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Refer to the exhibit. What is the problem with this RACI example?

A. Every task should have four people consulted.
B. No one has multiple roles.
C. More stakeholders should be involved.
D. Too many people are accountable for this task.

Correct Answer: D


A client deployed a new collaboration solution six months ago. Utilization telemetry indicates only 60% of activated
users are engaging with the solution. Which two actions should the Customer Success Manager recommend to the
client? (Choose two.)

A. Have marketing write a blog post about the new solution.
B. Encourage the customer to purchase updated endpoints.
C. Block all alternative chat and video collaboration systems.
D. Conduct a survey to determine which collaboration solutions users are using.
E. Advertise additional user training sessions throughout the organization.

Correct Answer: DE


Refer to the exhibit.

Which action must be taken by Customer Success Manager?

A. Recommend expansion opportunities.
B. Review the financial index.
C. Develop a customer testimonial.
D. Identify the adoption barriers.

Correct Answer: D


The customer wants to improve operational expenditure and reduce the C02 footprint of the organization. Which two
business outcomes are critical to the company\’s success? (Choose two.)

A. sustainability
B. credibility
C. time to market
D. business growth
E. cost efficiency

Correct Answer: AE

Reference: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17583004.2017.1386533


What is the best method to measure customer consumption of technology?

A. telemetry and analytics
B. recurring revenue management
C. enterprise CRM and incident management
D. content management

Correct Answer: A


Who does a Customer Success Manager work with to overcome a technical solution adoption barrier encountered by a

A. Customer Success Specialist
B. Technical Engineer
C. Sales Engineer
D. Solutions Product Manager

Correct Answer: B


Which method is directly associated with evaluating a customer outcome?

A. milestones
B. key performance indicators
C. metrics
D. benchmarks

Correct Answer: D


As a Customer Success Manager, what is the most important metric to uncover during onboarding?

A. cost
B. value
C. benefit
D. customer relationship

Correct Answer: B


The Customer Success Manager is preparing for a review meeting. The customer has asked for a balance between
subjective and objective metrics. Drag and drop the inputs from the left onto the correct subjective and objective
categories on the right.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


Throughout the customer lifecycle, opportunities can occur that lead to customers becoming advocates for the
Customer Success Manager\’s company. Which two opportunities can lead to advocacy? (Choose two.)

A. moments of success when the customer acknowledges progress
B. successful contract renewal
C. green health scores over intermittent time periods
D. continuing results based on unexpected value
E. results that are not measurable

Correct Answer: AB


Which two steps in the customer lifecycle approach are owned by the sales and marketing team? (Choose two.)

A. Experience
B. Evaluation
C. Awareness
D. Deployment
E. Adoption

Correct Answer: CE


Which definition of customer success is true?

A. It is the business methodology of ensuring that customers achieve their expected and unexpected outcomes while
using your product or service.
B. It is a business methodology for increasing recurring revenues by minimizing the risk of churn while driving adoption
and expansion.
C. It is the business methodology of ensuring that customers are always on the latest software releases and
subscription contracts so that they can focus on the core business activities that make them successful.
D. It is a measure of the Net Promoter Score that results from a disciplined engagement of sales, services, marketing,
and customer success teams working seamlessly to deliver a positive experience for the customer.

Correct Answer: B

Reference: https://www.gainsight.com/guides/the-essential-guide-to-customer-success/


How are operating expenses (OpEx) different from capital expenses (CapEx)?

A. OpEx are investments a company pays for up-front, while CapEx are the on-going costs to run a business.
B. OpEx includes software licenses with contracts that have user rights in perpetuity, while CapEx includes software
services that are easily reconfigured.
C. OpEx is expenses for the day-to-day operation of a business, while CapEx is investments in assets.
D. OpEx has depreciation, while there is no deprecation with CapEx.

Correct Answer: C

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