CompTIA A+ Best Exam solution: Latest 220-1101 dumps

CompTIA A+ Best Exam solution: Latest 220-1101 dumps

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Which of the following is a valid use for PaaS?

A. Off-site backups

B. An application development environment

C. A virtual server installation and configuration model

D. A web application for asset management

Correct Answer: B


A user contacts the help desk in reference to a failing thumbprint scanner. The user states the scanner was functioning
correctly yesterday.

Which of the following troubleshooting steps should be performed FIRST after the ticket has been

A. Inquire about possible changes.

B. File a damage report.

C. Requisition of a new scanner.

D. Attempt to clean the scanner.

Correct Answer: A

Identify the problem.
Gather information from the user, identify user changes, and, if applicable, perform backups before making changes.
Inquire regarding environmental or infrastructure changes.

Establish a theory of probable cause (question the obvious).
If necessary, conduct external or internal research based on symptoms.

Test the theory to determine the cause.
Once the theory is confirmed, determine the next steps to resolve the problem.
If the theory is not confirmed, re-establish a new theory or escalate.

Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution.
Refer to the vendor\’s instructions for guidance.

Verify full system functionality and, if applicable, implement preventive measures.

Document the findings, actions, and outcomes.


An administrator has configured a server to host virtualized instances. The requirements of each VM must be able to
scale automatically depending on peak and off-peak usage.

Which of the following terms BEST describes this type of cloud concept?

A. Overprovisioning

B. Measured pooling

C. Resources pooling

D. Rapid elasticity

Correct Answer: A


A technician is setting up a new desktop computer and will be installing the hard drive directly on the motherboard
without using cables to connect it. Which of the following will the technician be installing?

A. Thunderbolt


C. M.2


Correct Answer: C


The IT department recently upgrade the client computer for the graphics department. A user reports the new computer has
not worked since. It makes an unusual sound when pressing the power button.

A technician verifies the power cable works and the computer is connected properly to both data and power. The monitor powers on but display the message NO source. Which of the following BEST explains the cause of this

A. There is insufficient power in the computer

B. There is a back screen on the system boot.

C. The computer is overheating.

D. The error beep codes on POST.

Correct Answer: A


A user reports that printed receipts have black smudges over the entire image. The text is still present but is very dark
and sometimes illegible.

Which of the following are the MOST likely cause and solutions for the printer issue?

A. The ribbon is jammed and rubbed on the paper. Clear the bad ribbon and feed it through properly.

B. The printhead is too hot. Adjust the temperature down and retry printing.

C. The printer is loaded with the wrong type of paper. Replace the receipt paper with carbon paper.

D. The blue ink cartridge was loaded with black ink. Put in the correct ink and clean the printhead.

Correct Answer: B

Receipts are printed via a thermal printer. Thermal printers work by heating paper in specified areas in order to create
an image. The specific component that does this is a thermal printhead. Since the image appears to have black
smudges and is too dark, we know the thermal printhead is too hot since the capability of precise heating has


A tier one technician has spent the past thirty minutes troubleshooting an Issue With an end user\’s network connection
After a solution was implemented, the end user rebooted the system, tested the Issue, and confirmed the Issue was

Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A. Document the findings, actions, and solutions in the company knowledge base

B. Advise the user to try the solution before contacting the help desk if the Issue happens again

C. Establish a theory of probable cause

D. Escalate the Issue to the tier two support team for resolution.

Correct Answer: A

According to the Official CompTIA A+ Core 1 Study Guide (220-1101) 1, the correct answer is A. Document the
findings, actions, and solutions in the company knowledge base.

The explanation is that after resolving an issue, a technician should always document what was done and how it was fixed. This helps to create a record of the problem and its solution for future reference and also to share knowledge with other technicians. By documenting the findings, actions, and
solution in the company knowledge base, it will help to ensure that if the Issue happens again, the technician or a
different technician will be able to quickly and easily find the solution and resolve the Issue. Additionally, it is important
to document the solution so that the same issue does not need to be troubleshot multiple times in the future.


A technician identified an issue on a workstation, obtained details from the user, and made a backup of the system.
Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A. Determine the next steps to resolve the issue and document it.

B. Design a plan of action to resolve the issue and implement the solution.

C. Document the findings, actions, and outcomes.

D. Establish a theory of probable cause, researching internally or externally as needed.

Correct Answer: D

Identify the problem.


A server administrator set up a VM to be used in a lab setting. A technician is setting up thin-client computers to access
this VM. Which of the following tasks are required to complete the project? (Choose three.)

A. Connect the device to a printer.

B. Install the operating system.

C. Install a USB keyboard and mouse.

D. Connect the device to the network.

E. Install the latest system updates.

F. Install the latest device drivers.

G. Connect the device to a monitor.

H. Install the necessary applications.

Correct Answer: DEH


A technical lead wants to migrate all common business applications, including email and file shares, to the cloud. Which
of the following cloud concepts should be used?

A. MaaS

B. PaaS

C. SaaS

D. laaS

Correct Answer: C


A technician needs to call a user\’s cellular provider to troubleshoot a network speed issue with the user\’s mobile
device. Which of the following technologies is the technician troubleshooting?

A. Long-term evolution

B. Near-field communication

C. Radio frequency ID

D. Z-wave

Correct Answer: A


A projector\’s image begins to flicker during a presentation. The laptop display does not produce this issue.
When a technician changes the resolution on the laptop, the issue persists.

Which of the following is the NEXT step the technician should take?

A. Check the connectivity of the VGA cable.

B. Check the connectivity of the power cable.

C. Change the aspect ratio on the laptop.

D. Change the settings of the projector.

Correct Answer: A


A technician is setting up a laptop with an encrypted hard drive. The laptop will securely store a PIN that the user will
input at log-on. Which of the following must be installed to set up this configuration?





Correct Answer: A

TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module, and it is a special chip installed on a computer\’s motherboard that stores
encryption keys, passwords, and digital certificates. It can also securely store a user\’s PIN, allowing them to access
the laptop without having to enter the PIN every time they log on.

TPM is a secure way to store and protect sensitive data, making it ideal for use in laptops that need to securely store a PIN.

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