea created the Object using “New Check Point > VPN-1 Pro/Express Security Gateway” option in the network objects, dialog box, but still needs to configure the interfaces for the Security Gateway object.

Correct Answer: B
Certkiller is recently hired as the Security Administrator for Certkiller .com. Jack Bill’s manager has asked
her to investigate ways to improve the performance of the firm’s perimeter Security Gateway. Certkiller
must propose a plan based on the following required and desired results:
Required Result #1: Do not purchase new hardware. Required Result #2: Use configuration changes the
do not reduce security. Desired Result #1: Reduce the number of explicit rules in the Rule Base.
Desired Result #2: Reduce the volume of logs.
Desired Result #3: Improve the Gateway’s performance.
Proposed solution:

Replace all domain objects with network and group objects.

Check “Log implied rules” and “Accept ICMP requests” in Global Properties.

Use Global Properties, instead of explicit rules, to control ICMP, VRRP, and RIP. Does Certkiller’s proposed solution meet the required and desired results?

The solution meets all required and desired results.

The solution meets all required, and one of the desired results.

The solution meets all required, and two of the desired results.

The solution meets all required, and none of the desired results.

The solution does not meet the required results.

Correct Answer: E
You create implicit and explicit rules for the following network. The group object “internal-networks” include networks and Assume “Accept ICMP requests” is enabled as before last in the Global Properties.

Based on these rules, what happens if you Ping from host to a host on the Internet, by IP address? ICMP will be:
A. dropped by rule 0
B. dropped by rule 2, the Cleanup Rule
C. accepted by rule 1
D. dropped by the last implicit rule
E. accepted by the implicit rule

Correct Answer: C
What does schema checking do?
A. Authenticates users attempting to access resources protected by an NGX Security Gateway.
B. Verifies that every object class, and its associated attributes, is defined in the directory schema.
C. Maps LDAP objects to objects in the NGX objects_5_0.c files.
D. Verifies the Certificate Revocation List for Certificate Validity.
E. Provides topology downloads for SecuRemote and SecureClient users authenticated by an LDAP

server. Correct Answer: B QUESTION 121
Certkiller is about to test some rule and object changes suggested in an NGX newsgroup. Which backup and restore solution should Certkiller use, to ensure she can most easily restore her Security Policy to its previous configuration, after testing the changes?
A. SecurePlatform backup utilities
B. Manual copies of the $FWDIR/conf directory
C. Upgrade_export and upgrade_import commands
D. Policy Package management
E. Database Revision Control

Correct Answer: E QUESTION 122
You want VPN traffic to match packets from internal interfaces. You also want the traffic to exit the Security Gateway, bound for all site-to-site VPN Communities, including Remote Access Communities. How should you configure the VPN match rule
A. internal_clear>All-GwToGw
B. Communities>Communities
C. Internal_clear>External_Clear
D. Internal_clear>Communities
E. Internal_clear>All_communities

Correct Answer: E QUESTION 123
Review the following rules and note the Client Authentication Action properties screen, as shown in the exhibit.

After being authenticated by the Security Gateway when a user starts an HTTP connection to a Web site
the user tries to FTP to another site using the command line. What happens to the user?

A. FTP session is dropprd by the implicit Cleanup Rule.
B. User is prompted from the FTP site only, and does not need to enter username nad password for the Client Authentication.
C. FTP connection is dropped by rule 2.
D. FTP data connection is dropped, after the user is authenticated successfully.
E. User is prompted for authentication by the Security Gateway again.

Correct Answer: B
What is the command to see the licenses of the Security Gateway Certkiller from your SmartCenter Server?
A. print Certkiller
B. fw licprint Certkiller
C. fw tab -t fwlic Certkiller
D. cplic print Certkiller
E. fw lic print Certkiller
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 125
Ophelia is the security Administrator for a shipping company. Her company uses a custom application to update the distribution database. The custom application includes a service used only to notify remote sites that the distribution database is malfunctioning. The perimeter Security Gateways Rule Base includes a rule to accept this traffic. Ophelia needs to be notified, via atext message to her cellular phone, whenever traffic is accepted on this rule. Which of the following options is MOST appropriate for Ophelia’s requirement?
A. User-defined alert script
B. Logging implied rules
C. SmartViewMonitor
D. Pop-up API
E. SNMP trap

