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You are troubleshooting an intermittent video issue on an PowerBook G4 (17-inch 1.67 GHz). Which of the following is the most appropriate way to approach this problem?
A. Do nothing. The problem may resolve itself.
B. Run looping diagnostics to verify the issue.
C. Replace the Display Assembly inside the PowerBook.
D. Follow component isolation steps to resolve the issue.

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following is ALMOST CERTAINLY a hardware-related problem?
A. No video at startup
B. Error beep at startup
C. Distorted video at startup
D. Blinking question mark at startup

Correct Answer: B
You are troubleshooting an iBook G4 that will not boot, and emits error tones when powered on. You suspect that the customer may have installed incompatible or faulty RAM, but you aren’t sure. What should you do to verify the RAM requirements for this iBook G4?
A. Call Apple.
B. Order Apple RAM.
C. Check Specifications.
D. Count the RAM sockets on the logic board.

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is the best way to eject a disc when normal methods for ejecting it, such as using the Mac OS X Finder or the keyboard, have not succeeded?
A. Boot into Open Firmware and type ‘reset-nvram’.
B. Restart the computer while holding down the trackpad button.
C. Remove and disassemble the optical drive to remove the disc.
D. Remove the computer’s front bezel and manually pry the disc out of the drive.

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following would be the most appropriate question to ask FIRST, when gathering information from customers about a problem with their Apple product?
A. What is the issue?
B. What operating system are you using?
C. Did you turn off the computer improperly?
D. Is this the first time you have had this problem?

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 26
A customer’s PowerBook G4 (12-inch 1.5GHz) fails to power on with a known-good power adapter connected and plugged in. Which of the following steps should be tried FIRST?
A. Replace the logic board.
B. Replace the DC-In Board.
C. Run Apple Service Diagnostic.
D. Perform a keyboard PMU reset.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 27
The image displayed on an iBook (Late 2004) appears small and does not fill the screen. Which of the following best explains the cause of this symptom?
A. The logic board has failed.
B. The display backlight has failed.
C. The iBook’s battery power is depleted.
D. An earlier version of system software is installed.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 28
A PowerBook G4 (17-inch 1.67GHz) has a malfunctioning logic board. You replace the logic board. Which of the following diagnostic utilities should you run to verify that the new logic board is functioning properly?
A. MacTest Pro
B. Disk First Aid
C. TechTool Deluxe
D. Apple Service Diagnostic

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 29
Verifying that a computer functions properly after you repair it ensures that _____.
A. No new issues have arisen.
B. Third-party software is working.
C. The original issue has been resolved.
D. The computer falls under service warranty.
E. System Preferences settings are set correctly.

Correct Answer: AC QUESTION 30
Which of the following is a valid reason to perform a soft reset on an AirPort Extreme Base Station?
A. to update base station firmware
B. to reset the base station password
C. to return the base station to its default settings
D. to erase AirPort client software from Mac OS X Correct Answer: B
AirPort Extreme operates under which TWO of the following IEEE standards?
A. 802.11a
B. 802.11b
C. 802.11c
D. 802.11g
E. 802.11h
F. 802.11i

Correct Answer: BD
A customer states that he cannot transfer files over the Internet after connecting his new iBook G4 (Late 2004) to his cable modem via Ethernet. According to the Apple General Troubleshooting Flowchart, which of the following is the most efficient area to pursue FIRST?
A. The Internet Connect application is not running.
B. The iBook is not running the latest version of Mac OS X.
C. The computer and cable modem are not compatible with each other.
D. The iBook network system preferences are not configured properly.

Correct Answer: D
A customer states that he cannot access the Internet after connecting his new PowerBook G4 (12-inch 1 GHz) to his cable modem via Ethernet. Which of the following is most likely the cause of this problem?
A. AppleTalk is not enabled on the computer’s Ethernet port.
B. The computer is not running the latest version of Mac OS X.
C. A faulty cable was used to connect the computer and the cable modem.
D. The cable modem’s Ethernet port is not compatible with the computer’s Ethernet port.

Correct Answer: C
A customer complains that his PowerBook G4 (17-inch) will not allow a number of other workers in his office to share his files simultaneously. All the other computers are iMac G5 that are networked and configured properly. According to the Apple General Troubleshooting Flowchart which of the following is the best area to explore FIRST?
A. Does the customer have a firewall enabled?
B. Is the customer’s PowerBook Ethernet port faulty?
C. How many simultaneous users does the customer’s network have?
D. What version of Mac OS X is the customer’s PowerBook running?

