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As the administrator, placing a check in the Fwd to Auto Attendant box sends a caller to the default system Auto Attendant. This overrides Voice Mail access, if the user has selected Voice Mail for call handling.

A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 66
Which three are features of the NBX Offsite Notification? (Choose three.)
A. Up to five different call numbers/options can be setup for a user offsite notification
B. Offsite notification privileges and options are defined in the User Configuration menu
C. Only messages tagged as “urgent” will be forwarded by the offsite notification feature
D. Offsite Notification must be enabled in the NBX Messaging, as well as, in the Class of Service (CoS)
E. Only the NBX system administrator or users with administrator privileges can use offsite notification
F. Users can be notified of voice messages to another internal extension, an external phone, a pager or via email

Correct Answer: ADF
Click theTask button.
What icon would the administrator select to create or modify a Calling Group?


Correct Answer: QUESTION 68
Click theTask button.
What icon would the administrator select to create or modify a Hunt Group?

Correct Answer:
Which two are features of an NBX Calling Group? (Choose two.)
A. Member phones ring simultaneously for incoming calls
B. Calling Groups are the same as NBX Key Mode configuration
C. Up to 100 Calling Groups can be configured on an NBX 100 system
D. NBX administrator can define “ring progression” for a Calling Group
E. Member login/logout password is defined by NBX administrator using NetSet

Correct Answer: AE
Which four are features of the NBX Auto Attendant (AA)? (Choose four.)
A. Supports up to 100 AA
B. Can answer with or without a live attendant
C. Only answers when no live attendant is available
D. Any NBX user can create an AA for their extension
E. Can configure different AA based on time of day and day of week
F. Each AA can be configured when to time out and whether to hang up or forward the call
G. AA message can be recorded via an NBX phone or be an imported .wav or an MP3 file

Correct Answer: ABEF
Which four are attributes of the second generation NBX T1 Digital Line Card (3C10116D) and the E1 Digital Line Card (3C10165D)? (Choose four.)
A. Embedded CSU with CSU statistics
B. Requires NBX software Release 4.3 or higher
C. Provides both T1 and E1 support on the same card
D. Can be configured with up to 17 different IP addresses for Fractional Channel support
E. Includes a 100/1000 Mbps LAN port for improved packet throughput and reduced latency
F. Can be configured for G.729 audio compression and silence suppression for bandwidth efficiency
G. Has one Power Failure Transfer Port that can be used to make an outbound call in case of a power failure
H. Has remote Layer 3 support for communicating with a Network Call Processor (NCP) across a routed network

Correct Answer: ABFH
The NBX Communication System provides E911 (emergency) connectivity when the Digital Line Card is configured for T1 signaling.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: B
Each time a new Dial Plan is imported or modified, the system performs a consistency check.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A
Which four are functions of the NBX Dial Plans? (Choose four.)
A. Dictates how calls are handled
B. Translates dialed digits into a specific destination
C. Forwards voice mail messages to internal extensions
D. Determines the route a call will take to its destination
E. Defines a set of destinations that can be reached by the NBX system
F. Translates single digit speed dial codes into full extension or outbound telephone numbers
G. Verifies if a user has the authorization to make the call, for example, long distance or trunk-to-trunk
Correct Answer: ABDE
Which three are features of the NBX Pretranslator function? (Choose three.)
A. Pretranslation is not available on Analog Line Cards
B. Each Pretranslation is used for either incoming or outgoing traffic
C. Each Pretranslation is used for both incoming and outgoing traffic
D. Outbound Pretranslation is associated with the Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) supported by the Digital Line Card
E. A single outbound or inbound Pretranslation definition contains all the required translations defined in order from lowest-to-highest extension
F. Inbound Pretranslation is associated with the Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) or Direct Inward Dial (DID) supported by the Digital Line Card

Correct Answer: ABF
Which three are features of the NBX Dial Plan timed routes? (Choose three.)
A. Can designate a specific destination route for each time period
B. Can create route plans based on specific time-of-day or day-of-week
C. Can group time periods and point them to a specific route destination
D. Can disable specific routes for any time period, for example, holiday, night, etc.
E. Can create route plans based on pre-configured business hours – open, closed, lunch etc.
F. Can create route plans based on a specific date, for example, business, state or country holiday

Correct Answer: ABE
The NBX Dial Plan can be configured to route calls to an alternate carrier or to replace an internal extension number with an external number, for example, a cell phone.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A
Which three bandwidth reduction methods are supported by the NBX system? (Choose three.)
A. Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)
B. Adaptive Transform Encoding (ATE)
C. ITU-T G.723 bandwidth compression
D. ITU-T G.729 bandwidth compression
E. Silence suppression on a per-device basis only
F. Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM)
G. Silence suppression on a system-wide or per-device basis
Correct Answer: DFG
Which three are NBX IP licensing features or requirements? (Choose three.)
A. Every NBX device requires a fixed IP address
B. A DHCP server is required to use IP On-the-Fly
C. IP On-the-Fly is included with all new NBX base systems
D. Companies can upgrade their license from IP On-the-Fly to Standard IP
E. IP addresses can be supplied via static or DHCP addressing when using Standard IP
F. An NBX phone can operate as a Layer 3 “IP Phone” on a per-call basis when using IP-on-the-Fly

Correct Answer: CEF
Which three are important considerations when configuring/calling a remote NBX phone connected via a cable modem or DSL link? (Choose three.)
A. Enable silence suppression and low bandwidth options in the NBX
B. Fixed or DHCP IP address can be assigned to remote NBX phones
C. An NBX gateway is required to support remote users without an NBX
D. All phone calls between the central and remote sites use Layer 2 IP packets
E. The Network Call Processor (NCP) can provide the remote phone an IP address for the duration of a call to a remote user
F. Network Address Translation (NAT) should be configured for the central site but NAT should not be used at the remote site
G. The Network Call Processor (NCP) can be configured to provide the local phone an IP address for the duration of a call to a remote user

Correct Answer: ABG
Which three are requirements for conference call support across Virtual Tie Lines (VTL)? (Choose three.)
A. Requires Standard IP license for each participating NBX system
B. Must use same range of multicast addresses on all NBX systems
C. WAN routers must support Internet Gateway Multicast Protocol (IGMP)
D. Internet Gateway Multicast Protocol (IGMP) addresses must be defined
E. Music on Hold (MOH) and internal page initiation must be done from NetSet
F. Requires Network Address Translation (NAT) configuration on Virtual Tie Lines

Correct Answer: BCD
Virtual Tie Lines allow NBX Communication Systems and legacy PBX equipment to place calls between one another without using Analog or Digital connections.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: B
Which four are features/requirements of the NBX Desktop Call Assistant (DCA) application? (Choose four.)
A. Requires Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP
B. Requires one 3Com SKU and license per NBX system
C. Supports point and click dialing to any phone in the user directory
D. Provides personal inbound/outbound call logs with caller ID information
E. Uses Microsoft Telephone Applications Program Interface (TAPI) to manage calls
F. Computer with NBXTSP software must have a physical connection to an NBX phone
G. Users can manage all their calls from a single on-screen computer interface, for example, call transfer, conferencing, call park

Correct Answer: CDEG
Inbound NBX Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) calls support directory dialing, on-screen dialing and call processing.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 85

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