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300-070 vce

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Exam Code: 300-070
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 1(CIPTV1)
Updated: Apr 21, 2017
Q&As: 189
Exam Information:

On the off chance that you need a genuinely far reaching study involvement with the Cisco 300-070 vce example questions, then Pass4itsure is the spot to be.  The Pass4itsure Exam Guide for Cisco Networking Academy’s new CCNP CIPTV1 course includes all new 300-070 vce course content:

  • Covers CUCM architecture, deployment models, and tradeoffs
  • Walks through bringing CUCM online, deploying endpoints, and setting up users
  • Explains how to create a solid IP Phone foundation for advanced services
  • Covers dial plan elements, design, and implementation
  • Reviews key call routing elements
  • Explains digit manipulation
  • Shows how to control user access
  • Discusses audio/video resources and videoconferencing
  • Covers QoS tools and preferential call handling
  • Explains external connections via Cisco IOS Voice Gateways and CUBE
  • Streamlines review with clear summaries, assessment questions, and objectives


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Which service book is required by the BlackBerry MVS Client to function properly? (Choose one.)
A. Desktop [VoIP]
B. Desktop [MVSSIP]
C. Desktop [BBMVS]
D. Desktop [BBSIP]
Correct Answer: D

When a BlackBerry device is connected to a network, which BlackBerry MVS diagnostic tool should the BlackBerry MVS user use to determine the SSID of that network? (Choose one.)
A. BlackBerry MVS Provisioning Report
B. Manage Connections Service status
C. BlackBerry MVS Unified Diagnostic Report
D. BlackBerry MVS Server MVS Session Managerlog
E. BlackBerry device Connection Logging
Correct Answer: B

What allows a BlackBerry device to be added as a valid BlackBerry device to a BlackBerry MVS user DN in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager environment? (Choose one.)
A. Enabling KPML
B. Assigning the MVS user a 10 digit DID/DDI
C. Installing the COP file and rebooting the PBX
D. Configuring CSS for BlackBerry device-initiated calling
E. Setting the call direction for PBX-initiated calls in a MVS user class of service

Correct Answer: C

What allows a BlackBerry device to differentiate between an inbound call to the mobile number and an inbound call to the work number? (Choose one.)
A. The BlackBerry MVS Client is programmed to recognize calls from a specific DID that the PBX uses to indicate an enterprise call
B. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server notifies the BlackBerry device user with an email message
C. An indicator isprepended to the ANI that is sent by the PBX to the BlackBerry device
D. The BlackBerry MVS Session Manager sends a SIP message to the BlackBerry MVS client to indicate that a work call has been initiated
E. Calls to the mobile number use a different ring sequence

Correct Answer: A

For BlackBerry devices that operate on CDMA networks, which Voice over Mobile call direction offers the optimal performance and reliability? (Choose one.)
A. BlackBerry device-initiated
B. SIP Line
C. SIP Trunk
D. PBX-initiated
E. Voice over Wi-Fi

Correct Answer: A

Which BlackBerry MVS Session Manager configuration setting is required in order for BlackBerry device-initiated calling to work? (Choose one.)  300-070 vce
A. Configure a unique SIP IP address
B. Configure BlackBerry MVS for High Availability
C. Add a unique DID/DDI number to each BlackBerry MVS Session Manager
D. Add a unique BlackBerry MVS Telephony Connector Caller Identification Number
Correct Answer: C

Which three processes make use of the SIP Trunk? (Choose three.)
A. BlackBerry MVS Client registration
B. Mobile Call initiation using voice over mobile
C. Mid-call features such as transfer and hold
D. BlackBerry device-initiated call authentication
E. Wi-Fi profile authentication

Correct Answer: BCD

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Correct Answer:
How many SIP Trunks are required in Cisco Unified Communications Manager when configuring BlackBerry MVS for high availability? (Choose one.)
A. Two SIP Trunks are required for the two BlackBerry MVS Session Managers and one SIP Trunk for the BlackBerry MVS Console
B. Four SIP Trunks are required for the two BlackBerry MVS Session Managers
C. Two SIP Trunks are required between the two BlackBerry MVS Session Managers and two SIP Trunks for the BlackBerry MVS Console
D. Two SIP Trunks are required for the two BlackBerry MVS Session Managers
Correct Answer: D

On a planning call with a customer, the Windows account requirements for the BlackBerry MVS installation are discussed. The customer says that the BlackBerry MVS account sounds similar to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server ESadmin account. The customer asks if this account can be used for BlackBerry MVS. What is the appropriate response to this query? (Choose one.)
A. This account can be used since it meets the requirements of the Windows account for BlackBerry MVS.
B. This account cannot be used at the risk of causing issues with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
C. The permissions appear similar but are not. TheBESadmin account cannot be used.
D. The BESadmin account must be used since the BlackBerry MVS installation sets up the connection to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Correct Answer: A
A BlackBerry MVS user calls a contact from the BlackBerry device contact list and it fails. The BlackBerry MVS user finds that calls only fail if the contact numbers are prefixed with a plus (+) sign. What is a likely cause of this issue? (Choose one.)
A. Phone number translation is not configured correctly
B. The Call Control option is not set to allow calls to numbers prefixed with the plus sign (+)
C. The BlackBerry device is not registered
D. Contacts prefixed with the plus sign (+) are not supported

Correct Answer: A

300-070 vce

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