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Exam Code: 200-125
Exam Name: CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA (v3.0)
Updated: Sep 07, 2017
Q&As: 966

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200-125 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Cisco 200-125 Dumps Exam Q&As:

1. What are three roles in HFM security? (CHOOSE THREE)
A. Run Allocation
B. Delete Journals
C. Create Unbalanced Journals
D. Save System Report on Server
200-125 exam Answer: ACD
2. When using the HFM HAL adapter, which are Export Data Criteria options?
A. Scenario, Year, View, Entity, Accounts
B. Scenario, Year, Entity, Accounts, Value, ICP
C. Scenario, Year, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, Custom4
D. Scenario, Year, Entity, Accounts, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, Custom4
Answer: A
3. When using the HFM HAL adapter, which are valid Import Data Method options?
A. Replace, Merge, Aggregate
B. Merge, Accumulate, Remove
C. Accumulate, Replace, Clear
D. Merge, Replace, Accumulate
200-125 dumps Answer: D
4. You are extracting information using Extended Analytics. Which list shows all the dimensions that allow
for multiple members?
A. Scenario, Year, Period, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, Custom4
B. Scenario, Year, Period, Entity, Account, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, Custom4
C. Scenario, Year, Period, View, Entity, Account, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, Custom4
D. Scenario, Year, Period, View, Entity, Value, Account, ICP, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, Custom4
Answer: D

5. You are performing a data extract using the Extract Data module. From which three dimensions can
you make multiple selections? (CHOOSE THREE.)
A. Value
B. Entity
C. Period
D. Account
E. Scenario
200-125 ccna pdf Answer: BCD
6. Extended Analytics uses which format for the extracted information?
B. Star Schema
C. Snow Flake Diagram
D. Comma Delimited File
Answer: B
7. What can be extracted using Extended Analytics? (CHOOSE TWO)
A. data
B. metadata
C. incremental data
D. metadata changes
Answer: AB
8. What are three available methods for the HFM HAL adapter? (CHOOSE THREE.)
A. Import Data
B. Import Journals C.
Export Journals D.
Open Application

E. Set Logon Information
200-125 exam Answer: ADE
9. What types of documents can be selected as related content in Financial Reporting? (SELECT
A. An Interactive Reporting Report
B. Any web page
C. A Web Analysis Report D. An HFM Web Form
E. A Planning form
Answer: ABC
10. Which two must be selected to enable the Data Audit feature for selected accounts? (SELECT TWO)
A. DataAuditTrail in the ApplicationSettings
B. Data Auditing in the Data Audit Window
C. EnableDataAudit on the selected Accounts
D. Y for the EnableDataAudit property in the Scenario dimension
E. O for the EnableDataAudit property in the Scenario dimension
Answer: CE
11. Which formula retrieves the data for January sales in Smart View?
A. =HsGetCell(“A#Sales.P#January.”)
B. =HsGetValue(“Account#Sales.Period#January.”)
C. =HsGetCell(“Account#Sales.Period#January.”)
D. =HsGetValue(“A#Sales.P#January.”)
200-125 dumps Answer: B
12. To use Multiple data sources in Financial Reporting, the data sources:
A. Need to be defined on separate reports inside a book.
B. Can be on the same page, but segregated by grid.
C. Can be assigned by Row and Column.

D. Can be assigned to specific cells.
Answer: C
13. In Smart View, Excel formulas that you add to data cells are automatically preserved in which of these
actions? (CHOOSE THREE)
A. Using the Keep Only or Remove Only function.
B. Zooming in or zooming out.
C. Pivoting data from a row to a column.
D. Refreshing the Ad Hoc grid.
Answer: ABD
14. Which two statements are true about a User Point of View in Hyperion Analyzer Reports? (CHOOSE
A. A User Point of View cannot be deleted.
B. A User Point of View can be shared with other users.
C. Users can only superimpose a Point of View on reports using the same database connection
D. The User Point of View checkbox in Cube Navigator enables and disables the Point of View for the
database query.
200-125 ccna pdf Answer: CD
15. System Journal Reports require to be generated and saved. (CHOOSE TWO)
A. Journal Filters
B. a report description
C. a Report Style Sheet
D. the columns that have been defined
Answer: CD
16. SCENARIO: User A is created in Hyperion Reports and is assigned the role of Viewer. User A is then
assigned to Group B which has the roles of Security Administrator and System Administrator. Which
role(s) does User A have in Hyperion Reports?
A. Viewer only
B. Designer and Viewer only