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following is the final step in an NGXbackup?
A. Test restoration in a non-production environment, using the upgrade_import command
B. Move the *.tgz file to another location
C. Run the upgrade_export command
D. Copy the conf directory to another location
E. Run the cpstop command

Correct Answer: B
Which mechanism is used to export Check Point logs to third party applications?
B. CPLogManager
D. SmartViewTracker
Correct Answer: C
In NGX, what happens if a Distinguished Name (ON) is NOT found in LADP?
A. NGX takes the common-name value from the Certificate subject, and searches the LADP account unit for a matching user id
B. NGX searches the internal database for the username
C. The Security Gateway uses the subject of the Certificate as the ON for the initial lookup
D. If the first request fails or if branches do not match, NGX tries to map the identity to the user id attribute
E. When users authenticate with valid Certificates, the Security Gateway tries to map the identities with users registered in the extemal LADP user database
Correct Answer: D
Which command allows you to view the contents of an NGX table?
A. fw tab -s <tablename>-
B. fw tab -t <tablename>-
C. fw tab -u <tablename>-
D. fw tab -a <tablename>-
E. fw tab -x <tablename>-

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 130
The following is cphaprobstate command output from a New Mode High Availability cluster member:

Which machine has the highest priority?
A.,since its number is 2
B.,because its number is 1
C. This output does not indicate which machine has the highest priority
D., because its state is active

Correct Answer: B
What do you use to view an NGX Security Gateway’s status, including CPU use, amount of virtual memory, percent of free hard-disk space, and version?
A. SmartLSM
B. SmartViewTracker
C. SmartUpdate
D. SmartViewMonitor
E. SmartViewStatus

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following commands is used to restore NGX configuration information?
A. cpcontig
B. cpinfo-i
C. restore
D. fwm dbimport
E. upgrade_import

Correct Answer: E
Which of the following commands shows full synchronizalion status?
A. cphaprob -i list
B. cphastop
C. fw ctl pstat
D. cphaprob -a if
E. fw hastat

Correct Answer: C
Which VPN Community object is used to configure VPN routing within the SmartDashboard?
A. Star
B. Mesh
C. Remote Access
D. Map

Correct Answer: A
If you are experiencing LDAP issues, which of the following should you check?
A. Secure lnternal Cornrnunicalions(SIC)
B. VPN tunneling
C. Overlapping VPN Domains
D. NGX connectivity
E. VPN Load Balancing

Correct Answer: D
Which operating system is not supported byVPN-1 SecureClient?
A. IPS0 3.9
B. Windows XP SP2
C. Windows 2000 Professional
D. RedHat Linux 7 0
E. MacOS X

Correct Answer: A
Which Check Point QoS feature issued to dynamically allocate relative portions of available bandwidth?
A. Guarantees
B. Differentiated Services
C. Limits
D. Weighted Fair Queueing
E. Low Latency Queueinq

Correct Answer: D
You are running a VPN-1 NG with Application Intelligence R54 SecurePlatform VPN-1 Pro Gateway. The Gateway also serves as a Policy Server. When you run patch add cd from the NGX CD, what does this command allow you to upgrade?
A. Only VPN-1 Pro Security Gateway
B. Both the operating system (OS) and all Check Point products
C. All products, except the Policy Server
D. On~ the patch utility is upgraded using this command
E. Only the OS
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 139
Amanda is compiling traffic statistics for Certkiller .com’s Internet activity during production hours. How could she use SmartView Monitor to find this information? By
A. using the “Traffic Counters” settings and SmartView Monitor to generate a graph showing the total HTTP traffic for the day
B. -monitoring each specific user’s Web traffic use.
C. Viewing total packets passed through the Security Gateway
D. selecting the “Tunnels” view, and generating a report on the statistics
E. configuring a Suspicious Activity Rule which triggers an alert when HTTP traffic passes through the Gateway

Correct Answer: A
Certkiller is the Security Administrator for a software-development company. To isolate the corporate network from the developer’s network, Certkiller installs an internal Security Gateway. Jack wants to optimize the performance of this Gateway. Which of the following actions is most likely to improve the Gateway’s performance?
A. Remove unused Security Policies from Policy Packages
B. Clear all Global Properties check boxes, and use explicit rules
C. Use groups within groups in the manual NAT Rule Base
D. Put the least-used rules at the top of the Rule Base
E. Use domain objects in rules, where possible

Correct Answer: D

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