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You want to assign several network users to a group and give them Apple Remote Desktop access authorization to observe and control computers, but not to generate reports. What name should you assign to this group in Workgroup Manager in order to automatically give its members this level of ARD access privileges?
A. ard_admin
B. ard_control
C. ard_manage
D. ard_interact

Correct Answer: D
You are configuring accounts in Workgroup Manager. For which type of account can you set a custom login shell?
A. User account
B. Group account
C. Computer account
D. Computer List account

Correct Answer: A
You want to use Apple Remote Desktop to manage a group of networked computers. Instead of configuring local user accounts on each machine, you want to use accounts stored on a directory server to specify ARD access privileges. Which of these is a key that you can add to the MCXSettings attribute in a Computers List record to accomplish this goal?
A. ard_list
B. ard_view
C. ard_control
D. ard_interact

Correct Answer: D
Review the chart above showing the managed Dock preference identifying the Dock’s position on screen for a user, computer list, and workgroup, then answer the question below.

Where will the Dock be displayed when a user logs in on a managed computer, as a member of this managed workgroup?
A. at the bottom of the screen
B. at the right side of the screen
C. at the left side of the screen

Correct Answer: A
How can you designate an Apple Remote Desktop Task Server?
A. Open the Apple Task Server application, click Start Service, and select “Allow remote connections to this server.”
B. Open Remote Desktop, run the Task Server utility from the Task Server menu, and select “Allow remote connections to this server.”
C. Open Remote Desktop, select Use Task Server in the Remote Desktop pane of System Preferences, and select “Allow remote connections to this server.”
D. Open Remote Desktop, then select “Use Task Server on this computer” and “Allow remote connections to this server” in the Task Server pane of Remote Desktop preferences.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 40
You want to prevent a list of user names from being displayed in the login window. Using the
managed Login Window preferences in Workgroup Manager, how can you require that people type a user name and password to log in?
A. Select the “Secure Login” option.
B. Deselect the “Show all users” option.
C. Select the “Kerberos authentication” option.
D. Select the “Name and password text fields” option.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 41
Which option can you set in Workgroup Manager for an SMB share point?
A. Mount path
B. Network mounting
C. Access Control Lists
D. Default file permissions

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 42
The managed Dock Display preference for Mary’s user account is set to Never. This means that no managed Dock Display preference
A. will apply at Mary’s next login
B. will ever apply when Mary logs in
C. that depends upon precedence will apply when Mary logs in
D. that is managed at the user account level will apply at Mary’s next login

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 43
Which of these is a feature of an Apple Remote Desktop Task Server?
A. Reviewing reports about a client.
B. Scanning the local network for ARD computers.
C. Scheduling tasks for clients that are currently offline.
D. Turning on powered-down clients using the Lights Out Management protocol.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 44
You would like to give instructors the ability to perform the Apple Remote Desktop functions of locking and unlocking the screens on computers in a classroom, but you do not want to have the instructors learn to use the Remote Desktop utility. Which of these steps could help you accomplish this goal?
A. Distribute an ARD installation package that includes the tasks and is configured with “sudo” as the default user.
B. Create a Computer List in Remote Desktop and provide an Automator application that contains an ARD workflow to perform the tasks.
C. Use Workgroup Manager to manage the preferences of Remote Desktop for the instructor’s user account, so that only Lock and Unlock are available.
D. Use the Create Admin Installer function in Remote Desktop to create a package that installs on the instructor’s computer a simplified version of Remote Desktop that only performs the Lock and Unlock functions.

Correct Answer: A
You are configuring security policies in Mac OS X Server for your Windows user accounts. What password type must you set in Workgroup Manager for these accounts?
B. Crypt
C. clear text
D. Open Directory
E. Active Directory

Correct Answer: D
In Workgroup Manager, views in the Views pane of managed Finder preferences are organized under what three headings?
A. Disk View, File View, Folder View
B. User View, Group View, Computer View
C. Finder View, Window View, Network View
D. Desktop View, Default View, Computer View

Correct Answer: D
For which account type(s) can you manage the Login Window behavior and message using Workgroup Manager?
A. for user accounts only
B. for group accounts only
C. for computer list accounts only
D. for user and group accounts
Correct Answer: C
Which statement describes a difference between parental controls and preference manifests?
A. Preference manifests can be applied by any user, but parental controls can be assigned only by an administrative user.
B. Preference manifests can be applied to any file on the computer, but parental controls cannot be assigned to all applications.
C. Preference manifests can be applied to any managed account, but parental controls are assigned only to local accounts.
D. Preference manifests can be applied to any group1 but parental controls can be assigned only to the user’s group and the “Everyone” group on your server.
Correct Answer: C
You want a further measure of control over when user management settings apply. Which setting is available only from the Details pane of Preferences in Workgroup Manager?
A. Once
B. Often
C. Always
D. Never

