[2017 New Microsoft Updated] Best Microsoft MCSD 70-487 Dumps Certification New Exam Video Questions Developing Windows Azure and Web Services (From Google Drive)

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Exam Code: 70-487
Exam Name: Developing Windows Azure and Web Services
Updated: Sep 13, 2017
Q&As: 113

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70-487 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Microsoft 70-487 Dumps Exam Q&As:

You need to recommend a data access technology to the contractor to retrieve data from the new data source.
Which data access technology should you recommend?
B. ADO.NET Entity Framework
C. ADO.NET DataSets
D. WCF Data Services
70-487 exam Correct Answer: D
Errors occasionally occur when saving data using the FlightInfoContext ADO.NET Entity Framework context. Updates to the data are being lost when an error occurs. You need to ensure that data is still saved when an error occurs by retrying the operation. No more than five retries should be performed.
Which code segment should you use as the body of the SaveChanges() method in the FlightInfoContext.es file?
70-487 dumps

70-487 dumps

Correct Answer: A
You are adding a new REST service endpoint to the FlightDataController controller. It returns flights from the consolidated data sources only for flights that are late. You need to write a LINQ to Entities query to extract the required 70-487 dumps  data. Which code segment should you use? 70-487 dumps

Correct Answer: D
D is right because you send result as REST so if you use “AsQueryable” the result is deferred to the next enumeration of your result.
D is not optimized but will works.
A will break at runtime.
Credits to Rem
Data provided by Consolidated Messenger is cached in the HttpContext.Cache object.
You need to ensure that the cache is correctly updated when new data arrives.
What should you do?
A. Ensure that the EffectivePrivateBytesLimit value is greater than the size of the database file.
B. Change the sliding expiration of the cache item to 12 hours.
C. Use the SqlCacheDependency type configured with a connection string to the database file.
D. Use the CacheDependency type configured to monitor the SFTP target folder.
Correct Answer: D

An upcoming production rollout could heavily impact normal off-shifts. You decide to move
schedules to cover the upcoming increase in calls. After the staff expresses their concerns about
having to work the new shifts with little warning, you still decide to implement your off-schedule
shift change.
Which leadership trait does this show?
A. the ability to encourage team participation
B. the ability to discourage one-person domination
C. the ability to execute a plan despite adverse conditions
D. the ability to identify unpopular decisions as still necessary
70-487 pdf Answer: D
Who is ultimately responsible for an employee’s success or failure?
A. the employee
B. the employee’s mentor
C. the employee’s manager
D. the employee’s team leader
Answer: A
What are three benefits of mentoring programs? (Choose three)
A. They help team members improve
B. They help retain personnel with optimal skills.
C. They allow team members potential growth opportunities.
D. They help team members develop strategic vision statements.
70-487 vce Answer: A,B,C
Your support organization has 20 frontline analysts. The Call Management System produces
performance reports that show the amount of time each analyst is on the phone, performing wrap
up work, and not available. Reports also show the number of calls taken and the average talk-time
per agent. Based on these reports, what should the manager do to improve the support
organization’s performance?
A. publish trend reports for the group as a whole
B. publish a list of agents ranked by who has the most talk time.
C. Recognize and reward the individual who handles the most calls
D. Recognize and reward the individual who has theleast :not available” time
Answer: A
A customer could not get through to a support representative when calling the Help Desk in the
morning. He had to call back later.
Which metric captures this situation?
A. Time in Queue
B. Abandonment Rate
C. Average Speed of Answer
D. First Call Resolution Rate
70-487 exam Answer: B
What should be addressed in a support center’s marketing plan?
A. the support center’s budget requirements
B. the support center’s staffing requirements
C. the support center’s implementation timelines
D. the support center’s role in the corporate vision
Answer: D
Organizational development needs are determined by which three methods? (Choose three)
A. project analysis
B. position profiling
C. skill gap analysis
D. individual assessment
70-487 dumps Answer: B,C,D
Which three technologies enable Help Desks to achieve their performance goals? (Choose three)
A. Automatic Call Distributor
B. Interactive Voice Response
C. Intra-monthly Monitoring System
D. Extra-diem Reporting Application
E. Customer Relationship Management
Answer: A,B,E
Which statement about contract staffing is true?
A. Contract employees can only be let go by their company.
B. Contract employees receive more benefits than full-time employees
C. Contract employees may hinder teamwork if they do not work closely with full-time employees
D. Contract employees are allowed to work hours that are not specifically defined by their
70-487 pdf Answer: C

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