Correct Answer: C
A customer claims that her iBook G4 cannot connect to her AirPort Express network at home. Which of the following would be the BEST question to ask her FIRST?
A. Can any other computer successfully join this network?
B. Does your ISP support wireless access to the Internet?
C. What type of wireless card is installed in your iBook G4?
D. Have you upgraded to Mac OS X v10.4.2?

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 36
Which of the following AirPort Extreme ports should be used to connect to a DSL or Cable modem for Internet access?
C. Modem
D. Antenna

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 37
To utilize Gigabit Ethernet, you must use an Ethernet cable with:
A. two wires (one pair) present.
B. four wires (two pairs) present.
C. six wires (three pairs) present.
D. eight wires (four pairs) present.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 38
Basic computer-to-computer wireless networking with AirPort requires _____.
A. two or more AirPort clients
B. two or more AirPort Base Stations
C. version 2.0.4 or later of the AirPort software
D. an AirPort Base Station and an AirPort client

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 39
A customer states that when an external antenna is connected to her AirPort Extreme Base Station, the external antenna does not appear in the Show Summary screen of AirPort Admin Utility. What is the most likely problem?
A. The base station’s firmware needs to be updated.
B. The base station is malfunctioning and requires service.
C. The base station needs to be powered down and restarted.
D. The base station needs to be upgraded to use the external antenna.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 40
A customer states that she sees an error message appear when she opens her Web browser with her iBook G4 using dial-up Internet service. The message displayed in the Web browser is “The specified server could not be found.” When she attempts to access the same Web page a second time the Web page is loaded without a problem. Which of the following is the BEST explanation for what is happening?
A. The iBook needs to warm up before it can access the Web page.
B. The Web browser is configured to only access Web pages when reloaded.
C. The iBook dial-up modem is configured for extra error correction resulting in the delay.
D. The Web browser attempted to load the page before the iBook dial-up modem had finished connecting to the Internet Service Provider.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 41
A PowerBook G4 that only requires a 45-Watt AC adapter will charge its main battery faster if a 65-Watt AC adapter is connected.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 42
What is the proper way to calibrate a lithium Ion battery used in a PowerBook G4 or iBook?
A. Charge the battery while running the Battery Calibration Utility.
B. The battery is calibrated out of the box; no further steps are needed.
C. Charge the battery fully. Run computer on battery until it goes to sleep. Charge it fully again.
D. Charge the battery overnight. Make sure battery status indicates 100% before disconnecting AC adapter.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 43
Which THREE of the following have an effect on the lifespan of Lithium Ion batteries used in PowerBooks and iBooks?
A. Memory effect
B. Processor speed
C. Energy Saver settings
D. Temperature extremes
E. Number of discharge cycles

Correct Answer: CDE QUESTION 44
Which of the following steps is NOT recommended to maximize battery life in a PowerBook G4?
A. Reduce brightness settings
B. Turn AirPort card off if installed
C. Disconnect any bus-powered USB peripherals
D. Remove any PC (PCMCIA) card from the PC card expansion slot.
E. Choose ‘Highest Performance’ in the Energy Saver System Preferences

Correct Answer: E QUESTION 45
What does recalibrating a Lithium Ion battery inside a PowerBook or iBook actually do?
A. Reconditions the battery to overcome the memory effect.
B. Keeps the onscreen battery time and percent display accurate.
C. Extends the number of full discharge cycles available in the battery.
D. Readjusts the Energy Saver preferences to correspond to the battery’s performance.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 46
How often should you calibrate a PowerBook G4’s Lithium Ion battery?
A. Never
B. Just once when you first use the PowerBook
C. Whenever the PowerBook is forced into sleep mode
D. When you first use the PowerBook and then every couple of months thereafter

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 47
A customer asks about RAM speed requirements to upgrade his iBook G4 (Late 2004). What Apple resource should you refer this customer to?
A. Downloads
B. Discussions
C. User’s manual
D. Service manual

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 48
You require additional information about a specific problem with a customer’s iBook G4.
Which one of the following resources is the Apple-recommended choice for researching the problem?

A. Downloads
B. Discussions
C. User’s manual
D. Knowledge Base

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 49
According to Apple service manuals, what steps should you take before performing any take-apart steps when replacing a part in any Apple product?
A. Lay the product on its side so it will not fall over.
B. Update the product’s firmware to the latest version.
C. Discharge the CRT and establish an ongoing ground.
D. Gather all necessary tools and perform all preliminary steps.
E. Order all available service parts for the appropriate configuration of the product.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 50
Which section of the PowerBook G4 (12-inch 1.5 GHz) Service manual is the BEST place to look for instructions for replacing a DC-In board?
A. Views
B. Basics
C. Take Apart
D. Troubleshooting

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 51
Where is the BEST place to look for information regarding special take-apart tools for an Apple product?
A. Discussions
B. Service News
C. User’s manual
D. Service manual

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following can permanently damage an LCD display?
A. Rubbing the display.
B. Using a screen saver.
C. Not using a screen saver.
D. Turning brightness up too high.

