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You have successfully configured an InfraStruxure solution. Th Detailed Quote Report lists a 30 kw three-
phase UPS which you know is oversized based on the project’s requirements.
Which two fields in the Build Out Tool can be adjusted to reduce the size of the UPS?

A. SYSTEM voltage and system KVA
B. Watts per rack and number of racks
C. Battery runtime and number of whips
D. System redundancy and battery runtime

Correct Answer: B
You are configuring an Infrastruxure solution using the Build Out Tool. You have sized the area specific to
the total number of enclosure that required including UPS and PDU. You enter 60 minutes of battery
runtime and the following message appears.
“You must increase the maximum number of racks in the room or decrease the number of racks you wish
to install.
How do you correct the problem without changing the runtime power or rack requirements?

A. change the size of the area
B. select a different type of rack
C. add APC Baying Kits to rack enclosures
D. move the racks within the Organize Area

Correct Answer: A
After your configuration is approved, your client requests changes that require you to modify the solution. Which BuildOut Tool option allows you to make changes to the approved solution and assigns a new solution ID?
A. save
B. Save As
C. Email solution
D. Submit solution review
Correct Answer: B
Exhibit: In the exhibit, how do you move the UPS/PDU from row 1 to row 2?

A. You revert back to the original page of the solution lebeled sizing area and re-label any two-rack positions “UPS” and “PDU” in row 2.
B. Using your computer mouse you place the pointer on the UPS/PDU, hold the left mouse button and drag the UPS/PDU from row 1 to row 2.
C. The BuildOut Tool does not allows you to move the UPS and PDU within solution. This can only be done by an authorized APC Fiels Service Engineer on-site.
D. You click “DetailsOn” within the floor layout. This allows you to rename any rack position to “UPS” and “PDU”. The BuildOut Tool will automatically re-calculate the length of whips from the PDU to racks.

Correct Answer: B
After replacing Certkiller .com’s tower servers with new 1 U servers, the processing capacity has increased but so have the number of hot sports. The air conditioning capacity is sufficient, and the facility has a raised-floor plenum. How can the hot spots be eliminated without increasing the flow-rate from the computer room air conditioner?
A. Install a rack-top fan
B. Install a Rack Air Distribution Unit
C. Install an up-flow air conditioner
D. Change the air entrance to the front of the racks

Correct Answer: B
Certkiller .com wants to install a three-rack solution in a small closet with a load requirement of 3.7 KW for all three racks. The room is in a non-secure environment and the existing air conditioning system is prone to failures. The IT manager wants to monitor the temperature rise in the room and install a redundant UPS solution that can expand to add three more racks with the same load requirements in the future. Which solution would you recommend?
A. one Symmetra Rack Mount 12kva UPS, 4-post open racks, and an Environmental Monitoring Unit for monitoring
B. one Symmetra Rack Mount 6kva N+1UPS, 4-post open racks, and an Environmental Monitoring Unit for monitoring
C. one Symmetra Rack Mount 12kva N+1 UPS,Netshelter VX racks, and an Environmental Monitoring Unit for monitoring
D. one Symmetra Rack Mount 6kva N+1 UPS, Netshelter VX racks, and an Environmental Monitoring Unit for monitoring

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 41
A small company is breaking ground on a new building that will have a computer room. They will start with
30kw of load and double that capacity over the next five years.
What is the most available and flexible power solution?

A. a single-module 80KW three-phase UPS
B. two 80KW single-module three-phase UPSs operating in a parallel redundant configuration
C. an Infrastruxure solution with a symmetra 80kw N+1 UPS, initially populated with 4 power modules to provide 30kw N+1 redundancy
D. a single-module three-phase 40kw with a bypass panel that has room for two 40kw UPSs, which will allow for expansion in the future

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 42
Which two solutions prevent air from mixing and will therefore improve air conditioning performance?
A. hot-aisle containment
B. blanking panel on rack enclosures
C. all of the rows of racks in a room face the same direction
D. an up flow air conditioner in a non-raised-floor environment

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 43
What are two reasons for over sizing a medium-size to large data center?
A. Large three-phase UPSs must be over sized to handle stepped loads
B. Traditionally, it is difficult to expand large UPSs system after they are online.
C. Electrical infrastructure items run more efficiently at light loads.
D. It is very difficult to predict future loads for the lifetime of a data center so various designers over size to add a safty margin

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 44
What is the primary advantage of using an APC Automatic Transfer Switch over a centralized Static Transfer Switch feeding a distribution transformer?
A. It can be managed easily
B. It allows two input sources
C. It is able to transfer make-before-break
D. It can be fed by two unsynchronized sources without impact to the load.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 45
Besides cost saving what is the most important benefit of a scalable infrastructure?
A. ability to achieve higher quality
B. ability to achieve higher availability
C. ability to meet changing demand
D. ability to improve manageability

Correct Answer: C

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