700-805 CRM Dumps 2023 – New Exam Preparation Materials

The new year begins, and you’ll also need new 700-805 exam preparation materials to prepare for the Cisco Renewals Manager (CRM) exam.

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new 700-805 exam preparation materials

What does the 700-805 CRM exam look like?

The 700-805 CRM exam is a 60-minute assessment of Cisco Renewals Manager to demonstrate their knowledge of customer experience (CX) concepts and tools covered in the Renewals Manager course learning map.

The 700-805 exam costs $300. Languages are available in English and Japanese.

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Where did I find questions for the 700-805 exam in 2023?

You can find it here. We have prepared the latest free 700-805 exam questions for you, not only that, but you can also download the free 700-805 PDF 2023.

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Cisco 700-805 free dumps 2023 questions:


What does TPV mean?

A. Total Product Value
B. Total Partner View
C. Telepresence Value
D. Total Partner Value

Correct Answer: B


Which statement best summarizes the intended outcome of the Success Plan?

A. development of a customer-centric view for achieving value from their portfolio
B. provide scheduling for resolving customer qual y issues
C. generate financial data that indicates a customer\\’s propensity to renew
D. grow incremental annual recurring revenue

Correct Answer: C


What is the primary customer value of the Cisco Services Portfolio?

A. Services priced based on usage
B. Services packages tailored to specific customer needs
C. Customers can develop their own service offerings
D. On-call, 24/7 service technicians at all levels

Correct Answer: B


During which activity of the renewal process would an RM provide an appropriate co-termination timeframe and gain
required internal approvals?

A. deal strategy
B. billing
C. proposal build
D. quote delivery

Correct Answer: C


Which task is the responsibility of the Renewals Manager?
A. billing recurring revenue contracts
B. managing recurring revenue risk
C. driving adoption of specific technologies
D. managing the Success Plan

Correct Answer: D


Which licensing model is the most complex for a customer to manage?

A. Managed service agreement
B. Subscription
C. Enterprise Agreement
D. A La Carte

Correct Answer: D


What is the main purpose of CCW-R?

A. to factor customer ATR, up-sell, and attrition
B. to allow customers and partners to download renewal data
C. to allow customers and partners to store new software subscriptions and service contracts from one tool
D. to capture partner and customer billing preferences

Correct Answer: B


How does Cisco define Business Critical Services?
A. subscription-based services covering the lifecycle of a technology
B. Pay-as-you-go, services covering business-critical functions
C. hardware replacement
D. Pay-as-you-go, technology-based services

Correct Answer: A


Customer A purchased a one-year WebEx contract of 100 seats at $10 per seat. Customer B purchases a three-year
WebEx contract of 100 seats at $10 per seat. What is the annual recurring revenue (ARR) for each?

A. $1000 and $3000
B. $1100 and $3300
C. $1000 and $1000
D. $3000 and $3000

Correct Answer: C


Which is the first step in a solutions-led sales approach?

A. present quote to the customer
B. examine previous purchases
C. identify the latest technology release
D. understand the customer\\’s objectives

Correct Answer: C


Which statement best describes an Ask the Expert session?

A. A pre-recorded webinar from an expert
B. A hosted an educational webinar with live expert Q and A
C. A 24-7 phone line providing expert advice
D. A one-on-one coaching engagement covering specific use cases

Correct Answer: D


Which service offering helps define the customer\\’s IT vision and strategy?

A. Support
B. Advisory
C. Optimization
D. Training

Correct Answer: B


When renewing a contract with a customer, which action is important?

A. Start discussions once the contract has expired.
B. Validate customers’ business needs.
C. Do not offer any financing solutions.
D. Propose only the most important part of the solution.

Correct Answer: A

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