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 50
In Workgroup Manager, which pane of the Login preferences has settings that can be managed for users, groups, and computer lists?
A. Scripts
B. Options
C. Login Items
D. Login Window

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 51
You want to manage users’ access to the Restart and Shut Down commands in the Apple menu. Which preferences pane in Workgroup Manager lets you control this feature?
A. Dock
B. Login
C. Finder
D. Media Access
E. System Preferences

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 52
You have automated the creation of an “Assignments” folder in each of your students home folders. Before you can manage your students’ Docks so they include this Assignments folder, you must _________
A. use hdiutil to bless the folders
B. enable synchronization for ~/Assignments
C. create an “Assignments” folder in your own home folder
D. configure the Mobility preference to Always apply for each of the students

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 53
What statement is true of the Default network view?
A. The Default network view allows administrators to add FTP servers to users’ /Network.
B. The Default network view is seen by all computers that are not bound to a directory server.
C. If you install Mac OS X in the directory where the Default network view resides, client computers can NetBoot from E
D. You can use the Default network view to assign managed preferences to computers on your network that have no managed preferences, such as guest computers.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 54
In Workgroup Manager, which managed preference pane includes a setting that allows UNIX tools to run?
A. Login
B. Mobility
C. Applications
D. System Preferences

Correct Answer: C

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Exam A
Which comparison of Mac OS X Server and Windows user account password policy enforcement is TRUE?
A. Mac OS X Server does not let you set inactivity limits on user account passwords, but Windows does.
B. Both Mac OS X Server and Windows allow you to enforce a minimum length for user account passwords.
C. Neither Mac OS X Server nor Windows has a graphical user interface for entering user account password policies.
D. Both Mac OS X Server and Windows require that user account passwords be different from account names.
E. Mac OS X Serverlets you require that account passwords be different from account names, but Windows does not.

Correct Answer: A
How do you configure an Apple Remote Desktop admin computer to use a remote Task Server?
A. Run the cfgtaskserver command line utility with the Task Server’s IP address as its parameter.
B. Open Remote Desktop and select your Task Server from the list that appears in the Task Server window.
C. Open Remote Desktop on the Task Server, and type the host name or lP address of the ARD admin computer.
D. Open Remote Desktop and select “Use remote Task Server” in the Task Server preferences pane of Remote Desktop, then enter the host name or IP address of your Task Server.

Correct Answer: D
In Workgroup Manager, which managed preference pane lets you configure proxy server settings for accounts?
A. Sharing
B. Internet
C. Network
D. Applications
E. System Preferences
Correct Answer: C
What is the maximum number of computers that can appear in the All Computers list in Remote
A. 1,000
B. 10,000
C. There is no defined upper limit.
D. The upper limit depends on your user license.

Correct Answer: D
In Workgroup Manager, which management frequency cannot be used to manage the System Preferences for accounts?
A. Never
B. Once
C. Often
D. Always

Correct Answer: B
Which Login preference can you set in Workgroup Manager for computer lists, but not for users or for groups?
A. Enable Fast User Switching
B. Open Specified Items at Login
C. Add Network Home Share Point
D. Hide Opened Login Items after Login

Correct Answer: A
How must you authenticate if you want to create a managed network view?
A. You must authenticate in the managed domain as a domain administrator.
B. You must authenticate with the Apple Remote Desktop password on your server computer.
C. You must authenticate as an administrator on the Mac OS X Server computer that manages your domain.
D. No special authentication is required; anyone can use Network preferences to create a network view named ‘Managed” which will be managed automatically by the Mac OS X Server computer that manages your domain.

Correct Answer: A
You want your Mac OS X Server to provide SMB service. What directory service role should it be
configured to use?
A. The Mac OS X Servers role must be Domain Member.
B. The Mac OS x Server’s role must be Standalone Server.
C. The Mac OS X Server’s role must be Backup Domain Controller.
D. The Mac OS X Server’s role must be Primary Domain Controller.
E. The Mac OS X Server can use any directory service role available.

Correct Answer: E
Which statement best describes how you configure managed Applications preferences in Workgroup Manager?
A. You create a list of users who can open any application on the local drive.
B. You create a list of users who can open specified applications when logged into their mobile account.
C. You select an account, then create a list of applications that can or cannot be opened by that account.
D. You create a list of approved or unapproved applications, then apply the list to selected user accounts.

Correct Answer: C
You can generate client computer reports on your Apple Remote Desktop admin computer, but not using your remote ARD Task Server. What is the most likely cause of this problem?
A. SSH is disabled on client computers.
B. The Mac OS X firewall is blocking port 22.
C. The Mac OS X firewall is blocking port 3283.
D. The network DNS is improperly configured.

Correct Answer: C

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