C. System Administrator and Security Administrator only
D. System Administrator, Security Administrator, Designer, and Viewer
200-125 exam Answer: D
17. An HFM user is creating a journal report on the web. Which three dimensions from the POV are
available on the Properties panel to select members? (CHOOSE THREE.)
A. Value
B. Entity
C. Period
D. Account
E. Scenario
Answer: ACE
18. Which steps are needed to change a Hyperion Analyzer Spreadsheet to a Chart?
A. Tool Bar > Charts
B. Tool Bar > Tools > Charts
C. Tool Bar > Display > Charts
D. Tool Bar > Display > Pinboard
Answer: C
19. Which three functions are available in the Manage Servers and Applications window? (CHOOSE
A. Logout Users
B. System Messages
C. Enable Connections
D. Disable Connections
200-125 ccna pdf Answer: ACD
20. Which functionality is NOT available when opening a data form in Smart View?

A. Calculating data
B. Add cell text
C. Add Member
D. Add formulas
Answer: C

21.Refer to the exhibit. The Bigtime router is unable to authenticate to the Littletime router. What is the cause
of the problem?

200-125 dumps

A. The usernames are incorrectly configured on the two routers.
B. The passwords do not match on the two routers.
C. CHAP authentication cannot be used on a serial interface.
D. The routers cannot be connected from interface S0/0 to interface S0/0.
E. With CHAP authentication, one router must authenticate to another router. The routers cannot be
configured to authenticate to each other.
Correct Answer: B
22.What will be the result if the following configuration commands are implemented on a Cisco switch?
Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security 200-125 dumps Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security mac-address sticky
A. A dynamically learned MAC address is saved in the startup-configuration file.
B. A dynamically learned MAC address is saved in the running-configuration file.
C. A dynamically learned MAC address is saved in the VLAN database.
D. Statically configured MAC addresses are saved in the startup-configuration file if frames from that
address are received.
E. Statically configured MAC addresses are saved in the running-configuration file if frames from that
address are received.
Correct Answer: B
23.Refer to the exhibit. The following commands are executed on interface fa0/1 of 2950Switch.
2950Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security
2950Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security mac-address sticky 2950Switch(config-if)# switchport port
security maximum 1
The Ethernet frame that is shown arrives on interface fa0/1. What two functions will occur when this frame
is received by 2950Switch? (Choose two.)

200-125 dumps

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Cisco New CCNA 200-125 PDF Routing and Switching | Free Cisco Exam Video Training Online 2017

200-125 CCNA

At Lead4pass, we provide thoroughly reviewed Cisco CCNA 200-125 training resources which are the best for clearing 200-125 test, and to get certified by Cisco CCNA. It is a best choice to accelerate your career as a professional in the Information Technology industry.

200-125 pdf

Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCNA
Exam Name: CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA (v3.0)
Exam Code: 200-125
Associated Certifications:CCNA Routing and Switching
Duration:90 minutes (50-60 questions)
Available Languages:English, Japanese
Exam Registration:Pearson VUE
Exam Policies:Read current policies and requirements
Exam Tutorial:Review type of exam questions
Total Questions: 572 Q&As
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2017
Exam Information:http://www.leads4pass.com/200-125.html

The practice tests consists of 300+ most relevant questions with flash card explanation. The exam topics for CCENT are given below:

  1. Network Fundamentals 20% (weightage)
  2. LAN Switching Fundamentals 26%
  3. Routing Fundamentals 25%
  4. Infrastructure Services 15%
  5. Infrastructure Maintenance 14%

The CCNA exam and training course have been revised from v2.0 to v3.0. Candidates can choose to take either the 200-120 CCNA v2.0 exam or 200-125 CCNA v3.0 exam.

