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Drag and drop the code from the bottom onto the box where the code is missing to construct a Python script to
automate the process of updating the site-to-site VPN settings of the network. Not all options are used.

Select and Place:

correct Answer:



Refer to the exhibit. What is the correct client method to use to collect the running configuration of a Cisco IOS XE device that uses NETCONF?

A. config=m.copy_config(source=\’running\’)
B. config=m.get(source=\’running\’)
C. config=m.collect_config(source=\’running\’)
D. config=m.get_config(source=\’running\’)
Correct Answer: A


What are two characteristics of REST API calls? (Choose two.)

A. unencrypted
B. non-cacheable
C. stateless
D. implemented over HTTP
E. parameters passed in the headers
Correct Answer: CD


Which two API calls must be issued to attach a device template in Cisco SD-WAN? (Choose two.)

A. “monitor device action status” GET API request with the device ID to display the status of the attached action
B. “monitor device action status” GET API request with the process ID to display the status of the attached action
C. PUT call to initiate the attached action
D. POST call to initiate the attached action
E. GET call to initiate the attached action
Correct Answer: BD


Which two features are foundations of a software-defined network instead of a traditional network? (Choose two.)

A. control plane and data plane are tightly coupled
B. build upon a robust software stack
C. requires device by device-level configurations
D. automated through expressed intent to a software controller
E. requires significant physical hardware resources
Correct Answer: BD

In traditional networks, the control plane and data plane are coupled tightly. It also requires device-by-device configurations and of course, it uses physical hardware resources to function. Whereas, SDN is based on a software stack. In Cisco, SDNs are automated through expressed intent to a software controller.


Refer to the exhibit. Cisco SD-WAN deployment must be fixed using vManage APIs. A call to vEdge Hardware Health
API returns the data in the exhibit (only a portion is shown). If the JSON shown in the exhibit is converted to a Python
dictionary named “d”, how is the “status” property referenced?

A. d[‘data’][‘statusList’][‘status’]
B. nbvnbvvnbhg
C. d{‘data’}[0]{‘statusList’}[0]{‘status’}
D. d[data][0][statusList][0][status]
Correct Answer: C


What are two characteristics of RPC API calls? (Choose two.)

A. They can be used only on network devices.
B. They use only UDP for communications.
C. Parameters can be passed to the calls.
D. They must use SSL/TLS.
E. They call a single function or service.
Correct Answer: AC


Refer to the exhibit. Which two parameters are mandatory when the Cisco Meraki API is used to create a network?
(Choose two.)

A. tags
B. timeZone
C. type
D. disableMyMerakiCom
E. name
Correct Answer: BE



Refer to the exhibit. A GET request is issued to the Cisco DNA Center REST API. Drag and drop the GET request URL
subpaths from the left onto the objectives on the right. Not all options are used.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:



Fill in the blank to complete the URL for an API call to Cisco SD-WAN to display the history of the Bidirectional
Forwarding Detection sessions that run on a vEdge router.

A. bfd/synced/sessions?

Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit. Which interface is included in the payload resulting from the script?

A. ethernet 1
B. ethernet 100
C. ethernet 1/1
D. ethernet 0
Correct Answer: D


Which two statements are benefits of YANG-push telemetry data over traditional data collection methods? (Choose

A. The subscription requests use less bandwidth than SNMP polls.
B. It uses UDP rather than TCP.
C. You can precisely define data subscriptions.
D. It scales better than SNMP.
E. It is supported on more devices than SNMP.
Correct Answer: BC


Which function is available in NETCONF and unavailable in RESTCONF?

A. configuration changes are automatically activated
B. uses the YANG data models to communicate
C. supports JSON and data encoding
D. validates the content of a candidate datastore
Correct Answer: D

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