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What is the recommended version of OS X Snow Leopard before installing OS X Lion?
A. 10.6.1
B. 10.6.3
C. 10.6.4
D. 10.6.8

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 2
What new feature of OS X Lion allows a customer to reset their login password without having to startup from the Recovery HD?
A. Safe Boot.
B. EFI reset mode.
C. Single User mode.
D. Reset a password using an Apple ID.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 3
A customer has purchased a MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2011). They set the Mac up without transferring any of their personal data. A few days later they realize they need the contents of their previous machines Users folder. How can they easily obtain the data from their older Macbook?
A. Boot to the Recovery HD to run the Migration Assistant.
B. Use the Finder to manually migrate the files via Wi-Fi or ethernet.
C. The customer will have to purchase the Migration Assistant at the Mac App Store.
D. The Migration Assistant is stored in the Utilities folder and can be run at any time.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 4
A customer upgrades their Mac to OS X Lion but still wishes to run applications written for the PowerPC. Choose the best solution for this issue:
A. Erase the hard drive and reinstall OS X Snow Leopard.
B. Download Rosetta by purchasing it at the Mac App Store.
C. PowerPC applications are no longer supported regardless of OS X version.
D. Create a dual boot configuration with OS X Snow Leopard on one partition and OS X Lion on another.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 5
Which of the following Intel Processors are supported for install of OS X Lion?
A. Intel Core Solo
B. Intel Core Duo
C. Intel Core 2 Duo
D. Any Intel Processor Correct Answer: C

A customer running OS X Lion would like to set up a Firmware Password. Where can they find the Firmware Password Utility?
A. In the Utilities folder on their startup disk.
B. In the Applications folder on their startup disk.
C. In the Security & Privacy Systems Preference pane.
D. In the Utilities menu when booted to the Recovery HD.

Correct Answer: D
If you choose to install OS X Lion on a RAID volume, which of the following features will be disabled? SELECT TWO:
A. Time Machine
B. Full Disk Encryption
C. Recovery HD partition
D. Resetting a lost password
E. Migration Assistant data transfer from a Windows PC

Correct Answer: BC
Which of the following is a software tool is NOT available on the Recovery HD?
A. Disk Utility
B. Network Utility
C. Activity Monitor
D. Restore from a Time Machine backup
Correct Answer: C
Please examine the image above.

A customer with a MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2011) sees this image on their screen. What would
cause their Mac to display this image at startup?
A. Lion Internet Recovery has started downloading the Recovery HD image.
B. The Mac is starting up from the Recovery HD.
C. EFI has detected a hardware issue.
D. Apple Hardware Test is loading.

Correct Answer: A
A customer uses her MacBook late at night and occasionally has to restart. Despite having muted the speaker volume, the MacBook always plays the startup chime loudly. What step should you try first to resolve this issue?
A. Reset the SMC.
B. Reinstall OS X Lion.
C. Repair disk permissions.
D. Reset the PRAM/NVRAM.

Correct Answer: D

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