Practice Cisco 200-125 Route Training Program Online Here(#1-5)

Question No : 1 – (Topic 1)
Refer to the exhibit:
200-125 pdf
What will Router1 do when it receives the data frame shown? (Choose three.)
A. Router1 will strip off the source MAC address and replace it with the MAC address
B. Router1 will strip off the source IP address and replace it with the IP address
C. Router1 will strip off the destination MAC address and replace it with the MAC address
D. Router1 will strip off the destination IP address and replace it with the IP address of
E. Router1 will forward the data packet out interface FastEthernet0/1.
F. Router1 will forward the data packet out interface FastEthernet0/2.
Answer: A,C,F
Remember, the source and destination MAC changes as each router hop along with the
TTL being decremented but the source and destination IP address remain the same from
source to destination.

Question No : 2 – (Topic 1)
Refer to the graphic.
200-125 pdf
Host A is communicating with the server. What will be the source MAC address of the
frames received by Host A from the server?
A. the MAC address of router interface e0
B. the MAC address of router interface e1
C. the MAC address of the server network interface
D. the MAC address of host A
Answer: A
Whereas switches can only examine and forward packets based on the contents of the
MAC header, routers can look further into the packet to discover the network for which a
packet is destined. Routers make forwarding decisions based on the packet’s network
layer header (such as an IPX header or IP header). These network-layer headers contain
source and destination network addresses. Local devices address packets to the router’s
MAC address in the MAC header. After receiving the packets, the router must perform the
following steps:
1. Check the incoming packet for corruption, and remove the MAC header. The router
checks the packet for MAC-layer errors. The router then strips off the MAC header and
examines the network-layer header to determine what to do with the packet.
2. Examine the age of the packet. The router must ensure that the packet has not come too
far to be forwarded. For example, IPX headers contain a hop count. By default, 15 hops is
the maximum number of hops (or routers) that a packet can cross. If a packet has a hop
count of 15, the router discards the packet. IP headers contain a Time to Live (TTL) value.
Unlike the IPX hop count, which increments as the packet is forwarded through each
router, the IP TTL value decrements as the IP packet is forwarded through each router. If
an IP packet has a TTL value of 1, the router discards the packet. A router cannot
decrement the TTL value to 1 and then forward the packet.
3. Determine the route to the destination. Routers maintain a routing table that lists
available networks, the direction to the desired network (the outgoing interface number),
and the distance to those networks. After determining which direction to forward the packet,
the router must build a new header. (If you want to read the IP routing tables on a Windows
95/98 workstation, type ROUTE PRINT in the DOS box.)
4. Build the new MAC header and forward the packet. Finally, the router builds a new MAC
header for the packet. The MAC header includes the router’s MAC address and the final
destination’s MAC address or the MAC address of the next router in the path.

Question No : 3 DRAG DROP – (Topic 1)
Match the terms on the left with the appropriate OSI layer on the right. (Not all options are used.)
200-125 pdf
200-125 pdf

Question No : 4 – (Topic 1)
A router has two Fast Ethernet interfaces and needs to connect to four VLANs in the local
network. How can you accomplish this task, using the fewest physical interfaces and
without decreasing network performance?
A. Use a hub to connect the four VLANS with a Fast Ethernet interface on the router.
B. Add a second router to handle the VLAN traffic.
C. Add two more Fast Ethernet interfaces.
D. Implement a router-on-a-stick configuration.
Answer: D

Question No : 5 – (Topic 1)
A router on a stick allows you to use sub-interfaces to create multiple logical networks on a
single physical interface.
Which three statements accurately describe Layer 2 Ethernet switches? (Choose three.)
A. Spanning Tree Protocol allows switches to automatically share VLAN information.
B. Establishing VLANs increases the number of broadcast domains.
C. Switches that are configured with VLANs make forwarding decisions based on both
Layer 2 and Layer 3 address information.
D. Microsegmentation decreases the number of collisions on the network.
E. In a properly functioning network with redundant switched paths, each switched segment
will contain one root bridge with all its ports in the forwarding state. All other switches in
that broadcast domain will have only one root port.
F. If a switch receives a frame for an unknown destination, it uses ARP to resolve the
Answer: B,D,E
Microsegmentation is a network design (functionality) where each workstation or device on
a network gets its own dedicated segment (collision domain) to the switch. Each network
device gets the full bandwidth of the segment and does not have to share the segment with
other devices. Microsegmentation reduces and can even eliminate collisions because each
segment is its own collision domain ->.
Note: Microsegmentation decreases the number of collisions but it increases the number of
collision domains.

200-125 pdf

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