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Please match the description to the signaling type it corresponds to. (1)events that occur on the trunk, including seizure, wink, and answer (2)tones such as ringing or busy and announcements such as “no longer in service” (3)digits dialed or called party number that can be sstem-specific or variant-specific (I) Address Signaling (II)Supervisory Signaling (III)Informational Signaling
A. (I)-(3);(II)-(2);(III)-(1)
B. (I)-(1);(II)-(2);(III)-(3)
C. (I)-(3);(II)-(1);(III)-(2) You Succeed To Pass IT Exams PassGuide 640-460
D. (I)-(1);(II)-(3);(III)-(2)
Correct Answer: C
Which ephone-dn type does the picture represent?

A. shared ephone-dn
B. overlaid ephone-dn
C. two ephone-dns with one number
D. single-line ephone-dn
Correct Answer: C
You are CCNA VOICE associate in Your company has successfully installed the CUE module in its router’s chassis. Which two configuration items are necessary for the module to function properly?
A. You need assign a default gateway to the service module
B. You need use the ip numbered command to save the subnet You Succeed To Pass IT Exams PassGuide 640-460
C. You need create a subnet that appears in all of the routing tables to make the module reachable.
D. The interface service engine needs to have an IP address that is on the same subnet as the service module.
Correct Answer: AD
You are CCNA VOICE associate in Your company is trying to configure MoH for their Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express solution. What are two possible problems with this configuration? HHTrenton(config)#telephony-service HHTrenton(config-telephony)#moh HHTrenton(config-telephony)#multicast moh port 2000 route HHTrenton(config-telephony)#exit HHTrenton(config)#telephony-service HHTrenton(config-telephony) HHTrenton(config-telephony)#multicast moh port 2001 HHTrenton(config-telephony)#exit
A. The second multicast entry does not have a route listed.
B. The ip-source address command has not been configured
C. IP phones do not support multicast at 224.x.x.x addresses.
D. You must disable the use of the first moh file with the no moh command before configuring the second file
Correct Answer: CD
You are CCNA VOICE associate in Your company has a few slow links in its voice and data network. Which two techniques can be used to reduce delay in voice transmission?
A. Framerelay
B. buffering voice packets
C. fragmentation of large packets
D. compression of IP, RTP, and UDP headers
Correct Answer: CD
You are CCNA VOICE associate in PassGuide is setting up Call Transfer for its Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express solution. PassGuide uses 5-digit extensions and wants to transfer calls outside the network to the CEO’s home. The CEO’s telephone number is 877-666-3333. Which configuration command will allow this to occur?
A. SBB(config)#transfer-pattern .T
B. SBB(config-telephony-service)#transfer-pattern .T You Succeed To Pass IT Exams PassGuide 640-460
C. SBB(config-telephony-service)#transfer-pattern 8776663333
D. SBB(config-ephone-dn)#transfer-pattern 8776663333
Correct Answer: C
LAB This task requires you to access the cisco Unified Communication 500 Series GUI to configure it per the given requirements as stated in the scenario. From the choices on the left you may select Scenario, Cisco Unified Communication Server (CUC) Device, or Topology. The Scenario link provides the details of the task to be accomplished. The Topology link displays the network. To get access to UC500. click on the PC shown in the topology or you can click on the CUC Device button on the left. You have been asked to implement an SBCA solution for a stratup company that has two technical support staff. The IP Phone use 4 digit extensions starting with 5001. Using the information in tables 1 and 2, configure the following: 1.Configure the AA & Voicemail features 2.Add the two IP Phones with extensions/user given in table 2 including Voicemail. 3.Configure Hunt Group so that all incoming PSTN calls always go to extension 5001. If extension 5001 is not available, route the call to extension 5002. If both extensions are busy or unavailable then send the call to Voicemail. About this question, we do not have proper answer, if you have then please contact us.

A. Pending
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 108
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 109
Which protocol is used to inform the IP phone of its voice VLAN ID?
A. Cisco keepalives
B. Cisco Discovery Protocol
C. Cisco Spanning Tree Protocol
D. Cisco VLAN Discovery Protocol
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 110
What protocol does a Cisco IP phone use to indicate to the switch how much power is needed?
A. PoE
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 111
What protocol is used to monitor and provide control information about the quality of an RTP session? You Succeed To Pass IT Exams PassGuide 640-460
Correct Answer: D
What device is responsible for converting analog voice packets from traditional voice formats to IP packets?
A. MGCP gateway
B. H.323 gateway
C. Media Termination Point
D. Digital signal processor
E. Transcoder
Correct Answer: D
Correct Answer: A
To configure the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express click on the console host icon that is connected to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express by a serial console cable (shown in the diagram as a dashed black line). You can click on the buttons below to view the different windows. Each of the windows can be minimized by clicking on the [-]. You can also reposition a window by dragging it by the title bar. The “Tab” key and most commands that use the “Control” or “Escape” keys are not supported and not necessary to complete this simulation. The help command does not display all commands of the help system.
You are required to manually configure a Cisco Unified Unified Communications Manager
Express to support two IP phones with directory numbers starting with 5001.
The phones need to be configured as dual-line phones as per the following table:
The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express should be configured as a DHCP and TFTP server.
The IP phones should obtain their IP addresses via DHCP in the range – IP addresses in the range to should be excluded.
The IP phones are connected to an EtherSwitch module, interface GigabitEthernet1/0 on a Cisco 2811
router as per the topology diagram. The voice VLAN ID is 130 and default router for the IP phones is
The EtherSwitch module has been preconfigured and is not configurable.
You are also required to configure a second directory number 5010 as a shared directory number on line 2
of each IP phone.


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