FLYDUMPS – Take Your Apple 9L0-506 Exam Questions And Answers

Latest 9L0-506 IT Exam, FLYDUMPS – Take Your Apple Exam Questions And Answers

Exam A
Network users often have multiple passwords, a distinct password for each network service they access. Which is NOT a valid way to simplify this situation for users in Mac OS X v10.3?
A. Set up a Kerberos environment on the network.
B. Have users store their login information for different servers in Keychain.
C. Set up a directory service to make user and password information available to all computers.
D. Have users access network servers without authenticating, using the Network icon in the Finder-rather than using the Connect Server command, which requires users to authenticate.

Correct Answer: D
Which is an appropriate FIRST step when performing a software update on multiple computers that have Mac OS X v10.3?
A. Restart each computer in single-user mode.
B. On one computer, choose Download Checked items from the update menu in Software update.
C. On one computer, choose copy update to multiple computers from the update menu in software update.
D. Copy the Software Update preferences from a computer on which the update has been installed to all the other computers.

Correct Answer: B
When Mac OS X Server v10.3 is installed on an empty volume, the Server Assistant lets you______. (Choose all that apply)
A. configure share points
B. create new user and group accounts
C. install and configure Mac OS X Server on a remote computer
D. configure a Mac OS X Server computer to be a Netinfo parent
E. save configuration details in a file or directory services record
Correct Answer: CE

The Lookup pane in Network utility is used to_________(choose all that apply)
A. find the computer route between your computer and another computer on an IP network
B. determine which ports on a computer are closed
C. determine which ports on a computer are open
D. resolve IP addresses to domain names
E. resolve domain names to IP addresses
F. display routing table information
Correct Answer: DE

You are in a Terminal window, and your current directory is your home directory.
What could you type to display the contents of the file named my file? Which resides in your home directory?
A. cat My File
B. cat /Myfile
C. cat~MyFile
D. cat./MyFile
E. cat ~/MyFile

Correct Answer: ADE
You are unable to modify a users Open Directory-authenticated password, nor can you modify a user account to use Open Directory authentication. What Two reasons can best explain this situation?
A. kerberos authentication has been disabled.
B. The user account resides on a Windows LDAP server.
C. The user account is a member of an Open Directory domain.
D. Your administrator user account is not configured for Open Directory authentication.
E. You are not authenticated as an administrator of the directory domain in which the user records reside.

Correct Answer: DE
Dynamic service discovery protocols on Mac OS x v10.3 include_______choose all that apply
A. Active Directory
B. Rendezvous
C. Apple Talk
D. Netinfo

Correct Answer: ABCDEF
In Mac OS X Server v 10.3 the authorization process verifies______
A. a file’s creator and type
B. a user’s name and password
C. a computer’s membership in a computer list
D. a resource is available to a given user account
Correct Answer: D

Which statements are true about Open Directory? Choose all that apply
A. Open Directory is extensible via plug-ins.
B. Open Directory runs on Mac OS X Server only.
C. Open Directory does NOT provide load balancing.
D. You manage Open Directory using Open Directory Assisyant.
E. An Open Directory server can function as a windows Primary Domain Controller.
Correct Answer: AE
What does the Console utility do?
A. Displays log files
B. Controls monitor setup.
C. Enables the root user to access hidden files.
D. Allows any user to access the command line

Correct Answer: A

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