Correct Answer: A
Identify the correct procedure to reset the Power Manager on a PowerBook G4 (12-inch 1.5GHz).
A. Press the PMU Reset button on the main logic board.
B. Shut the computer down and press the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds.
C. Shut the computer down and press Shift-Control-Option-Power on the keyboard.
D. Remove the AC power adapter and battery, and let the computer sit for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Correct Answer: C
An iBook operating on battery power is in sleep mode and cannot be awakened. Which of the following is most likely the cause of this problem?
A. The iBook is malfunctioning.
B. The iBook has a crashed PMU.
C. The iBook’s battery is too low to operate the iBook.
D. The iBook’s security features have been activated.

Correct Answer: C
Which THREE of the following symptoms would be best resolved by performing a PMU reset as a first step?
A. Computer does not turn on
B. Fans run too loudly after startup
C. Network / Internet connectivity issues
D. USB and/or FireWire port(s) do not function
E. Computer does not sleep / wake from sleep
Correct Answer: ADE
What is the function of the PMU in an Apple portable computer?
A. The PMU controls all aspects of power flow.
B. The PMU controls the speed of the hard drive.
C. The PMU manages the amount of virtual memory used.
D. The PMU manages all communication with attached peripherals.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 57
An iBook G4 is running from the AC adapter, and has a battery installed which is charging. Which TWO of the following indicate that the battery is fully charged?
A. The iBook backlight will return to full intensity.
B. All lights on the battery will illuminate when the button on the battery is pressed.
C. The sleep light will blink three times, indicating that the iBook is no longer charging.
D. The lighted ring on the power adapter connector will change from amber to green.
E. The sleep light will solidly illuminate, indicating that the iBook can be powered on or awakened from sleep.

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 58
Which THREE of the following actions can put a PowerBook to sleep?
A. Close the PowerBook lid.
B. Press Command-Option-S.
C. Select Sleep from the Apple menu.
D. Select Sleep from the Location Manager.
E. Select Sleep in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences.
F. Press the Power button and select Sleep from the dialog box.

Correct Answer: ACF QUESTION 59
A customer needs to transfer data from her PowerBook G4 (17-inch 1.67 GHz) for use on her Power Mac G5, but the PowerBook fails to start up completely due to a video issue.
Which of the following would most easily accomplish the data transfer?
A. Remove the hard drive from the PowerBook and install it into the Power Mac G5.
B. The PowerBook will need to be repaired before any data can be recovered from it.
C. Boot the PowerBook into Mac OS X Safe Mode and connect the PowerBook and Power Mac G5 with an Ethernet cable.
D. Boot the PowerBook into Target Disk Mode and connect the PowerBook and Power Mac G5 with a FireWire cable.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 60
Which of the following Apple diagnostic utilities is the most appropriate for a service technician to test an iBook (G4)?
A. Mac Test Pro
B. Tech Tool Deluxe
C. Apple Hardware Test
D. Apple Service Diagnostic

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 61
What is the first step to take if you have an iBook G4 that constantly ejects any CD / DVD that is inserted?
A. Replace the logic board.
B. Replace the optical drive.
C. Replace the optical drive cable.
D. Disconnect all peripheral devices, especially the mouse.

Correct Answer: D
You are replacing the logic board in a PowerBook G4 (12-inch 1.5 GHz). Which of the following special tools is recommended during disassembly?
A. Nylon probe tool
B. Torque screwdriver
C. Spring tensioning tool
D. Jumper adjustment tool

Correct Answer: A
Which of the following diagnostic utilities can be used by all customers to verify functionality of their own PowerBooks and iBooks?
A. Mac Test Pro
B. Apple Display Utility
C. Apple Hardware Test
D. Apple Service Diagnostic

Correct Answer: C
An iBook (G4) displays a flashing question mark at startup. Which step does Apple recommend you take FIRST?
A. Replace the logic board.
B. Try to start up from a bootable CD or DVD.
C. Reinitialize the hard disk and reinstall the Mac OS.
D. Replace the internal hard drive with a known-good hard drive.

Correct Answer: B

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