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This Pass4itsure 600-509 dumps tests a candidate’s ability to use the programmability of an open infrastructure to develop and deploy business applications. It also tests how well the candidate can build an application with API capabilities to collect information from the network when needed.

Exam Code: 600-509
Exam Name: Integrating Business Applications with Network Programmability
Updated: Jun 09, 2017
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You are administering aWebLogicdomain that consists of an Administration server and a cluster that consists of two Managed Servers, namedserverAandserverB, respectively. These servers are distributed between two machines,machineAandmachineB. The Administration server andserverAare onmachineA andserverBis onmachineB. Local and remote clients are complaining about sluggish performance. Which of the following could help improve network performance in this cluster?
A. Use SSL on both Managed Servers.
B. Crate a separate network channel for IP Multicast.
C. Allocate more RAM to each server.
D. Add another NIC card for each managed server.
E. B and D

Correct Answer: E
A JMS message is sent to a consumer that is offline. The consumer comes back online. Under which circumstances does the consumer receive the message?
A. JMS message delivery guarantees that the consumer always receives the message.
B. The consumer receives the message if the destination or session is persistent.
C. The consumer receives the message if the message has not timed out.
D. The consumer does not receive the message.
E. If both B and C are true

Correct Answer: E
A Web application is deployed from a WAR file namedAppa.war. How can you set the application context toMyApp?
A. Specify that the Web application is the default Web application
B. Deploy in an Enterprise Application, and set the context root toMyApp
C. Set the application external DNS name in the Administration Console.
D. Undeploythe application, rename the fileMyApp.war, and redeploy.
E. B or D
Correct Answer: E
Which of the following is NOT a security feature ofNodeManger?
A. Limiting connections to specific hosts
B. Password expiration
C. Transport security with SSL
D. Digital Certificates for authentication
E. Reverse DNS for host verification

Correct Answer: B
To useWebLogic.Adminin “batch” mode, which command-line switch is required?
A. BatchScript
C. Batch

Correct Answer: D
How can you monitor garbage collection in the JVM of aWebLogicserver instance?
A. When starting the JVM, use the -verbose:gcswitch.
B. Whentartingthe JVM, use theprofswitch.
C. Examine the domain logs.
D. UseWebLogic.Adminwiththe CHECKGC command
E. A and B

Correct Answer: A
A clusterisdefinedthat consists of sixWebLogicservers running an enterprise application: a Web application and a JAR file with someEJBs. In-memory session replication is enabled for the Web application and theEJBs. All theEJBsareclusterable(home and remote stubs). The round-robin algorithm is used to balance the load across the servers. If the Web application acquires a remote interface to a Stateless Session Bean and calls one of its methods three times, which of the following is true?
A. Each method call is invoked on an EJB instance that is on the same server as the Web application
B. Each method call is invoked on the same EJB instance, on the same server as the Web application.
C. The method calls are distributed, round-robin styles, among the servers.
D. The behavior depends on theidempotenceof theEJB’smethod.
E. The behavior depends on whether JNDI replication is enabled.
Correct Answer: A
When configuringWebLogicsecurity realms, and administrator can:
A. Configure multiple active realms and perform round-robin load balancing among them.
B. Configure multiple active realms and perform failover to a secondary realm if the first realm fails.
C. Configure only two realms and authenticate users from either realm.
D. Configure multiple realms and select one realm to be active.
E. Configure only one realm.
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following is a best practice for tuningWebLogic?
A. In each Execute Queue, assign no more than 15 threads per server.
B. Do not allocate more heap memory than physical memory
C. Create at least as many JDBC connections as threads.
D. Utilize as much virtual memory as possible.
E. Set the minimum heap size to 50% of the maximum heap size

Correct Answer: B
Consider a JDBC multi-pool with three connection pools (Pool A, Pool B and Pool C). The distribution algorithm is set to High Availability. You attempt to acquire a connection to Pool A. Under what circumstances do you get a connection to Pool B or Pool C?
A. When the connection to Pool A fails a connection test
B. When all the connections in Pool A are in use
C. When Pool B or Pool C is next in the round-robin algorithm
D. You never get a connection from Pool B or Pool C
E. A and B

Correct Answer: A
A server with a Message-driven Bean is listening to a JMS queue. It appears that messages are waiting in the queue too long. How can you decrease the time that messages spend in the queue?
A. Increase the Message-driven Bean pool size.
B. Increase the JMS Queue priority.
C. Assign the Message-driven Bean to a prioritized Execute Queue.
D. A and C
E. A and B

Correct Answer: D
A JMS producer is overwhelming its destination. How can you help fix this problem?
A. Use a durable subscriber.
B. Enable JMS Flow Control.
C. Configure a JMS store.
D. Use a Message-driven Bean.
E. Enable Message Filtering.

Correct Answer: B

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