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Which rule is responsible for the installation failure?
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A. Rule 4
B. Rule 3
C. Rule 5
D. Rule 6

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 127
If you experience unwanted traffic from a specific IP address, how can you stop it most quickly?
A. Check anti-spoofing settings
B. Configure a rule to block the address
C. Create a SAM rule
D. Activate an IPS protection

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 128
You are evaluating the configuration of a mesh VPN Community used to create a site-to-site VPN. This graphic displays the VPN properties in this mesh Community
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Which of the following would be a valid conclusion?
A. The VPN Community will perform IKE Phase 1 key-exchange encryption using the longest key Security Gateway R71 supports.
B. Changing the setting Perform IPsec data encryption with from AES-128 to 3DES will increase the encryption overhead.
C. Changing the setting Perform key exchange encryption with 3DES to DES will enhance the VPN Community’s security, and reduce encryption overhead.
D. Change the data-integrity settings for this VPN CommunitybecauseMD5 is incompatible with AES.

Correct Answer: A
You just installed a new Web server in the DMZ that must be reachable from the Internet You create a manual Static NAT rule as follows:
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“web_publicIP” is the node Object that represents the public IP address of the new Web server. “web_privateIP” is the node object that represents the new Web site’s private P address You enable all settings from Global Properties > NAT.
When you try to browse the Web server from the Internet, you see the error ‘page cannot be displayed” Which of the following is NOT a possible reason?
A. There is no route defined on the Security Gateway for the public IP address to the private IP address of the Web server.
B. There is no Security Policy defined that allows HTTP traffic to the protected Web server.
C. There is an ARP entry on the Gateway but the settings Merge Manual proxy ARP and Automatic ARP configuration are enabled in Global Properties. The Security Gateway ignores manual ARP entries.
D. There is no ARP table entry for the public IP address of the protected Web server

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 130
Which of the following SSL Network Extender server-side prerequisites is NOT correct?
A. The Gateway must be configured to work with Visitor Mode.
B. There are distinctly separate access rules required for SecureClient users vs. SSL Network Extender users.
C. To use Integrity Clientless Security (ICS), you must install the IC3 server or configuration tool.
D. The specific Security Gateway must be configured as a member of the Remote Access Community

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 131
You need to determine if your company’s Web servers are accessed an excessive number of times from the same host. How would you configure this in the IPS tab?
A. Successive multiple connections
B. Successive alerts
C. Successive DoS attacks
D. HTTP protocol inspection

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 132
What does it indicate when a Check Point product name includes the word “SMART”?
A. Stateful Management of all Routed Traffic.
B. This Check Point product is a GUI Client.
C. Security Management Architecture.
D. The Check Point product includes Artificial Intelligence.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 133
How many times is the firewall kernel invoked for a packet to be passed through a VPN connection?
A. Three times
B. Twice
C. Once
D. None The IPSO kernel handles it Correct Answer: C
When attempting to connect with SecureClient Mobile the following error message is received. The certificate provided is invalid. Please provide the username and password.
What is the probable cause of the error?
A. The certificate provided is invalid.
B. The user’s credentials are invalid.
C. The user attempting to connect is not configured to have an office mode IP address so the connection failed.
D. There is no connection to the server, and the client disconnected.

Correct Answer: A
The fw stat -l command includes all of the following except:
A. The number of packets that have been inspected
B. The date and time of the policy that is installed.
C. The number of times the policy has been installed
D. The number of packets that have been dropped

Correct Answer: A
Although SIC was already established and running, Joe reset SIC between the Security Management Server and a remote Gateway. He set a new activation key on the Gateway’s side with the cpconfig command and put in the same activation key in the Gateway’s object on the Security Management Server Unfortunately SIC cannot be established. What is a possible reason for the problem?
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A. The installed policy blocks the communication.
B. Joe forgot to reboot the Gateway.
C. Joe forgot to exit from cpconfig.
D. The old Gateway object should have been deleted and recreated.

Correct Answer: C
The TotallyCoolSecurity Company has a large security staff. Bob configured a new IPS Chicago_Profile for fw-chicago using Detect mode. After reviewing logs, Matt noticed that fw- chicago is not detecting any of the IPS protections that Bob had previously setup. Analyze the output below and determine how can correct the problem.

A. Matt should re-create the Chicago_Profile and select Activate protections manually Instead of per the IPS Policy
B. Matt should activate the Chicago_Profile as it is currently not activated
C. Matt should assign the fw-chicago Security Gateway to the Chicago_Profile
D. Matt should change the Chicago_Profile to use Protect mode because Detect mode will not work.

Correct Answer: C
Which statement below describes the most correct strategy for implementing a Rule Base?
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A. Add the Stealth Rule before the last rule.
B. Umit grouping to rules regarding specific access.
C. Place the most frequently used rules at the top of the Policy and the ones that are not frequently used further down.
D. Place a network-traffic rule above the administrator access rule.

Correct Answer: C
An Administrator without access to SmartDashboard installed a new IPSO-based R71 Security Gateway over the weekend. He e-mailed you the SIC activation key. You want to confirm communication between the Security Gateway and the Management Server by installing the Policy. What might prevent you from installing the Policy?
A. You first need to create a new UTM-1 Gateway object, establish SIC via the Communication button, and define the Gateway’s topology.
B. You have not established Secure Internal Communications (SIC) between the Security Gateway and Management Server You must initialize SIC on the Security Management Server.
C. An intermediate local Security Gateway does not allow a policy install through it to the remote new Security Gateway appliance Resolve by running the tw unloadlocal command on the local Security Gateway.
D. You first need to run the fw unloadlocal command on the R71 Security Gateway appliance in order to remove the restrictive default policy.
Correct Answer: B
Which command would provide the most comprehensive diagnostic information to Check Point Technical Support?
A. diag
B. cpinfo -o date.cpinfo.txt
C. netstat > date.netstat.txt
D. cpstat > date.cpatat.txt

Correct Answer: B

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CheckPoint 156-215 Free Dowload, The Most Effective CheckPoint 156-215 Study Guide Are The Best Materials

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